Faculty Scholars in the News: COVID-19

The following media coverage on COVID-19 features Institute for Public Health Faculty Scholars.

Doctors Debunk The Top 5 Covid-19 Vaccine Myths
KSDK 5 | 7/15/21
Jason Newland, MD, MEd, and others contribute to the myth debunking here.

The COVID-19 Symptoms Doctors Are Seeing The Most Right Now
HuffPost | 7/15/21
Institute for Public Health Director Bill Powderly, MD weighs in on the COVID-19 symptoms doctors are seeing with the current variant strain.

Can Vaccinated People Get Long Covid? Doctors Say Risk Is ‘Very, Very Small’
NBC News | 7/15/21
As breakthrough COVD-19 cases increase, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly shares his research on long haul experiences.

Coalition Says Health Workers Should Be Required To Get Coronavirus Vaccine
The Washington Post | 7/13/21
Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, discusses guidelines she co-wrote which can support organizations that require mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare employment.

US Covid-19 Cases Rising Again, Doubling Over Three Weeks
AP News | 7/13/21
The Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute for Public Health, Bill Powderly, MD, mentions the impact that the July 4th weekend had on rising COVID-19 numbers.

Concerns About Unreported Child Abuse Loom Large Despite Easing Covid Restrictions
CNN Politics | 7/10/21
Experts say that the return of school as an opportunity to uncover child abuse instances gone unreported during the pandemic, Dr. Melissa Jonson-Reid how the data is assessed is critical.

St. Louis Health Leaders Ask Everyone To Return To Using A Mask Indoors, But Few Signs Change
KSDK 5| 7/03/21
Dr. Steven Lawrence says that it might be wise for indoor facilities to advise everyone to wear a mask instead of relying on the vaccination honor system, which hasn’t been successful.

What Does The Missouri Spike In Covid-19 Cases Mean For The St. Louis Area?
KSDK 5 | 6/25/21
As we come up against the Delta variant, Dr. Jason Newland shares that aging is becoming less of a predictor in who will end up in the ICU.

Drugmakers Broaden Pitch for Covid Therapy as Case Rate Slows
Bloomberg | 6/23/21
Alfred Kim, MD, PhD, describes why their possible ineffectiveness against new strains has caused a loss of public confidence in some COVID therapy drugs.

As Iowa Opens Up, COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Continue To Slow
Iowa Public Radio | 6/22/21
Dr. Elvin Geng explains why lottery incentives for vaccination can be ineffective in persuading reluctant people to get vaccinated.

Dual-Antibody Drugs Effective Against Covid-19 Variants In Animal Study
Reuters | 6/21/21
A WashU animal study co-authored by Dr. Jacco Boon finds that COVID-19 therapies made from two kinds of antibodies is “effective against a wide range of variants of the coronavirus”. Learn more here.

Struggling Hospitals Could Explain Why So Many Black Patients Have Died Of COVID-19
Buzzfeed News | 6/17/21
Dr. Karen Joynt- Maddox explains how current treatment of black patients, as well as hospital options both play a part in poor health outcomes.

These Companies Want To Quell The Rising Kids’ Mental Health Crisis
Fast Company | 6/16/21
As students push through the pandemic and can show symptoms of depression without being clinically depressed, Dr. Jessi Gold describes what we can do to help.

Parson Signs Law Limiting Power Of Local Officials To Issue Emergency Health Orders
STL NPR | 6/15/21
Dr. Elvin Geng expresses the importance of local control during public health emergencies.

Extra Covid Vaccine May Help Protect Transplant Patients
AP News | 6/14/21
Dr. Alfred Kim is mentioned here providing insight on how the immune-suppressed can benefit from an extra dose of vaccine.

The Cure For Pandemic Loneliness? Friends Of A Different Generation.
Washington Post | 6/03/21
Research by Nancy Morrow-Howell PhD, MSW is mentioned here illustrating the many benefits of intergenerational friendships and volunteering in older age.

Covid Surge In North Missouri Creates Worries For Summer As Vaccinations Decline
Missouri Independent | 5/28/21
Institute for Public Health director Dr. Bill Powderly talks about why a surge is especially worrisome in the affected northern counties.

