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How 2020 Democrats plan to take on pharma — alone
Axios | 11/1/19
Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs featured in discussion of drug patents and how they affect the cost of drugs.

“Bent Nail” Research and “Make It Plain Advocacy”
Psychology Today | 11/4/19
Faculty Scholar, Dr. Mary McKay, talks the CHAMP approach and how it can be applied to meet the mental health and health prevention needs of youth and families impacted by poverty globally.

White House budget office vets rule to permit importation of foreign drugs
S & P Global | 11/4/19
Read about why drug proposals may take years to implement. Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs weighs in.

Geriatric Emergency Rooms
UP Matters | 11/4/19
Emergency rooms specialized for our aging population? Faculty Scholar Dr. Christopher Carpenter explains why this may be a smart move.

National courts lead the way in prosecuting Syrian war crimes
Al Jazeera | 11/5/19
Faculty Scholar Leila Sadat talks justice in relation to Syrian war crimes.

Do You Drink A Lot Without Getting Drunk? Chances Are You Have A Small Brain And It’s Genetic
India Times | 11/5/19
Wonder what accounts for differences in alcohol tolerance? Faculty Scholar Ryan Bogdan attributes it to shared genetic factors.

How Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Your Sleep and Your Health
Healthline | 11/6/19
Think daylight savings means you get an extra hour of sleep? Faculty Scholar Erik Herzog explains how the change in time might affect different people differently.

Transgender people in the Midwest are often missing from national conversation. The Transgender Spectrum Conference wants to fix that
St. Louis Magazine | 11/7/19
Faculty Scholar Amy Cislo talks the significance of the Conference’s location this year.

Is Daylight Saving Time Bad For Your Health?
Latin Post | 11/8/19
Faculty Scholar Erik Herzog featured once again for his take on changes associated with daylight savings.

Researchers are calling for the end of daylight saving time
WTIP | 11/11/19
Staying with standard time all year? Faculty Scholar Erik Herzog weighs in.

Trauma surgeon seeks to save lives with ‘Stop The Bleed’ classes
Fox 2 | 11/12\19
Laurie Punch to teach a lifesaving class called “Stop the Bleed.” About 6,000 people in the St. Louis area have taken the course so far!

Deadly superbugs pose greater threat than previously estimated
The Washington Post | 11/13/19
Faculty Scholar Jason Burnham part of research team that found more pathogens and a broader definition of drug resistance in their analysis than the CDC.

Page appoints two black women from North County to police board
The St. Louis American | 11/14/19
Faculty Scholar, Dr. Laurie Punch has been appointed to the St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners. If confirmed, she will be part of the first majority-female police board in county history!

With her Stop the Bleed program, trauma surgeon Dr. Laurie Punch is on a mission to prevent violent death
St. Louis Magazine | 11/14/19
Faculty Scholar Laurie Punch holds new ‘Stop the Bleed’ Junior program, where she is giving children as young as age 8 the opportunity to learn basic and trauma first aid!

US superbug infections rising, but deaths are falling
The Associated Press | 11/14/19
Some new drug-resistant infections may be appearing more often. Faculty Scholar Jason Burnham acknowledges the difficulty in identifying what constitutes these sorts of infections.

How Do I Know If My Kid Needs Antibiotics?
The New York Times | 11/15/19
Faculty Scholar Jason Newland talks antibiotics and their impact on the microbiome.

Insurers to Disclose drug Copays, Treatment Terms Under Proposal (1)
Bloomberg Law | 11/15/19
Benefit to patients of having copay information while undergoing treatment? Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs weighs in.

Cells That ‘Taste’ Danger Set Off Immune Responses
Quanta Magazine | 11/15/19
Cells with taste receptors sometimes develop inside the lungs of animals infected with influenza!
Faculty Scholar Megan Baldridge weighs in on tuft cells.

Here’s What I Tell My Patients Who Are Worried About ‘Antidepressant Withdrawal’
Self Magazine | 11/18/19
Jessica Gold explains the phenomenon often referred to as “antidepressant withdrawal.”

Air Pollution Is Still Killing Thousands of People in the US
Wired | 11/20/19
The issue of air pollution is an ever-growing problem in the U.S. Faculty Scholar Ziyad Al-Aly points to the need for stricter standards as a potential solution.

How a Democratic president could reduce drug prices without Congress
Vox | 11/26/19
Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs talks the “march-in” provision and how it can be used to keep drug prices down.

St. Louis County Council approves two new members to police board
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 11/26/19
Congratulations to Faculty Scholar Dr. Laurie Punch on her confirmation to the St. Louis County police board!
Big things to come!

Deadly superbug MRSA can linger on surfaces in the home for months
NBC News | 11/26/19
Faculty Scholar Dr. Stephanie Fritz talks the deadly superbug MRSA and how people can pick it up.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 25
Semiconductor Engineering | 11/25/19
Faculty Scholar Neal Patwari part of project that proposed a system that would allow electronics to transform from stiff devices to flexible wearables