Events / Your Next Move: Transitioning to the New Retirement

Your Next Move: Transitioning to the New Retirement

February 8, 2023
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We still use the word retirement because we don’t have better language for the next chapter of life. We do have a better vision in mind for all us – a New Retirement. Your Next Move – taught by Chris Frey, LCSW – provides experienced workers and learners with the skills and essential elements necessary for making a successful transition to retirement and a fulfilling next chapter in their lives. This seminar will use assessment, planning, seeking information, and enlisting support to help define what the New Retirement looks like for you.

Attendees will learn the critical ingredients of retirement beyond finances:

  • Purpose
  • Leisure
  • Social
  • Health & Well-being


This session will take place virtually via Zoom meeting. Please register to receive instructions on attending.

An in-person-only session of this seminar will take place on April 11 in Umrath Lounge on the Danforth Campus. Learn more.


5:15-5:20 p.m.Welcome (Zoom meeting begins)
5:20-6:45 p.m. Interactive Seminar
6:45-7 p.m.Networking & Discussion