Watch: How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health As The World Returns To ‘Normal’
PBS Newshour | 5/28/21
As some aspects of our world begin to look more like they did before the pandemic, Dr. Jessi Gold and others answer questions about taking care of your mental health amidst this period of change.

Can’t Smell Or Taste After Covid-19? ‘Olfactory Training’ Could Help
CTV News | 5/13/21
Dr. Jay Piccirillo describes olfactory training for those experiencing a long term loss of smell or taste due to COVID-19.

St. Louis Parents Weigh Vaccinating Young Teens Following Federal Approval
St. Louis Public Radio | 5/12/21
As young teens become approved for vaccination, Dr. Hilary Babcock recognizes that because parental consent is required, vaccination patterns will likely align with those of adults.

Encouraging Construction Workers To Get The Covid Vaccine
Fox 2 Now | 5/12/21
Dr. Ann Marie Dale is one of many who recognize the positive impact a new website could have on vaccine hesitancy, especially construction workers, one particularly reluctant population.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Fog Caused By The COVID-19 Pandemic
HuffPost | 5/11/21
Jessi Gold, MD, MS, provides advice on how to shake persistent pandemic brain fog.

Experts Weigh In On Teens Getting The Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
Fox 2 Now | 5/11/21
As 12-15 year olds become approved for the Pfizer vaccine, Dr. Jason Newland discusses studies proving its effectiveness for that age group.

CDC Limits Review of Vaccinated but Infected; Draws Concern
Bloomberg | 5/09/21
Dr. Michael Kinch expresses the importance of still tracking data on infections that don’t lead to hospitalizations.

As The Covid-19 Crisis Ebbs In The U.S., Experts Brace For Some To Experience Psychological Fallout 
STAT | 5/07/21
Here, Jessi Gold, MD, MS, explains how crucial it is to invest in mental health resources for healthcare workers.

Lack Of Covid-19 Testing In St. Louis County Could Affect Its Positivity Rate
KSDK 5 | 4/28/21
Dr. Bill Powderly says a slow-down in testing is occurring amidst a rate of infections that hasn’t slowed down since February.

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis Plans Return of In-Person Shows
Riverfront Times | 4/27/21
As live theatre makes a comeback, a safety plan co-authored by Dr. Stephen Liang is in place.

Covid-19 Vaccines May Protect Many, But Not All, People With Suppressed Immune Systems
Science Magazine | 4/27/21
Dr. Alfred Kim acknowledges the fear and confusion patients with suppressed immune systems have around the vaccine.

Biden Has Delivered Vaccines. Now The Hard Part — Getting People To Get Them.
The Washington Post | 4/27/21
Mati Hlatshwayo- Davis, MD, MPH, comments on the impact that the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by the Biden Administration might have had on communities of color.

5 Million Americans Have Missed 2nd Covid-19 Vaccine Dose, CDC Data Shows
KSDK 5 | 4/26/21
Dr. Hilary Babcock reminds everyone that you are not considered fully vaccinated with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines until you have had both doses and two weeks have passed since the second shot.

Local Doctors Push Covid-19 Vaccinations Amidst Rising Hospitalization Numbers
KMOV 4 | 4/22/21
Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, discusses the race between increasing vaccination rates and COVID-19 variants infiltrating St. Louis communities.

Patients With Long Covid Face Lingering Worrisome Health Risks, Study Finds
New York Times | 4/22/21
A study, which was partially funded by the Institute for Public Health and co-authored by Faculty Scholar, Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, examines which COVID-19 patients had the most complications long-term. The study is featured in the New York Times: https://nyti.ms/2SjG5B1.

WashU Part Of Nationwide Vaccine Study For Children As Parents Await Clearance For Kids’ COVID-19 Doses
KMOV 4 | 4/22/21
Dr. Jason Newland comments on this study and on the percentage of new COVID-19 cases among children.

Lost Taste And Smell From COVID-19? A New Cookbook Aims To Help
ABC News | 4/17/21
A new cookbook could aid those who’ve lost taste and smell to COVID-19. Dr. Jay Piccirillo’s  study on these side effects is mentioned for here.

Autoimmune-disease Drugs May Reduce Vaccine Response; Antibody Treatments Ineffective Vs Brazil Variant
Reuters | 4/12/21
Dr. Alfred Kim
discusses what he has observed so far in those taking immunosuppressive drugs and the COVID-19 vaccine.

