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Center Community Advisory Board co-chair featured in People Magazine regarding rare disease

Doug Lindsay, co-chair of the Center for Community Health Partnership and Research Community Advisory Board (CAB), has a unique story to tell. His journey with a rare disease during his 20’s for which he helped develop two surgeries that would eventually save his life, is featured in a recent edition of People Magazine. Lindsay is a public speaker, workshop developer and a personal medical consultant. He also volunteers with the center’s CAB to help bridge the gap between university researchers and local communities.

Comprised of a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to local communities within St. Louis and its surrounding counties, the CAB serves community-academic partnerships in several ways, including advising community-engaged research and activities. Members like Lindsay give of their time to provide researchers and community organizations key insights on research materials, recruitment, community engagement activities, and more.

Read more about Lindsay’s personal journey with a rare disease and advocacy for patient rights in this People Magazine article. Read a recent feature about his work with CAB here.