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Faculty Scholar Database > Indi Trehan, MD, MPH, DTM&H

 Indi Trehan, MD, MPH, DTM&H

Dr. Trehan’s clinical passion is in the care of children in resource-limited, particularly tropical, settings. His primary interests within Emergency Medicine are diarrhea, respiratory distress, sepsis, shock, and trauma. He is also very interested in the application of bedside ultrasound to patient care, both in resource-rich and underserved settings. Within Infectious Diseases, his primary interests are in fevers of unknown origin, HIV/AIDS, malaria, neglected tropical diseases, parasitic infections, travel medicine, and tuberculosis.

Dr. Trehan also serves as a faculty advisor to the Department of Pediatrics' Global Health Residency Pathway, and hopes to inspire our trainees to bridge the artificial gap between "domestic" and "global" health.  He is looking to contribute to a substantive improvement in childhood morbidity and mortality on a global level. He collaborates with professor Mark Manary on a number of clinical and translational studies addressing these themes at a number of clinical research sites in Malawi and Sierra Leones and with laboratory-based collaborators domestically.  He also works to improve clinical care in the developing world, particularly through education of local health care providers and research into the adaptation and application of rich-world medical care and knowledge to children in underserved settings.