Majors, Minors, Certificates

Global Health and Environment Major and Minor Tracks in Anthropology
Arts & Sciences
The global health and environment program in the Department of Anthropology in Arts & Sciences explores health issues in a broad liberal arts context that brings together scientific and humanistic approaches, develops critical perspectives on health problems and systems, permits students to engage in various kinds of academic research, and trains students for careers in diverse fields and for work across local, national and global cultures.

Healthcare Management Major and Minor
Olin Business School
The major and minor programs in health care management offer undergraduates from any school within Washington University in St. Louis the educational foundation to pursue a career in health care administration.

Medical Humanities Minor
Arts & Sciences
The medical humanities minor approaches health, disease and medical care as culturally embedded human experiences that vary across time and place, and draws on courses from a variety of departments and programs including art history, classics, history, languages and literature, music, philosophy, and gender and sexuality studies.