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March/APRIL 2021

How the Biden Administration Can Improve Health Equity for Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations
JAMA Network | 4/13/21
Take a look at this piece written by Karen Joynt Maddox, MD, MPH, describing actions the Biden administration could consider.

Lost Taste And Smell From COVID-19? A New Cookbook Aims To Help
ABC News | 4/17/21
A new cookbook could aid those who’ve lost taste and smell to COVID-19. Dr. Jay Piccirillo’s  study on these side effects is mentioned for here.

Autoimmune-disease Drugs May Reduce Vaccine Response; Antibody Treatments Ineffective Vs Brazil Variant
Reuters | 4/12/21
Dr. Alfred Kim
discusses what he has observed so far in those taking immunosuppressive drugs and the COVID-19 vaccine.

More Women Than Men Are Getting COVID Vaccines
Scientific American | 4/12/21
Elvin Geng, MD, MPH, comments on why it could be that more women are getting vaccinated than men.

Older Teenagers Now Eligible For Vaccines in St. Louis Area
St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 4/10/21
As the vaccine becomes available for teens, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses how that could intersect with vaccine hesitancy in Black communities.

The Pandemic Is Improving. Why Are You Still So Miserable?
Elemental | 4/07/21
If you’re feeling like improvements in the pandemic aren’t reflected in improvements in your life, Dr. Jessi Gold offers some advice and words about the timeline of healing here.

COVID Testing Blitz Undermined Screening, Fight Against STDs
AP News | 4/07/21
Dr. Hilary Reno calls for people to return to STD screenings after months of testing declines due to COVID-19.

Nearly Half Of New US Virus Infections Are in Just 5 States
AP News | 4/06/21As a high number of COVID cases remain concentrated in a handful of states, Dr. Elvin Geng comments on how to approach distributing vaccines.

Drug Pricing On The Agenda For Massive Infrastructure Bill
Health Affairs | 4/02/21
Rachel Sachs, JD, MPH, took part in a podcast about possible drug pricing changes present on the agenda for Biden’s infrastructure bill.

As House Says No, Missouri Economist Details What’s Next For Medicaid Expansion
KOMU | 4/02/21
Center for Health Economics and Policy co-director Dr. Tim McBride explains next steps for long-awaited decisions for Medicaid expansion in MO.

Lessons From The Past: Protecting Women And Girls From Violence During Covid-19
The Conversation | 4/05/21
Amidst the pandemic, women and girls who were already experiencing reduced safety due to conflict or displacement, have been especially vulnerable to violence. Read this piece authored by Dr. Lindsay Stark on ways we can address this issue.

WashU Study Identifies Groups Most Impacted In Pandemic Recession
KSDK-TV | 4/01/21
Dr. Steven Fazzari has co-authored a study, mentioned here, that highlights how the recession was especially difficult for specific communities

There’s an Unexpected Side Effect Hitting Some COVID-19 Survivors: Hair Loss
Cosmopolitan | 4/01/21
As many COVID-19 survivors experience hair loss, Dr. Jessi Gold speaks about why this side effect may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Breast Milk Ingredient May Help Power A Healthy Infant Gut
Science Magazine | 3/31/21
Dr. E.A. Quinn shares new findings about breast milk’s properties.

Wash U Doctor Explains Results Of Real World Vaccine Trial; ‘Turning Fatal Virus Into Common Cold’
KMOV4 | 3/31/21
As clinical trials show vaccine effectiveness, Dr. Jason Newland discusses a recent study showing that of the few patients who still develop the virus, none have experienced severe symptoms.

If Disease Prevention Is So Great, Why Doesn’t Society Focus On It? Prof. Ross Brownson Explains
St. Louis Magazine | 3/30/21
Dr. Ross Brownson discusses the urgent need for a greater focus on preventative healthcare.

Missourians Are Still Heading To The Country To Find A Vaccine
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/29/21
Tim McBride, PhD, MS,
says that supply and demand for the vaccine won’t likely even out for at least a few weeks.

More Than 10,000 Kids Registered For Local Covid-19 Vaccine Trial
KMOX | 3/23/21
Dr. Jason Newland is mentioned here for heading WashU’s COVID-19 vaccine trial for local children.

The Next New Normal: What Health Measures Are Here To Stay, And What Will End With The Pandemic
KSDK 5 | 3/23/21
As we begin to imagine an ending to the pandemic, Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses what “forever changes” experts say could be implemented.

More Patients Take Anti-Depressant to Beat COVID Symptoms
NBC 4 | 3/22/21
After its successful trials, Caline Mattar, MD, hopes that a larger study can be conducted to further prove the antidepressant Fluvoxamine is an effective treatment for COVID-19 symptoms.

What To Know About So-Called Post Pandemic Stress Disorder
HuffPost | 3/21/21
Dr. Jessi Gold discusses the levels of trauma experienced during the pandemic.

Study Finds Low Virus Spread in Schools; Taxes Due in May
U.S. News | 3/19/21
Dr. Jason Newland explains new study findings showing that COVID-19 transmission in schools was low even while cases were high.

It Could Take Another Year Until Missouri Reaches Herd Immunity
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/18/21
Dr. Mary Politi is mentioned in this article speaking about COVID-19 vaccination becoming more normalized.

AHA News: Stroke Deaths Rise in Rural Areas, Hold Steady in Cities
U.S. News | 3/18/21
Karen Joynt-Maddox, MD, MPH, explains the ways in which these findings are a call to action.

