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 John Constantino, MD

Dr. Constantino has a long-standing research program involving the primary prevention of child maltreatment, which is linked to a public home visitation program supported by the State of Missouri. The program's goal is to develop a feasible and effective public health program for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It will need to be linked to public mental health and social service systems to be most effective, and he is working on implementation of those components. 

Dr. Constantino served on and chaired the Missouri Mental Health Commission for four years following appointment by the governor in 2004. In his clinical work he has emphasized the mental health care of children in public health settings, including eight years at a psychiatric hospital for children (covering the eastern third of Missouri), and current consulting efforts at Grace Hill and the Family Support Network in St. Louis. He has a large autism research program and is very involved with public health efforts in Missouri to improve early identification and appropriate intervention for affected children and their families. Dr. Constantino also directs an ongoing autism prevalence surveillance program funded by the Centers for Disease Control.

What opportunities do you see for interdisciplinary collaboration on public health initiatives in the future?

“My work would greatly benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside of the University, and there are rich opportunities for this. I have begun building collaborations between our Division of Child Psychiatry, the GWB School of Social Work, the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Research manuscripts and grants have already been prepared and the relationships are strengthening.”