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How to Apply

Washington University faculty with an active interest in public health are encouraged to apply to join the Institute's scholar program. Email us to learn more and begin the application process:

Program Redesign

The Institute's Faculty Scholar program is undergoing a redesign and renewal process.
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What is public health?

Not sure if your work falls within the realm of public health?
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About the Faculty Scholar Program

What is a Faculty Scholar at the Institute for Public Health?

We identify an Institute for Public Health ‘faculty scholar’ as a faculty member at Washington University engaged in research, practice, advocacy, education (i.e. teaching), or another scholarly activity that is relevant to the aims of public health. Faculty should be interested in collaborating with other disciplines to help to expand his/her own area, refine research questions, enhance development of interventions, improve practice delivery, enrich teaching, etc.

Some faculty may consider themselves fully immersed and engaged in public health work with an ongoing portfolio of related projects and activities. Meanwhile, other faculty may not consider themselves as working in the area of public health solely, but may have an occasional project or activity that is relevant to public health. Even further, another group of faculty may be interested in public health and are seeking to explore work in the area.

Program Objectives

1) Encourage cross-disciplinary connections related to public health between faculty across university schools and departments

2) Connect scholars to public health spheres beyond the university including, but not limited to: 
    • Broad high-priority public health impact agendas (e.g. global, national, state, and local levels)
    • Expanded research and practice settings and community agencies 
    • Experts that can complement a scholar’s individual work 
    • Populations that might be positively impacted by ongoing public health work

Scholar Benefits

The Institute provides a supportive infrastructure to:
• Foster collaborations between scholars;
• Connect scholars to faculty colleagues at the university who are involved in public health work;
• Expand scholar networks to new areas of value in their work (e.g. settings, populations, organizations, agendas, etc.); and
• Assist scholars in advancing their public health research, practice, advocacy, education, or other relevant activities.

Scholars receive:
• Help connecting to one another, or to useful resources and networks, to solve public health challenges
• Assistance planning and implementing unique scholar-driven activities related to public health practice, research, education, and advocacy
• Eligibility for special funding opportunities or awards
• Priority for any waitlisted events, forums, or activities that are designed for scholars
• Support from the Institute’s communication infrastructure to disseminate news about scholars' public health work through multiple channels including website, email newsletter, social media, or other tailored approaches
• Comprehensive communications about public health events and opportunities

Scholar Expectations

To be best equipped to add value to scholars’ careers related to public health interests and activities, the Institute will ask scholars for the following:
• Open communication about your needs, interests, and challenges
• Keywords describing your public health work/interest
• Willingness to respond to fellow scholar inquiries about your work
• Sharing of key individual or organizational public health opportunities with the Institute
• Openness to being featured in Institute publications that showcase public health at the university
• Participation in the Institute's annual conference (as scheduling allows)
• Renewal (every three years)