Burnout Isn’t Just Exhaustion. Here’s How To Deal With It
NPR | 3/18/21
Want to prevent burnout? Dr. Jessi Gold provides tips for spotting the early signs and changing direction.

Drop In Virus Testing Prompts Missouri Officials To Emphasize Its Importance
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/18/21
Dr. Bill Powderly explains why it is crucial to continuously test people for Covid-19.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Risk Is Not Concerning, Appears More Politically Motivated’: Doctor
Yahoo News | 3/17/21
After more than a dozen countries in the European Union suspended the distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Mati Hlatshwayo Davis MD, MPH, explains possible motives behind the decision.

Young Athletes Eager To Get Back To Spring Sports Accept COVID Safety Measures
USA Today | 3/16/21
As spring sports step back into the spotlight, Dr. Jason Newland talks about how sports can be COVID-safe.

Watch Now: Dr. Hilary Babcock Discusses Why Coronavirus Cases Have Dropped Dramatically Since The Start Of The Year
St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 3/15/21
Hear what Dr. Hilary Babcock has to say about the decrease in 2021 Covid-19 cases.

Ask The Expert: One Year of COVID-What’s Next?
KMOV 4 | 3/15/21
Listen to Dr. Hilary Babcock’s look back at the year of COVID-19.

Why Experts Say It’s Especially Important For Heart Patients To Get A Coronavirus Vaccine
Washington Post | 3/13/21
Thomas Maddox, MD, MSc, discusses the impact of vaccination on people with cardiac conditions.

COVID Survivors Hope Experimental Therapy Will Help Them Learn To Smell Again
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/10/21
Dr. Jay Piccirillo is mentioned here for a study he is leading in the hopes of finding a treatment for COVID survivors unable to smell.

Slow Vaccine Rollout Stunts Widespread Immunity. But Will The Hope Of More Doses Change That?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/09/21
Dr. Elvin Geng discusses goals toward reaching herd immunity and ultimately containing Covid-19.

‘Balanced Approach’: Parson Says His Coronavirus Policies Worked; Others Say More Could Have Been Done
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/10/21
As Missouri sees a lower number of COVID-19 cases than other Midwest states, Dr. Bill Powderly discusses possible reasons why.

Hospitals Report The Worst Of The Pandemic’s Third Wave Is Over
USA Today | 3/09/21
Karen Joynt-Maddox, MD, MPH, says the recent COVID-19 case numbers are “very encouraging”. Read more about what positive effects this will have on hospitals in the near future.

St. Louis Symphony Will Return To Powell Hall For Modified Spring Season
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/09/21
Drs. Stephen Liang and Abigail Carlson advised the reopening of Powell Hall amidst the pandemic by conducting a study on airflow onstage. Find out more here.

How COVID-19 Will Change Mental Health Care In The Future
HuffPost | 3/08/21
Considering that the pandemic has touched everyone in some capacity, Dr. Jessi Gold highlights the ways in which this will positively impact future conversations about mental health and mental health care.

What Is Fluvoxamine? OCD Drug Could Be Used to Treat COVID
NewsWeek | 3/08/21
Eric Lenze, MD, is mentioned here for leading a study about fluvoxamine’s ability to treat COVID.

A 300-Year-Old Tale Of One Woman’s Quest To Stop A Deadly Virus
NPR | 3/08/21
Dr. Michael Kinch comments on an old Ottoman technique to prevent viruses.

“We Need To Concentrate On Getting The Vaccine In As Many Arms As Possible”: St. Louis Experts Discuss The Road To Herd Immunity
St. Louis Magazine | 3/05/21
As vaccine access expands, Dr. Steven Lawrence explains what the road ahead could look like for vaccinated individuals.

Vaccine Envy Is Real. Here’s How To Deal With It In A Healthy Way.
HuffPost | 3/04/21
As access to COVID-19 vaccination is proving to be elusive for many, Dr. Jessi Gold offers some tips on dealing with the subsequent emotions.

‘When Can I Visit My Family?’: An Infectious-Disease Doctor Answers 5 Major Questions About Post-Vaccine Life
Vogue | 3/04/21
Dharushana Muthulingam, M.D., M.S., answers questions about what a safe post-vaccination life and social life can look like.

WashU Study Provides Hope To COVID ‘Long Haulers’ Who Haven’t Regained Sense Of Smell
KMOV 4 | 3/04/21
A study led by Dr. Jay Piccirillo seeks to find relief for COVID long haulers dealing with long term loss of smell.

Pediatricians On Alert: Childhood Vaccinations Decline At Alarming Rate
KSDK 5 | 3/02/21
As children miss doctor’s appointments and school due to COVID-19, they’re also missing important vaccinations for serious diseases like measles. Dr. Jason Newland speaks about the implications.

Study of Over 600,000 Women Shows Almost Half Are Getting The Wrong UTI Treatment
Science Alert | 3/02/21
Anne Mobley Butler, PhD, MS, discusses the implications of inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for urinary tract infections.

Many Women Getting Wrong Antibiotics to Treat a UTI: Study
U.S. News | 3/01/21
Anne Mobley Butler, PhD, MS, discusses the implications of inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for urinary tract infections.

Building Equity
St. Louis Magazine | 3/01/21
Learn about Health Equity Works, an initiative led by Dr. Jason Purnell that aims to explore how data can “help drive meaningful change in the community”.