More Women Than Men Are Getting COVID Vaccines
Scientific American | 4/12/21
Elvin Geng, MD, MPH, comments on why it could be that more women are getting vaccinated than men.

Older Teenagers Now Eligible For Vaccines in St. Louis Area
St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 4/10/21
As the vaccine becomes available for teens, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses how that could intersect with vaccine hesitancy in Black communities.

The Pandemic Is Improving. Why Are You Still So Miserable?
Elemental | 4/07/21
If you’re feeling like improvements in the pandemic aren’t reflected in improvements in your life, Dr. Jessi Gold offers some advice and words about the timeline of healing here.

COVID Testing Blitz Undermined Screening, Fight Against STDs
AP News | 4/07/21
Dr. Hilary Reno calls for people to return to STD screenings after months of testing declines due to COVID-19.

Nearly Half Of New US Virus Infections Are in Just 5 States
AP News | 4/06/21

As a high number of COVID cases remain concentrated in a handful of states, Dr. Elvin Geng comments on how to approach distributing vaccines.

Lessons From The Past: Protecting Women And Girls From Violence During Covid-19
The Conversation | 4/05/21
Amidst the pandemic, women and girls who were already experiencing reduced safety due to conflict or displacement, have been especially vulnerable to violence. Read this piece authored by Dr. Lindsay Stark on ways we can address this issue.

WashU Study Identifies Groups Most Impacted In Pandemic Recession
KSDK-TV | 4/01/21
Dr. Steven Fazzari has co-authored a study, mentioned here, that highlights how the recession was especially difficult for specific communities

There’s an Unexpected Side Effect Hitting Some COVID-19 Survivors: Hair Loss
Cosmopolitan | 4/01/21
As many COVID-19 survivors experience hair loss, Dr. Jessi Gold speaks about why this side effect may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Wash U Doctor Explains Results Of Real World Vaccine Trial; ‘Turning Fatal Virus Into Common Cold’
KMOV4 | 3/31/21
As clinical trials show vaccine effectiveness, Dr. Jason Newland discusses a recent study showing that of the few patients who still develop the virus, none have experienced severe symptoms.

Missourians Are Still Heading To The Country To Find A Vaccine
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/29/21
Tim McBride, PhD, MS,
says that supply and demand for the vaccine won’t likely even out for at least a few weeks.

More Than 10,000 Kids Registered For Local Covid-19 Vaccine Trial
KMOX | 3/23/21
Dr. Jason Newland is mentioned here for heading WashU’s COVID-19 vaccine trial for local children.

The Next New Normal: What Health Measures Are Here To Stay, And What Will End With The Pandemic
KSDK 5 | 3/23/21
As we begin to imagine an ending to the pandemic, Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses what “forever changes” experts say could be implemented.

More Patients Take Anti-Depressant to Beat COVID Symptoms
NBC 4 | 3/22/21
After its successful trials, Caline Mattar, MD, hopes that a larger study can be conducted to further prove the antidepressant Fluvoxamine is an effective treatment for COVID-19 symptoms.

What To Know About So-Called Post Pandemic Stress Disorder
HuffPost | 3/21/21
Dr. Jessi Gold discusses the levels of trauma experienced during the pandemic.

Study Finds Low Virus Spread in Schools; Taxes Due in May
U.S. News | 3/19/21
Dr. Jason Newland explains new study findings showing that COVID-19 transmission in schools was low even while cases were high.

It Could Take Another Year Until Missouri Reaches Herd Immunity
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/18/21
Dr. Mary Politi is mentioned in this article speaking about COVID-19 vaccination becoming more normalized.

Drop In Virus Testing Prompts Missouri Officials To Emphasize Its Importance
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/18/21
Dr. Bill Powderly explains why it is crucial to continuously test people for Covid-19.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Risk Is Not Concerning, Appears More Politically Motivated’: Doctor
Yahoo News | 3/17/21
After more than a dozen countries in the European Union suspended the distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Mati Hlatshwayo Davis MD, MPH, explains possible motives behind the decision.

