Zika and Heat Waves: New Public Health Challenges and Climate Change

August 18, 2016
12 p.m. - 1 p.m.
TAB, Room 2131, Medical Campus

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Want to know more about Zika virus? Want to learn about heat waves and climate change? Interested in how we can prepare for (and avoid) these new public health challenges? Come to Zika and Heat Waves.

The Sierra Club Missouri Chapter and the Global Health Center are hosting a public informational event about Zika, rising temperatures, and other impacts of climate change. Lunch will be provided.

Event Panelists

  • Jeanine Arrighi – Health Services Manager, St. Louis Department of Health
  • Shontae Fluelen-Hays – Severe Weather Program Manager
  • Dr. Fernando Serrano – Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, SLU School of Public Health
  • Steven Lawrence, MD – Division of Infectious Diseases, Washington University

    Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, School of Medicine

For more information, contact the Sierra Club, (314) 644-1011 or john.hickey@sierraclub.org.

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Event Sponsors: Sierra Club Missouri Chapter and the Global Health Center

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