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Featured Scholar
Timothy McBride, PhD

Dr. McBride is a professor in the Brown School. Trained as a health economist and health policy analyst, he focuses his work primarily on analyzing health reform, the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured and health insurance markets, Medicare and Medicaid policy, rural health care, social security, and long-term care.

Professor McBride is active in working with the US Congress and state policymakers, particularly in his role as a member of the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) Health Panel. He also serves as Chair of the oversight committee for Missouri’s Medicaid program.  He is the author of several dozen scholarly publications, books, policy briefs, and a recent book on Transdisciplinary Public Health: Research, Education, and Practice.

An active and engaged member of the Institute community, Dr. McBride was recently one of the leaders at a “Next Steps” event focusing on diabetes. He will also be moderating the panel discussion at the Institute’s annual conference on October 7, which will bring speakers on school nutrition, e-cigarettes, and climate change policies together to discuss the difficulties of, and strategies for, navigating public good and individual choice. And on October 13, Dr. McBride will discuss “Implications of the Affordable Care Act for Health Programs for Older Adults” as part of the Friedman Center for Aging’s Issues in Aging seminar series.