Research Engagement to Advance Community Health

Research Engagement to Advance Community Health (REACH) is the recruitment and retention arm of the Center for Community Health Partnership & Research and is funded by the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences.

The goal of this program is to increase research understanding and participation among underrepresented populations in order to make research more representative. Our Community Health Workers engage with community members at locations throughout the St. Louis region, including grocery stores, libraries, employment agencies, health fairs, and food pantries.

REACH services for investigators:

  • Community flyer distribution and engagement: Community Health Workers can distribute your study flyers to community members at our engagement sites. Information about your study will be shared in a personal and engaging way. When possible, potentially eligible individuals will call from the field to learn more and be screened for participation by a member of your study team.
  • Database targeted recruitment: REACH staff can compile and send you a list of potentially eligible participants according to your study’s inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Community pre-screening recruitment:  Individuals can be pre-screened for your study at our engagement sites and their contact information will be sent to your study team. When possible, participants will call from the field to set up an appointment after being pre-screened.
  • Education about benefits of participation in clinical research:  The REACH table includes visually appealing brochures, posters and activities to help community members better understand the benefits of clinical research to individuals as well as the community.  Community Health Workers actively work to debunk common myths and misconceptions, and help community members become more comfortable with the research process.

REACH services for community members and organizations:

  • REACH in the community: Community Health Workers are at engagement sites throughout the month! To find out when we are at a location near you, please contact us at 314-273-1010.
  • Engagement sites: We are always looking for new sites or events to engage members of underrepresented populations in research.  This can be either on an ongoing basis or for a one-time event.
  • Presentations to organizations: We can provide presentations about REACH services and/or the research process to your staff or community members.

To learn more about REACH services, please contact Hilary Broughton at 314-273-1010.


Project Director: Angela L. Brown, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, School of Medicine
314-747-3608 |

Project Manager: Hilary Broughton, MSW
314-273-1010 |

Data Control Coordinator: Robert Doyle
314-362-7034 |

Community Health Worker: Marybeth Gras, MSW
314-362-7034 |