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Faculty Scholar Database > Melody S. Goodman, MS, PhD

 Melody S. Goodman, MS, PhD

Dr. Goodman is interested in identifying origins of health disparities and developing, as necessary, evidence-based primary prevention strategies to reduce these health disparities. She seeks to develop a more rigorous understanding of the social risk factors that contribute to health disparities in the St. Louis metropolitan area with the goal of developing culturally competent, region-specific solutions through collaborative activities with community members, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and faculty at Washington University School of Medicine and at the Brown School. The purpose of this work is not to continue to identify problems; rather her work focuses on the development of solutions for improving health in communities.

Collaborative Interests
Most of Dr. Goodman’s work as a biostatistician is collaborative. She works with researchers from other disciplines to address a variety of public health questions and her methodological work often stems from those questions that cannot be addressed using existing methodology. Dr. Goodman is interested in developing statistical methods for community based interventions and health disparities research. She is also interested in academic-community research partnerships and community based participatory research.