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March 2020

New Center Promotes Healthy Workplaces
The Source | 3/03/20
Ann Marie Dale’s plan to test methods to reduce opioid use and misuse amongst working age people, particularly construction workers, is mentioned in this article.

How to Respond to Microaggressions
New York Times |3/03/20
Microaggressions, which have been called, “death by a thousand cuts”, can do damage that many fail to perceive. Faculty scholar Hedwig Lee discusses how to respond to this phenomenon.

Parents’ Social Isolation Linked To Their Children’s Health
The Source | 3/04/20
Isolation has been linked to problems with individuals’ physical health, but did you know that it could also have an effect on your child’s as well? Tess Thompson discusses further here.

Prof. Hedy Lee and Joe Madison Discuss the Prevalence of Deaths by Police
SiriusXM News and Issues | 3/12/20
Hedy Lee discusses the prevalence of deaths by police and how her study informs the phenomenon.

Don’t Go Down a Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral
Wired | 3/13/20
Thomas Rodebaugh discusses how the precautions people are taking during the coronavirus pandemic impact the way people perceive the nation’s levels of panic and impending danger.

The New Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For 2-3 Days — Here’s How To Clean Them
NPR | 3/14/20
Dr. David Warren was mentioned in this article recommending EPA-registered disinfectant spray to disinfect surfaces that the new coronavirus could live on for 2-3 days.

As Virus Extends Its Reach, A New Reality Sets In For St. Louis Region And Beyond
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 3/16/20
Stephen Liang was cited in this article about coronavirus’ impact on St. Louis predicting that it could take several months to begin returning to normal, “depending on how well health officials slow or reduce transmission of the virus, as well as other factors.”

COVID-19: Be a Part of Flattening the Curve
Diverse Education | 3/16/20
William F. Tate comments on how COVID-19 can be understood in relation to other historic pandemics.

Experts Share Coping Strategies For Stressful Times
STL Public Radio | 3/17/20
Dr. Jessica Gold discusses coping strategies and anxiety amidst closures and isolation.

Washu Expert: Stuck In The House For A While? Here Are Some Tips
The Source | 3/17/20
Tess Thompson gives some evidence-based tips on how to thrive within household isolation.

A Popular Anti-Clotting Device May Do More Harm than Good
Real Clear Science | 3/19/20
David Brown agrees with studies and accounts that claim that IVC filters meant to prevent blood clots can malfunction and cause further problems.

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Millions Of Older Americans Live In Counties With No ICU Beds
USA Today | 3/20/20
Center for Health Economics & Policy Co-director Karen Joynt- Maddox commented on how “hospitals with larger numbers of ICU beds tend to cluster in higher-income areas”, which could cause differences in access to COVID-19 treatment across socioeconomic areas.

Should You Keep Your Health Care Appointments During the COVID-19 Outbreak?
Next Avenue | 3/20/20
In want of mental health services but afraid now’s not the time? Brian Carpenter urges people to continue seeking mental health services virtually to alleviate loneliness and anxiety.

In Pandemic, Word Definitions Shift And New Lexicon Emerges
AP News | 3/20/20
John Baugh comments on the ways in which health professionals and politicians are utilizing metaphors they think the public will connect to in order to “shake the public to attention”.

CDC Coronavirus Testing Decision Likely to Haunt Nation for Months to Come
Daily Beast | 3/23/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence comments on how being landlocked and less inclined to international travel than other regions gave the Midwest more time to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak.

Q&A: Debunking Myths About COVID-19, Treatment, Vaccines With Wash U’s Michael Kinch
STL Public Radio | 3/23/20
Vice Chancellor and Director of the Center for Research Innovation in Business Michael Kinch discusses the myths that have circulated online regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

The St. Louis Region Has About 10,000 Hospital Beds. And It Might Not Be Enough
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/23/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock comments on what hospitals can do to counteract limited space and supplies. She says these next two weeks will be critical.

Chloroquine Is Being Touted As A Miracle Drug For Coronavirus, But There Are Reasons To Be Wary
Buzzfeed | 3/23/20
Dr. Alfred Kim discusses the ways in which Chloronique, which is being touted as a miracle drug for coronavirus, hasn’t fully proved itself as a fully safe, effective remedy.

Help Line Requests For Food Skyrocket As Pandemic Spreads
The Source | 3/23/20
Matthew Kreuter comments on his team’s findings on the increase in food pantry and home-delivered meal requests during the pandemic.

Working From Home During Coronavirus
KMOX | 3/24/20
Andrew Knight discusses working at home during the coronavirus outbreak  in this radio interview.

Postacute Care Preparedness for COVID-19 -Thinking Ahead
JAMA Network | 3/25/2020
Center for Health Economics & Policy Co-director Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox speaks about how we need not forget to also prepare for postacute care procedures before we get to the point where patients begin to recover from COVID-19 in mass.

Severe COVID-19 Might Injure the Heart
WebMD | 3/26/20
“We’re anticipating that patients with underlying cardiovascular disease will struggle,” states Dr. Thomas Maddox in regards to coronavirus stress on the body.

Why ‘Death Rates’ From Coronavirus Can Be Deceiving
NPR | 3/27/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence comments that COVID-19 death rate statistics between different countries can be misleading because “the numbers may look different even if the actual situation is the same.”

Trump Calls It A ‘game-changer’ Covid-19 Fix. Now Lupus Patients Can’t Get Their Drug
Kansas City Star | 3/27/20
Dr. Alfred Kim comments on how Trump’s framing of hydroxychloroquine as a miracle COVID-19 drug might cause a shortage of the drug, which lupus patients also rely upon.

How To Get Health Insurance If You Lose Your Job Over The Coronavirus
Grow | 3/27/20
Center for Health Economics & Policy Co-director Timothy McBride is mentioned in this article on how those who lose their health insurance benefits due to unemployment during this pandemic can regain them.

WashU Expert: Older Americans Are Not Expendable
The Source | 3/27/20
“Older adults are not some kind of expendable commodity,” says Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging Director Nancy Morrow-Howell in this article about how COVID-19 discussions have posited the age group.

Beg, Borrow or Commandeer: The Race to Prepare Hospitals for Coronavirus
US News | 3/27/20
Resources, capacity, and preparedness vary drastically from one hospital to the next. Center for Health Economics & Policy Co-director Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox weighs in here.

Why Does Italy Have Higher Death Rate If The Us Has More Confirmed Coronavirus Cases?
McClatchyDC | 3/27/20
Coronavirus numbers have been confusing at times. Faculty Scholar Dr. Steven Lawrence explains the reasons why fatality numbers may look different “even though the actual situation is the same”.

Ways Older Adults Can Cope With the Stress of Coronavirus
The Wall Street Journal | 3/28/20
Brian Carpenter gives advice on how older adults can cope with coronavirus stress along with the ways their adult children can help them.

This Week, Missouri Saw A 600% Jump In Coronavirus Cases — The Largest Increase In The Country
St. Louis Dispatch | 3/30/20
Dr. Gregory Storch and Dr. Elvin Geng discuss what position Missouri is in relative to other states battling increasing coronavirus cases.

Fear, Isolation And Financial Stress. How Do We Cope With It All?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/30/20
“It’s basically what I call a double whammy,” comments Faculty Scholar Dr. Eric Lenze on how older people’s greater need for isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak can contradict their greater vulnerability to loneliness.

WashU Experts: Coronavirus Fact vs. Fiction
The Source | 3/30/20
Faculty Scholars Alexis Duncan, Kim Johnson, and Christine Ekenga debunk coronavirus myths while providing much-needed truths.