Young Athletes Eager To Get Back To Spring Sports Accept COVID Safety Measures
USA Today | 3/16/21
As spring sports step back into the spotlight, Dr. Jason Newland talks about how sports can be COVID-safe.

Watch Now: Dr. Hilary Babcock Discusses Why Coronavirus Cases Have Dropped Dramatically Since The Start Of The Year
St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 3/15/21
Hear what Dr. Hilary Babcock has to say about the decrease in 2021 Covid-19 cases.

Ask The Expert: One Year of COVID-What’s Next?
KMOV 4 | 3/15/21
Listen to Dr. Hilary Babcock’s look back at the year of COVID-19.

Why Experts Say It’s Especially Important For Heart Patients To Get A Coronavirus Vaccine
Washington Post | 3/13/21
Thomas Maddox, MD, MSc, discusses the impact of vaccination on people with cardiac conditions.

COVID Survivors Hope Experimental Therapy Will Help Them Learn To Smell Again
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/10/21
Dr. Jay Piccirillo is mentioned here for a study he is leading in the hopes of finding a treatment for COVID survivors unable to smell.

Slow Vaccine Rollout Stunts Widespread Immunity. But Will The Hope Of More Doses Change That?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/09/21
Dr. Elvin Geng discusses goals toward reaching herd immunity and ultimately containing Covid-19.

‘Balanced Approach’: Parson Says His Coronavirus Policies Worked; Others Say More Could Have Been Done
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/10/21
As Missouri sees a lower number of COVID-19 cases than other Midwest states, Dr. Bill Powderly discusses possible reasons why.

Hospitals Report The Worst Of The Pandemic’s Third Wave Is Over
USA Today | 3/09/21
Karen Joynt-Maddox, MD, MPH, says the recent COVID-19 case numbers are “very encouraging”. Read more about what positive effects this will have on hospitals in the near future.

St. Louis Symphony Will Return To Powell Hall For Modified Spring Season
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/09/21
Drs. Stephen Liang and Abigail Carlson advised the reopening of Powell Hall amidst the pandemic by conducting a study on airflow onstage. Find out more here.

How COVID-19 Will Change Mental Health Care In The Future
HuffPost | 3/08/21
Considering that the pandemic has touched everyone in some capacity, Dr. Jessi Gold highlights the ways in which this will positively impact future conversations about mental health and mental health care.

What Is Fluvoxamine? OCD Drug Could Be Used to Treat COVID
NewsWeek | 3/08/21
Eric Lenze, MD, is mentioned here for leading a study about fluvoxamine’s ability to treat COVID.

“We Need To Concentrate On Getting The Vaccine In As Many Arms As Possible”: St. Louis Experts Discuss The Road To Herd Immunity
St. Louis Magazine | 3/05/21
As vaccine access expands, Dr. Steven Lawrence explains what the road ahead could look like for vaccinated individuals.

Vaccine Envy Is Real. Here’s How To Deal With It In A Healthy Way.
HuffPost | 3/04/21
As access to COVID-19 vaccination is proving to be elusive for many, Dr. Jessi Gold offers some tips on dealing with the subsequent emotions.

‘When Can I Visit My Family?’: An Infectious-Disease Doctor Answers 5 Major Questions About Post-Vaccine Life
Vogue | 3/04/21
Dharushana Muthulingam, M.D., M.S., answers questions about what a safe post-vaccination life and social life can look like.

WashU Study Provides Hope To COVID ‘Long Haulers’ Who Haven’t Regained Sense Of Smell
KMOV 4 | 3/04/21
A study led by Dr. Jay Piccirillo seeks to find relief for COVID long haulers dealing with long term loss of smell.

My Family Is Still Being Careful About COVID-19. Why Does It Feel Like We’re the Only Ones? 
Time | 2/25/21
Feeling frustrated with others who seem to be less careful about the pandemic? Jessi Gold, MD, MS, provides some suggestions to protect your peace amidst vacation photos and party announcements.

Why COVID Cases Are Dropping In St. Louis And Beyond
KSDK 5 | 2/24/21
Wondering why COVID numbers are dropping in St. Louis? Dr. Jason Newland explains.

Why Have Some States Fared Better Than Others With Vaccine Distribution?
NBC News | 2/24/21
As many wonder why their state’s vaccine rollout is at a slow crawl compared to others’, Dr. Michael Kinch points out a correlation between vaccine distribution and a state’s overall approach to the pandemic.

