The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was established to help bridge the gap between university researchers and local communities. The CAB is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to local communities within St. Louis and its surrounding counties.

The CAB serves community-academic partnerships in several ways, including advising community-engaged research and activities.

Reactive Barometer Sessions

Reactive Barometer Sessions are a service of the Center’s Community Advisory Board (CAB). Faculty and research teams seeking initial community feedback on a research project or idea may request to schedule a Reactive Barometer Session during a bi-monthly CAB meeting. Researchers consulting with the CAB will receive input on research materials, recruitment, community engagement activities, and more from a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to local communities in St. Louis and its surrounding counties.

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Current CAB Members

Bishop Luther D. Baker

President, Luther D. Baker Ministries
CEO and President, Man of Valor, Inc.

With over 30 years of ministry experience, Bishop Luther Baker preaches the gospel and is dedicated to the restoration of men in church, family and community.  His passion is seeing youth experience the power of God in their lives as a reality.  Luther Baker Ministries mentors and empowers men who are struggling.  Alongside his ministry, Bishop Baker is the President and CEO of Man of Valor, Inc., a faith-based nonprofit with a mission to foster the social, emotional and academic development of youth.  He received the Superintendent Choice Award in 2015 and PaceSetter Award in 2016 from the University City School District for his work with students. In addition, Bishop has received recognitions for his work in restorative justice and improving financial wellbeing of families in the St. Louis region.  Bishop Baker is married to Sebrenia and together, they have a blended family.

Susie Fliesher, DNP, CPNP, RN


Susan Fliesher is a retired assistant professor at Goldfarb School of Nursing-Barnes Jewish College. She taught community health nursing, coordinated community health clinical experiences and orchestrated 2 poverty simulations per term.  She has a BSN from Northern Illinois University, an MSN (with Nursing of Children emphasis) from St. Louis University, and a DNP from University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Dr. Fliesher received the Shirley A. Martin Distinguished Nurse Award at UMSL in 2014. She became a certified pediatric nurse practitioner through Washington University in 1979.

Susie’s experience includes adult intensive care, pediatric emergency room, pediatric provider in multiple community clinic settings, perinatal outreach education coordination, school nursing and community health education.  Dr. Fliesher received the Community Service Award in 2007 from Torah Prep School when she was a school/community nurse. Community engagement activities have included serving on the St. Louis Maternal Child Health Council Board, the St. Louis Area Nurse Practitioners and Associates Board, the March of Dimes Health Promotions Committee, and a regional nurse consultant for Head Start  (Region VII).  Susan’s research interests have included Child Safety Hazard Education, Poverty Simulation, Assessment of Educational Experiences in Real Time, and Trauma Informed Care.

Susan finds the quote often attributed to Albert Eintstein, “Insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different results” as a challenge to find new ways to improve outcomes.

Kathy Gardner

Senior Consultant, EMD Consulting

Ms. Kathy Gardner is a senior consultant with EMD Consulting focused on helping nonprofits strengthen their organizational performance. She was previously a Senior Vice President at United Way for over 30 years, leading the Community Investment Division that distributed the funds raised in the annual campaign, provided agency training, and helped organizations implement sound volunteer management practices.

Ms. Gardner is regarded as a candid, results-driven community leader with strong interpersonal skills. She serves on several nonprofit boards and was named one of the 2011 Most Influential Business Women by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Sherrill Jackson, CPNP, Co-Chair

President and Founder, The Breakfast Club, Inc.
Retired, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner

Ms. Sherrill Jackson is the founding President of The Breakfast Club, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing  education, awareness, resources and support for breast health and cancer prevention to medically underserved and uninsured populations in North St. Louis City and County.

As a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, Ms. Jackson has worked tirelessly as an advocate to reduce cancer disparities.   She has a track record of bringing together university and community partners to help facilitate communication and meaningful partnerships to support medically underserved and uninsured women in the St. Louis community.

In addition to her role with The Breakfast Club, Inc., Ms. Jackson worked for nearly four decades as a primary care provider for children in medically underserved St. Louis communities.

Dennis Lane

Author, The Bitch Wall/Vietnam Wailing Wall

A Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Lane is passionate about veterans concerns regarding quality healthcare and continues to be an active voice on their behalf.

Mr. Lane has had more than thirty years’ experience working in healthcare, mental health and social services delivering assistance to the disenfranchised. While at Grace Hill (now Affinia Health) and Myrtle Hilliard Dave Health Centers, he was instrumental in building a board of directors and considers himself well integrated into corporate and civic communities.

For the past 15 years, he has met weekly with a Vietnam Veterans support group and recently served as a representative for the Ken Burns’ documentary “The Vietnam War”. He also continues to serve on the KETC’s Veteran Outreach Board.

