Degree Programs

Master of Public Health (MPH)
Brown School
This degree’s innovative curriculum centers around a series of intensive, team-based, problem-solving courses designed to prepare students for practice, policy and research roles. A specialization in global health is available, providing a focus on issues most pertinent to low and middle-income countries. Students will learn the basic biology and epidemiology of major infectious diseases and health conditions in global health along with the underlying risk factors for these conditions, including socio-economic determinants and environmental exposures.

Master of Population Health Sciences (MPHS)
School of Medicine
This program is designed to meet the needs of clinicians seeking training in population-based research methods.

Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research (MS AHBR)
School of Medicine and University College
This degree provides the applied skills required for the development, management and evaluation of health behavior programs or research studies in clinical and community settings.

Master of Science in Biostatistics (MSIBS)
School of Medicine
This program focuses on integrating computational biostatistics, clinical trials, bioinformatics and statistical genetics, offering special features such as an internship, consulting lab experience and an optional thesis.

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI)
School of Medicine
This degree provides multidisciplinary training in clinical research to promote the successful career development of clinical investigators.

Master of Arts in Statistics
University College
This degree prepares students to perform in an information-rich, data-driven workforce that requires both general and specialized skills in statistical analysis.

Program in Occupational Therapy (MSOT, OTD and PhD)
School of Medicine
This program offers three occupational therapy degrees, all of which provide a broad, interdisciplinary education with an emphasis on linking biomedical and sociocultural aspects of health.

Degree Concentrations

Master of Engineering Program (MEng) in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering (EECE)
School of Engineering & Applied Science
In this program, aimed at preparing individuals for professional engineering practice, students can specialize in a variety of areas, including a concentration in technology for environmental health and international development.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business of Health Care Concentration
Olin Business School
The MBA concentration in the business of health care is designed to help develop a new generation of leaders who manage organizations that blend both medical and business practices.