More Than 20 Percent Of Couples Have Grown Closer During The Pandemic, Yahoo/Yougov Poll Finds
Yahoo | 2/17/21
Many predictions of increased rates of breakups and divorces due to the pandemic seem to be null and void. Dr. Jessi Gold comments.

Pediatricians, Practice Administrators Share Lessons Learned During Pandemic
AAP News | 2/17/21
Here, Deepa Mokshagundam, M.D., urges pediatricians to use their knowledge to influence public policy.

Vaccinated People Can Skip The Quarantine, CDC Says
KSDK 5 | 2/12/21
Dr. Jason Newland describes the ways that vaccinated people can interact with others safely.

Rise of Variants Sparks Push for All-in-One Covid Vaccines
Bloomberg | 2/12/21
Dr. Michael Kinch explains the real reasons why vaccine experts are concerned about new COVID-19 variations’ relation to vaccines.

Can You And Your Friends Form A ‘Vaccine Bubble’ After Getting The Shot?
KSDK 5 | 2/12/21
Are you considering forming a “vaccine bubble”? Michael Kinch, PhD, discusses why this isn’t a foolproof idea.

Kids Are Shooting Hoops With Rolled Up Socks, But Pandemic Phys Ed Is Not Cancelled
The Hechinger Report | 2/12/21
A study by Ruopeng An, PhD, is mentioned here in relation to the correlation between obesity rates in children and the length of school closures.

Antidepressant May Help Avoid Serious COVID Illness
WebMD | 2/03/21
Dr. Caline Mattar says that an anti-depressant pill may have success in preventing serious lung issues fromCOVID-19 patients.

Tiktokers Are Eating Burnt Oranges To Regain Taste And Smell Lost To Covid-19, But It Probably Won’t Work
Insider | 2/01/21
Jay Piccirillo, MD, explains why viral remedies to regain sense of smell and taste after losing them due to COVID-19 are probably ineffective.

Common Anti-Depressant Pill Shows Promise In Fighting COVID-19
NBC 4 | 2/01/21
Dr. Caline Mattar says that the anti-depressant pill seems to have success in preventing serious lung issues in COVID-19

Infertility, Bad Side Effects, And More: St. Louis Doctors Debunk The Covid-19 Vaccine Myths
St. Louis Magazine | 2/01/21
Dr. Hilary Babcock dispels some myths circulating about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Millions Of Covid-19 Survivors Have Lost Senses Of Smell And Taste. Researchers Don’t Know If They’ll Come Back
USA Today | 1/31/21
Dr. Jay Piccirillo discusses what experts know so far about loss of sense of smell and test caused by COVID-19.

What You Need To Double-Mask Effectively
Vogue | 1/29/21
Dharushana Muthulingam, MD, MS, describes which combination of masks has similar efficacy to N-95 masks for preventing transmission of COVID-19.

No, It’s Not In Your Head, the Pandemic Really Is Aging Us Faster
InStyle | 1/28/21
Have you felt like you’re aging faster during the pandemic? Jessi Gold, MD, MS, describes anxiety’s role.

Mass Vaccination Sites Seek To Inoculate 18,000 In One Day
AP News | 1/28/21
Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, talks about the need to push mass vaccination efforts along.

What’s Being Done To Treat Covid-Related Loss of Smell?
KCM radio/TV?| 1/28/21
Jay Piccirillo, MD, discusses rates of diminished sense of smell among COVID patients and finding effective treatments.

Should You Double Mask Against Covid-19? St. Louis Health Experts Weigh In
KSDK-TV | 1/27/21
As many turn to double-masking as a safety precaution, Dr. Hilary Babcock explains the benefits.

Answers to All Your Questions About Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19
The New York Times | 1/27/21
Dr. Alfred Kim is mentioned in this article about vaccine dissemination, safety and more.

The Emotional Strain Of The Pandemic Is Taking Its Toll On Kansas Health Care Workers 
KCUR | 1/26/21
Jessi Gold, MD, MS, explains healthcare workers’ hesitancy to seek mental health treatment and how hospitals can combat that amidst COVID-19.

