Trainee Information

Current Trainees

Eleanor Peters Bergquist grew up in St. Louis and graduated from Colby College with a BA; the University of London, School of African and Oriental Studies with an MA in Medical Anthropology; and Tulane University with an MSPH in Parasitology. She is currently a PhD candidate at Saint Louis University’s College for Public Health and Social Justice and adjunct faculty at Saint Louis University and sometimes Washington University in St. Louis. When she was an Epidemiologist at the St. Louis County Department of Health, she wrote a blog post for the Center. Eleanor has enjoyed working in the small groups that the Center affords. After graduation, she plans to obtain a more permanent university appointment.


Branson Fox grew up in St. Louis and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in Geospatial Computation, at Saint Louis University. He is currently a member of several research teams, including at the Public Health Data & Training Center. Branson enjoys drinking coffee, cleaning data, and making maps.  He is interested in urban sociology and the sociology of health, as well as quantitative methods with an emphasis on spatial data. After graduation, Branson plans to pursue a doctorate in Sociology.


Jason Ren was raised in Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Great Valley High School. He is currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science at WUSTL, with plans to graduate in 2021. On campus, he has volunteered with the Campus Y organization as a part of WAGS, where he has volunteered at local St. Louis animal shelters. A passionate programmer his entire life, Jason enjoys applying his skills at the Public Health Data & Training Center towards helping the public of St. Louis, whether that be cleaning medical data or creating maps of social determinants in the region. Post-graduation, Jason plans on making a career of data science and software development.