Eating Disorders and Obesity: Myths and Realities

March 30, 2016
4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Hillman Hall, Rm. 370, Danforth Campus

Alexis Duncan, PhD, will offer this talk from the Center for Mental Health Services Research at the Brown School.

Associate Professor, Brown School and School of Medicine

Alexis Duncan’s research focuses on interrelationships between obesity, disordered eating, and substance use disorders in women. As a psychiatric epidemiologist with additional training in behavior genetics, Dr. Duncan uses genetically informative study designs to disentangle the complex relationships between genetic susceptibility for and environmental risk factors associated with these disorders and their comorbidity from a life-course perspective, with a particular focus on adolescence and early adulthood. Her research is necessarily transdisciplinary in nature, and she works in close collaboration with scientists from other disciplines, including genetics, neuroscience, and psychology.

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Event Sponsors: Center for Mental Health Services Research