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Faculty Scholar Database > Mark J. Manary, MD

 Mark J. Manary, MD

Dr. Manary is a pediatrician and nutritionist who focuses primarily on treating and preventing childhood malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. The scope of his work includes developing and introducing novel foods, novel complementary foods for infants, active prevention schemes and the development and introduction of new food crops. Another area of interest is integrating nutrition care in HIV treatment programs.

Dr. Manary is one of the world’s foremost experts in childhood malnutrition. The locale of his work has been mostly in Malawi, southern Africa.

What opportunities do you see for interdisciplinary collaboration on public health initiatives in the future?

"Nutrition is inherently a collaborative initiative, better nutrition improves health and every medical disease or condition known to man. Better nutrition alone cannot cure any disease. I am interested in interdisciplinary collaboration with the engineering schools to develop simple machines for preparing and processing improved foods in less developed societies."