Our Team

Larry J. Shapiro Director, Institute for Public Health: William G. Powderly, MD
Dr. J. William Campbell Professor of Medicine; Director, Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences; and Co-Director, Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine
314-454-8215 | wpowderly@wustl.edu
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Associate Director:
Victoria V. Anwuri, MPH

314-747-9206| vanwuri@wustl.edu

Communications Manager:
Kim Furlow

314-747-9232 | flaura@wustl.edu

Business Coordinator:
Anna K. Mazzuca

314-747-0962 | amazzuca@wustl.edu
Graham A. Colditz headshotDeputy Director:
Graham A. Colditz, MD, DrPH

Niess-Gain Professor and Chief, Division of Public Health Sciences in the Department of Surgery, Program Director of the Master of Population Health Sciences Degree Program, and Associate Director for Prevention & Control, Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center
314-454-7939 | colditzg@wustl.edu
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Senior Director of Development:
Sarah Herstand Myers

314-935-4251 | sarah_myers@wustl.edu

Event Coordinator & Communications Assistant: Emily Hickner  
314-273-3816 | ehickner@wustl.edu


Center for Community Health Partnership and Research

Center Co-Director (ICTS):
Angela L. Brown, MD

Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division in the Department of Medicine

Center Manager (ICTS):
Hilary Broughton, MSW

314-273-1010 | hilary.broughton@wustl.edu

Center Co-Director (IPH):
Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD

E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Brown School
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Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration

Center Director:
Kim Thuy Seelinger, JD

Research Associate Professor, Brown School; Visiting Professor, School of Law

Center Manager, Lead Researcher: Julia Uyttewaal, MA


Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging

Center Director:
Nancy L. Morrow-Howell, PhD

Bettie Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Social Policy, Brown School
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Center Manager:
Natalie Galucia, MSW

314-747-9234 | ngalucia@wustl.edu


Global Health Center

Center Associate Director:
Victor G. Davilá-Román, MD

Professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology and Radiology, School of Medicine
Center Manager:
Jacaranda van Rheenen, PhD

314-362-7964 | jvanrheenen@wustl.edu


Center for Health Economics and Policy

Center Co-Director:
Timothy D. McBride, PhD, MS

Bernard Becker Professor, Brown School
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Center Manager:
Leah Kemper, MPH

314-935-3514 | kemper@wustl.edu
Center Co-Director:
Karen Joynt Maddox, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
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Faculty Lead for Data and Methods: Abigail Barker, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Brown School
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Center for Dissemination and Implementation

Center Director:
Elvin Geng, MD, MPH

Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine
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Center Manager:
Ashley Sturm, MA


Public Health Data and Training Center

Center Director:
Randi Foraker, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences in the Department of Medicine and Faculty Lead for Population Health Informatics, Institute for Informatics
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Statistical Data Analyst:
Irene Ryan

Institute for Informatics
Center Manager:
Anne Trolard, MPH

314-747-0963 | atrolard@wustl.edu


Gun Violence InitiativeLife Outside of Violence (LOV*)

*St. Louis Area Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program

LOV Project Coordinator and contact for the Gun Violence Initiative:
Kateri Chapman-Kramer, MSW, LCSW
314-273-3844 |