St. Louis Experts Weigh In On Why Missouri And Illinois Rank Near Bottom Of Covid-19 Vaccinations
KSDK 5 | 1/25/21
With Missouri ranking dead last in vaccine rollout, Michael Kinch, PhD weighs in on possible solutions.

Experts Say Vaccine Campaign Needs To Speed Up In Missouri
AP News | 1/242/21
Dr. Steven Lawrence expresses a need for increased rollout of vaccines in MO as soon as possible.

‘My 81-year-old Dad Would Have Never Figured This Out:’ Inside America’s Vaccine Sign-Up Process
CNN | 1/22/21
As the vaccine sign-up process finds its way to online platforms, Director of the Friedman Center for Aging Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell mentions how inaccessible these platforms can be for those most vulnerable.

Missouri Not Vaccinating Quickly Enough to Curb Vaccine by Summer. “We Need Speed,” Doctor Says
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 1/22/21
Drs. Steven Lawrence, Elvin Geng and Stephen Liang are quoted in this article pushing for faster vaccine rollout.

Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, Infectious Disease Physician, Discusses HIV, COVID-19, Systematic Racism
The St. Louis American | 1/22/21
Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, MD, MPH, discusses her drive for becoming an infectious disease expert along with how she approaches her work as a new mother and a black woman.

St. Louis Doctors Say Irregular Coronavirus Vaccine Shipments Hinder Vaccination Plans
St. Louis Public Radio | 1/21/21

Dr. Hilary Babcock explains that planning for large-scale vaccinations has been hard when vaccine shipments have changed week-to-week.

Why Kids Might Be Key to Reaching Herd Immunity
The Atlantic | 1/21/21
Carol Kao, MD, speaks about Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trial strategy for kids.

UK Variation of COVID-19 Not Detected In Missouri – Yet
MissouriNet | 1/21/21
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses the current reach of the UK variation of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Amid COVID-19, Public Health Workers Face Intense Pressure And Backlash
WOSU Radio | 1/19/21
Those who most often disseminate public health information about COVID-19 and related restrictions, they also have become the targets of misplaced anger according to Dr. Jessi Gold.

Should Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine?
St. Louis Magazine | 1/19/21
Ebony Boyce Carter, MD, MPH, weighs in on this popular topic.

What to Know About Vaccine-Linked Deaths, Allergies
Bloomberg | 1/18/21
Dr. Michael Kinch discusses the reported cases of anaphylactic reactions to coronavirus vaccine.

An Easy Plan for Beating the Winter Blues
Consumer Reports | 1/18/21
Read some advice from Brian Carpenter, PhD on how to lift your spirits during this interesting time.

Trump Admin Enlists Private Firm To Review Some Covid-19 Tests
Politico | 1/17/21
Rachel Sachs, JD, MPH, explains the implications of the administration’s move to bypass the FDA.

Warning Signs You Have COVID Now, According to the Mayo Clinic
Eat This | 1/15/21
With a loss of taste being a common initial symptom of COVID-19 infection, Dr. Jay Piccirillo discusses other warning signs.

‘Deaths Of Despair’ During Covid-19 Have Risen Significantly In 2020, New Research Says
MarketWatch | 1/15/21
Jessi Gold, MD, MS is mentioned in this article about “deaths of despair”, which include deaths by suicide and drug and alcohol overdose, during COVID-19.

Treating Mild Covid-19 At Home: What You Should Eat, Drink, And Monitor
St. Louis Magazine | 1/14/21
Needs tips on how to treat mild COVID-19 symptoms? Check out this advice from Steven Lawrence, MD, MSc. 

Researchers Test Common Drugs In Quest for Treatments for Early COVID-19

Boston Globe | 1/14/21

Dr. Eric Lenze discusses fluvoxamine, an antidepressant and reported treatment for COVID-19 symptoms.

Dr. Michael Kinch: Endemic, Not a Pandemic
KTRS | 1/14/21
Michael Kinch, PhD offers discussion on pandemic history and the state of the current one.

Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction
CNN | 1/13/21
Dr. Jessi Gold speaks on COVID-19’s toll on healthcare workers’ mental health.

