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Featured Scholar
Andrew Knight, PhD

Andrew Knight is assistant professor of organizational behavior in the Olin Business School. His work focuses on group dynamics and innovation. His recent study on the positive effects of standing during meetings, titled “Get Up, Stand Up: The Effects of a Non-Sedentary Workspace on Information Elaboration and Group Performance,” was published online in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Knight worked with colleague Markus Baer, PhD, on the research exploring the impact on group dynamics when people stand, rather than sit, during meetings. Knight and Baer found that the teams who stood had greater physiological arousal and were less territorial about their ideas than those in the seated arrangement. Members of the standing groups also reported that their team members were less protective of their ideas. Removing chairs at meetings could also be a way to design workspaces to counteract the adverse effects of sitting in one place for too long, which is linked to a number of negative health outcomes.

Read more about this study in the Washington University Record.