Elimination of Cholera in Africa

April 02, 2020
12 p.m. - 1 p.m.
BJC Institute of Health, 7AB, Medical Campus

The Global Health Visiting Speaker Series brings experts from around the world to Washington University in St. Louis to speak on global health topics. Join us on April 2nd for Dr. David Sack’s presentation Elimination of Cholera in Africa.

This event is free and open to everyone.


  • To clarify the goal for the WHO goal of cholera’s elimination by the year 2030 and the role for cholera vaccine and water sanitation hygiene in achieving this goal.
  • To identify differences in cholera transmission in Africa and the Ganges Delta of Asia
  • To understand how molecular epidemiology of cholera will facilitate cholera’s elimination in Africa

About the speaker

David Sack, MD
Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Sack’s research has been focused on enteric infections and vaccine development for these infections. With regard to enteric infections, this has included laboratory detection of these agents, describing their epidemiology in developing country populations and travelers developing appropriate clinical management strategies including antibiotics and rehydration methods.

With regard to vaccines, Dr. Sack has participated in the development of vaccines for cholera, rotavirus, enterotoxigenic E coli (ETEC), and shigellosis. Currently, he leads a large project called the DOVE project (Delivering Oral Cholera Vaccine Effectively)and an NIAID supported project on the Epidemiology and Ecology of Cholera in Africa.

Event Sponsors: Global Health Center at the Institute for Public Health, Department of Medicine, International Center for Child Health and Development (ICHAD) and SMART Africa Center

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