by Kara Lubischer, MUPPD, Community Development Specialist, University of Missouri Extension; and Leslie Bertsch, MS, MPH, RD,  Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension The HEAL initiative is working to reduce obesity in the City of St. Louis by increasing access to healthier foods. The Problem How close do you live to the nearest grocery store? […]
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has celebrated National Nutrition Month® since 1980. Themes have ranged from Food Fads Fool to Step Up to Get Your Plate in Shape. The goal each year includes increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition. Even though National Nutrition Month® is coming to a close, the key points of […]
By Karen Shymanski, Communications Manager, Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis The holidays can bring out the best, and the worst, in people. The best – many are in a giving spirit and look for ways in which they can give back to their community. The worst – when people become […]
When I am asked to speak to the general public about the emerging role of informatics, I often start with an unusual example: buying an airline ticket. If I were to talk to an airline representative at an airport anywhere in the world, or make a call to a customer service representative, or access a […]
Gun violence is the number one issue this community faces today. Too many people are dying.
Written by Arielle Smith, BA candidate in Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis and participant in the 2021 Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program If the podcasts you listen to are anything like those that I enjoy, you must be hearing a lot of advertisements for online counseling services like BetterHelp. […]
A design class titled “Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Well-Being” explores using human-centered approaches to interaction design challenges.
Pediatric emergency and trauma physicians at St. Louis Children’s Hospital offer their perspective on the growing epidemic of firearm-related injuries and deaths.
According to research by AARP Public Policy Institute, there were approximately 792,000 caregivers in Missouri in 2013 providing unpaid care for an adult, valued at an estimated $8 billion.
by Faisal Khan, MBBS, MPH, Director of the St. Louis County Department of Public Health The St. Louis region played a significant role in the development of America’s atomic weapons program in the 1940s, and the impacts of this legacy continue to be felt today. Brief History From 1942 to 1957, the Mallinckrodt Chemical Plant extracted uranium […]
Pre-exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, is the use of antiviral medications to prevent HIV before someone is exposed. Scholar Rupa Patel, MD, offers an overview of PReP and related challenges, and three people share their stories learning about and obtaining the drug.
Institute scholars are working together to develop tools to help Americans better understand and make health insurance decisions.
Evidence about the harmful effects of ultra-processed products (UPP) is growing and accumulating.
…and Should Not be Afraid Of by Mason Basler, B.S. Candidate in Biochemistry, Rockhurst University Participant, Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program, Aging and Neurological Diseases Track During the online summer internship in aging and neurological conditions, I attended an online presentation given by Brian Carpenter, PhD, who is a professor and researcher of psychological […]
Content provided by Odd Couples Housing The idea of homesharing has been around for years. Around the country, various formal and informal networks for finding tenants, short-term borders, or roommates have surfaced. Instead of finding roommates through word-of-mouth or college campus flyers, now there are structured options to support homesharing, including a few options in […]
by Keith G. Taylor of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED® is a web-based aggregator of economic and social science time series data operated by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which provides a set of tools to find, download, analyze, visualize, and otherwise understand these data. Let’s deconstruct that statement. FRED is free! […]
Public health professionals should investigate ways to utilize social media to get important messages to young people.
Food Outreach is a local organization with a mission to help improve nutrition and provide meals for patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer.
Since August 2017, over 900,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh, establishing the largest single refugee camp in the world. Nearly 50% are adolescents (ages 10-18 years) and the majority is female.
by Allie Liss, Intern, Gun Violence Prevention Initiative At the end of January, I co-planned an event titled, “Evaluating Interventions to Global Gun violence” as part of the Global Health Conversations series. As a global health student, I spend a lot of time learning about all of the current and historical health problems around the globe, […]
St. Louis Earth Day works every day to keep the ideals we discuss on Earth Day at the forefront of minds of those living in the St. Louis area with year-round programming.
Just a year ago, most Americans devoted little time and attention to the question of pharmaceutical pricing.
Developing countries represent half the cancer burden around the world, but only 7% of global cancer resources.
Embed from Getty Images By Jeff Brandt, MSW ’20, and the J. Benjamin Miller Masters Research Fellow in Aging; Recipient of the 2020 Distinguished Student Award for Social Work Leaders in Healthcare American consumers tend to hold some misconceptions when it comes to long-term care. Think Medicare will cover the cost of a nursing home? […]
The shift in antibiotic use over the past 15 years.
By Carmen Lyon, Undergraduate, Washington University in St. Louis Growing up in the age of the Affordable Care Act, millennials have difficulty imagining a time when healthcare policy and law were not at the forefront of the national stage. Even with the focus on the ACA, and any subsequent health care acts, most premed undergraduate […]
Exploring the impact of racial segregation on population health.
Gun violence is not only burdening our health care system and health care providers but is also affecting victims’ families and the economy of our region. This article outlines some potential solutions.
African American Employment and Covid-19: Disparities and  Compounding Risks by Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD COVID-19 is an equal opportunity virus, but exposure to this virus does not take place in an equal opportunity context. Although only some states and counties provide COVID-19 cases and outcomes by race, the data available indicate that disparities are stark. We […]
by John McGinley, Undergraduate, Elon University Participant, 2020 Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program – Public and Global Health Abbreviated Track SPRIGHT Scholar One idea that has come up over and over during the Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program seminars is the idea of developing trust with communities and listening to communities in order to conduct […]