Doug Lindsay, Co-Chair

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Designer, and Personal Medical Consultant

Beginning at age 21, Mr. Lindsay suffered an 11-year illness that kept him bedbound during which time he worked with 35 senior faculty at 28 institutions to help resolve his illness. He won the first national court case protecting patients’ rights, and developed the concept for the two successful, innovative adrenal surgeries used to treat his case. Once fully recovered, Lindsay returned to Rockhurst University and finished his biology degree. Today he is a nationally-recognized speaker appearing at TEDx, Stanford Medicine X and the American Healthcare Association, among others.

Mr. Lindsay also provides an in-depth Personal Medical Consultant service to a small number of rare disease and complex condition patients who’ve found themselves trapped in the medical system.

Davorka Marovic-Johnson, MEd, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Counseling Services, LLC

Ms. Davorka Marovic-Johnson is a private practice licensed professional counselor with 20 years of clinical experience in the mental health field.

Ms. Marovic-Johnson is trained in many evidence-based approaches, including trauma treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is a Missouri-approved counseling supervisor who worked as the Clinical Supervisor at the Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma where she provided mental health services to refugees who came from war zones, diagnosed with PTSD. Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D. program in Education with the Emphasis in Counseling at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Besides providing mental health services, Ms. Marovic-Johnson supervises clinicians working towards their licensure. She is passionate about sharing resources and connecting researchers with appropriate agencies that can help reduce disparities and improve access to metal health. Ms. Marovic-Johnson’s current areas of research and interest are neuroscience, resilience, attachment, intergenerational patterns, and interpersonal relationships. Ms. Marovic-Johnson was born in Montenegro, former Yugoslavia, and is fluent in Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian.

Felice McClendon, MS

Communications Director, City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office

With over 25 collective years of generating market interest, branding visibility, and increased revenue, Felice McClendon, a University of Missouri Journalism graduate, brings a multidisciplinary lens to support non-profit strategic planning, organizational development, social justice, media engagement, marketing, and public relations needs. Aligning mission and management to passion with purpose, F.M. Consulting serves a robust network of clients from emerging non-profits in need of advisement, board engagement, and development support…to well-known established agencies interested in rebranding, rebuilding, and growing existing programs to a measurable scale. Noted for the capacity to manage complex narratives across local and national media outlets; McClendon launched F.M. Consulting in 2014 as her contribution to bridge the gap between the boardroom and the neighborhood block with interest to bring cohesion to communities in need. With a history of multi-sector stakeholder relationships, her coordination of people, policies, and resources help organizations serve the greatest need with fidelity, integrity and plans for sustainability.

Nancy D. Spargo, AM, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Sparlin Mental Health

Ms. Nancy Spargo is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Sparlin Mental Health, an organization that provides trauma-informed mental health services, organizational consultation, training, and advocacy for the St. Louis region. She is a graduate of the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago and excels at systems integration and program development for marginalized populations with a focus on trauma. Her career is characterized by a collaborative approach, innovative program design, quality service delivery, professional development, and advocacy.

Ms. Spargo’s commitment to mitigating the impact of trauma and working to strengthen families and their communities has led her to serve a variety of populations, including immigrants and refugees; foster and adoptive families; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) populations; and the homeless.

Kelley Vollmar

Director, Jefferson County Health Department

Ms. Kelley Vollmar has served in public health for over 20 years and is now the Director of the Jefferson County Health Department. Ms. Vollmar holds Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science specializing in the social impact of government regulation of environmental issues and in conflict resolution specializing in multicultural conflict. She also hold a master’s degree in dispute resolution with a dual emphasis on corporate and environmental conflict.

Ms. Vollmar is the Chair of the Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies (MOALPHA) and serves as a member of the #HealthierMO – Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri Advisory Council and Hillsboro Rotary, and as a Board Member of the Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH), Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence (MOCPHE), Jefferson County Health Network, Jefferson County Public Safety Commission, Jefferson County Community Partnership, and Get Healthy DeSoto.

Ben Zeno

Strategist, Missouri Foundation for Health

Ben Zeno currently works at Missouri Foundation for Health as a Strategist supporting the elimination of health inequities throughout Missouri. In his prior role, he helped to launch and grow the Mental Health Collaborative at Casa de Salud.  Mr. Zeno collaborated with a diverse team of organizations to ensure access to quality mental healthcare for Casa patients—mostly Spanish-speaking immigrants—in the St. Louis region. During his tenure, the Collaborative quickly grew from four to eighteen partners. Ben came to St. Louis from Seattle to study Latin American Studies and Chemistry at Washington University. He loves St. Louis, but misses the mountains and, yes, the Seattle rain.