The health of communities across the U.S. and Missouri is greatly affected by health economic and policy decisions. The best opportunity to advance health, particularly among the most vulnerable, is for these decisions to be informed by sound data and evidence. Our Center for Health Economics & Policy exists to develop and advance long-lasting solutions that achieve health equity.

Our mission

We advance evidence-based research to improve health and work with policy makers and public health leaders to drive more equitable health policy.

How we work
  • We conduct high-impact data-driven analysis and share findings with policymakers and public health leaders.
  • We are thought leaders who convene local, national and international experts to find solutions to the most difficult health economics and policy challenges.
  • We nurture development of students, trainees and faculty in methods to produce high-quality health economics and policy research.
What is health economics & policy?

Health economics and policy is an applied field that studies how society allocates its resources, what and how health services are produced, who receives them and how policies can influence these decisions.

Our team
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Your contribution to the Institute for Public Health helps us train the next generation of public health leaders; fund innovative, transdisciplinary research to improve health status; and eliminate health disparities at home and abroad.