On this page: Health Care Cost Data (patient-level surveys that include costs of care) Inpatient Hospital Costs Health Care Expenditure Panel Data Veterans Affairs Expenditure Data Wage Data Transportation Costs Medicare Claims Longitudinal Hospital Care Health Care Systems Data (hospitals, organizations, provider practice, etc.) Ambulatory Care Hospital and Emergency Room Data Nursing Home Care Home […]
The legalization of marijuana has become a trend in various states across the United States. As a result of looser marijuana policies, a whole new market for recreational marijuana retailers has developed in legalized states. The authors of this study sought to examine the online marijuana marketing practices on Weedmaps, a popular website for retailers. […]
The following media coverage on COVID-19 features Institute for Public Health Faculty Scholars. The Next New Normal: What Health Measures Are Here To Stay, And What Will End With The Pandemic KSDK 5 | 3/23/21 As we begin to imagine an ending to the pandemic, Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses what “forever changes” experts say could […]
Seed Funding Project Reduces Smoking Rate Among Severely Mentally Ill Patients Project Findings Lead to Two Years of NCI Supplement Funding A project implemented through the Institute for Public Health’s Center for Dissemination & Implementation pilot and small grants program is making inroads in helping patients quit smoking. Dr. Li-Shiun Chen, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and […]
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by Kara Lubischer, MUPPD, Community Development Specialist, University of Missouri Extension; and Leslie Bertsch, MS, MPH, RD,  Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension The HEAL initiative is working to reduce obesity in the City of St. Louis by increasing access to healthier foods. The Problem How close do you live to the nearest grocery store? […]
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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has celebrated National Nutrition Month® since 1980. Themes have ranged from Food Fads Fool to Step Up to Get Your Plate in Shape. The goal each year includes increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition. Even though National Nutrition Month® is coming to a close, the key points of […]
This article was originally published by the Source.  One of the health care issues about which seemingly all Americans agree: Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed. And they keep going higher. How do Americans get better value for their health care dollars? One answer may be novel pricing models that more closely link a drug’s price […]
Public health professionals should investigate ways to utilize social media to get important messages to young people.
The Institute for Public Health will award $15,000 to Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD, in Washington University’s Department of Psychiatry, to support her project “Examination of the role of social media on substance use and violence behaviors.”
Research Team Uses Economics Tool to Measure Racial Inequities in Virus Testing By Kim Furlow, Institute for Public Health Almost every health official, physician or researcher you speak with will agree: COVID-19 testing among every population is essential for informing virus detection, self-isolation, and prevention of onward transmission. Racial disparities related to the COVID-19 epidemic […]
Part One: What are the Geriatric Emergency Department (GED) Guidelines? By Tanner Meyer, Masters Research Fellow in Aging, Class of ‘21, Friedman Center for Aging As we have written about before, ageism continues to rear its ugly head during the Coronavirus pandemic. The media has depicted older adults, ranging from age 60 to 100, as […]
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NATIONAL REseaRCH RESOURCES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Publishes “Sexual Violence on Campus: A Summary of CDC Activities” and “Sexual Violence on Campus: Strategies for Prevention.” National Sexual Violence Resource Center | The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response […]
Gun violence is the number one issue this community faces today. Too many people are dying.