Research Education

Research Engagement to Advance Community Health (REACH)

Through the REACH initiative, we provide education about research in community settings. We focus on:

  • Listening to concerns in the community about research participation
  • Dispelling myths and misconceptions about research
  • Increasing understanding of the importance of diversity in research
  • Discussing and visualizing the impact of research on the St. Louis region
  • Describing protections in place to protect research participants
  • Providing opportunities to participate in research—both as community experts for study design and as study participants.

In the Community

REACH staff engages with community members at locations throughout the St. Louis region, including libraries, employment agencies, health fairs, YMCAs, and food pantries.

We also provide short, interactive presentations about research to community groups.

To support university investigators, we:

  • Partner with Volunteer for Health to support awareness of studies in the community.
  • Provide consultations about recruitment needs and how to reach diverse audiences.
  • Deliver interactive presentations about research basics to study advisory committees.
  • Provide training to study coordinators on strategies to increase diversity in research.

If you are interested in learning more or collaborating with REACH, please contact Hilary Broughton at 314-273-1010.


Director: Angela L. Brown, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, School of Medicine

Administrator: Hilary Broughton, MSW

Data Coordinator: Robert Doyle

Outreach Coordinator: Kym Radford