Therapists Donate Their Time to Counsel Distressed Health Care Workers
JAMA Network | 1/13/21
In this piece about The Emotional PPE Project, Dr. Jessi Gold discusses the relationship between healthcare workers and mental health services.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 At-Home Testing
Vogue | 1/12/21
As new at-home COVID-19 tests that are both administered and resulted at home become available, Dr. Dharushana Muthulingam provides us with some necessary information.

Doctors Test Popular Anti-depressant To See If It Fights Off Covid-19
CNN | 1/11/21
Eric Lenze, MD comments on the progress of clinical trials that test the effects of anti-inflammatory properties in antidepressants on COVID-19 symptoms.

Missouri Flu Numbers Remain Low, Easing Fears Of ‘Twindemic’ Crowding Hospitals
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 1/10/21
Thankfully, low flu infection numbers have prevented past fears of a “twindemic” from coming to fruition. Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses.

Health Care Providers Say Some Employees Are Reluctant To Get Covid-19 Vaccine
KSDK 5 | 1/10/21
After receiving both doses of the vaccine, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis describes why she felt that the risks and benefits of getting the vaccine were worth it for her and her family.

Study: Pfizer Vaccine Appears to Be Effective Against New Strains

CNN | 1/09/21
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo- Davis appeared on CNN discussing the implications of a study indicating that the Pfizer vaccine seems to be

Health Leaders Thankful Flu in Check During COVID-19 Crisis
U.S. News | 1/08/21
Thankfully, low flu infection numbers have prevented past fears of a “twindemic” from coming to fruition. Dr. Hilary Babcock mentions how COVID restrictions led to this.

Coronavirus: How Will The Vaccine Advances Of 2020 Alter The Pandemic Path In 2021?
South China Morning Post | 1/08/21
Michael Kinch, PhD,  discusses what conditions would need to be met for a vaccine to end the pandemic.

Pritzker Calls For Faster Vaccine Rollout As Illinois Surpasses 1 Million COVID-19 Cases
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 1/07/21
Elvin Geng, MD, MPH, explains what condition the St.Louis area is in right now in terms of COVID-19 cases and management.

Fauci Strikes Hopeful Tone in Speech to Missouri University
U.S. News | 1/07/21
Learn what Dr. Anthony Fauci had to say about COVID-19 vaccines when he recently spoke at Washington University’s Grand Rounds forum.

What You Need to Know About Allergic Reactions to Covid Vaccines
Bloomberg | 1/06/21
Faculty Scholar, Dr. Michael Kinch discusses the nature of recent COVID-19 vaccine reactions.

PUMPING IRONY: Crisis Competence
Experience Life | 1/06/21
Dr. Brian Carpenter elaborates on older adults who are expanding their networks and defying ageist expectations during the pandemic.

Some Florida Counties Turned To Eventbrite To Distribute Vaccines. Then The Fraudulent Listings Came
CNN | 1/06/21
As registration for COVID-19 vaccination migrates to online platforms, Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell explains that this may not work for all patients.

Hitting The Gym Safely In 2021
KSDK 5 | 1/05/21
Dr. Jason Newland offers tips for avoiding germs at the gym.

How Luke Letlow’s Covid-19 Case Likely Led To A Heart Attack And His Death
Fox News | 1/05/21
Tom Maddox, MD, MSc is mentioned here describing what steps can be taken in the event of life-threatening blood clots caused by COVID-19.

If You Have Had Covid-19, Should You Still Wear A Mask And Get Vaccinated?
MissouriNet | 1/05/21
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis gives expert opinion on protecting yourself and others even if you have already had COVID-19.

Weed and Seven Benadryl: The Wild Lengths COVID Docs Are Taking to Get Sleep
Daily Beast | 1/03/21
Healthcare workers may be struggling with insomnia and sleep disorders because of work stress caused by the pandemic. Dr. Jessi Gold elaborates.

In Graying Italy, the Old Defy Biases Laid Bare by Pandemic

U.S. News | 1/02/21
Friedman Center for Aging Director, Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell speaks about ageism in this article about aging adults defying biases seemingly amplified by the pandemic.

The Silver Linings of 2020
InStyle | 12/30/20
Read this piece by Dr. Jessi Gold about how your multitude of feelings about 2020 can exist without diminishing others.

Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us
The Atlantic | 12/29/20
Within this article conjecturing about what will come in year two of the pandemic, Dr. Jessi Gold describes the feelings of hopelessness we seem to be continuing the pandemic holding.

5 Times Deadlier Than Flu, COVID-19 Has Risk Of Long-Term Effects, St. Louis VA Study Finds
St. Louis Public Radio | 12/28/20
Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly discusses how jarring it has been finding a great variety of long-term effects arising in COVID-19 patients he’s treated.

Fact Check: Burnt Oranges, Brown Sugar Won’t Restore Senses Lost To COVID-19
USA Today | 12/27/20
Several social media users who’ve had COVID-19 claim burnt oranges with brown sugar restored senses, but experts say there’s no evidence it does. Researchers, including Dr. Jay F. Piccirillo, are planning a clinical trial to see if smell-training therapy is a viable treatment.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is An ‘Important Tool’ In A ‘Much Larger Toolbox’: Doctor
Yahoo Finance | 12/22/20
As news of a new COVID-19 strain worried many, Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis, MD, MPH puts the discovery into context.

I’m A Scientist. I Can’t Even Get My Own Family And Friends To Follow COVID-19 Rules.
HuffPost | 12/21/20
Dr. Beth Prusaczyk describes what it feels like to be a scientist following COVID-19 guidelines while family and friends disregard them.

Restaurants’ Anger Over Outdoor Dining Bans Reaches A Boiling Point
Restaurant Business | 12/20/20
As many restaurants are told to shut down outdoor dining, Faculty Scholar, Brent Williams, PhD explains that, while safer than indoor dining, there are still risks.

Coronavirus Vaccines Will Save 2021? Not So Fast, Here’s What The Experts Think
South China Morning Post | 12/19/20
Public health experts, including Dr. Michael Kinch, reflect on 12 months of a pandemic and the tough journey that lies ahead for 2021.

Some U.S. States Say Feds Cutting Vaccine Allocations by 40%
Bloomberg | 12/18/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses vaccine allocations to states being cut below what was once expected.

5 Critical Things Disease Experts Got Right About COVID
Mashable | 12/15/20
Dr. Michael Kinch comments on 5 critical things disease experts got right about COVID-19.

Knowing The Past Is Important To Understand Minority Hesitancy Over COVID Vaccine
Fox 2 Now | 12/14/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis explains why it is essential to understand the history behind minority mistrust of medical treatment to understand why many are wary of a COVID vaccine.

Plexiglass In Schools: A Placebo Or Protector? Experts Sound The Alarm
Post and Courier | 12/14/20
Dr. Pratim Biswas describes why plexiglass dividers in schools are “absolutely” placebos.

With Coronavirus Vaccine Coming To LI, A Challenge: Winning Over Skeptics
Newsday | 12/14/20
Dr. Michael Kinch expresses how the success of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine clinical trials should curb skepticism for some.

St. Louis Doctor Explains Next Steps After FDA Panel Approves Pfizer Vaccine
KSDK 5 | 12/12/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock explains the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine.

‘This Is Really Great News’ | St. Louis Health Officials React To The First COVID-19 Vaccine Approval
KSDK 5 | 12/11/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence says that the vaccine is just the thing needed to turn the tide of the pandemic.

Taylor Swift Dropped Two Albums This Year. Productivity Is One Way To Cope With The Pandemic — It Doesn’t Have To Be Yours.
The Lily | 12/11/20
Feeling like your productivity levels during social distancing are low? Dr. Jessi Gold explains why you may feel this way.

In A Difficult Season, ‘A Christmas Carol’ Takes New Forms To Fit A Pandemic
St. Louis Public Radio | 12/10/20

Rebecca Messbarger, PhD comments on how creative and COVID-19-safe adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” in St. Louis are providing normalcy, comfort, and tradition we seek this season.

St. Louis Health Officials Face An Uphill Battle To Persuade Black People To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine
St. Louis Public Radio | 12/10/20
Vaccine mistrust amongst some Black St. Louis residents is causing concern for health officials. Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo- Davis describes why the mistrust exists and promotes the benefits the vaccine will have for black residents, who are disproportionately at-risk for COVID-19.

How To Plan Your Holiday Gatherings During Covid-19
KSDK 5 | 12/09/20
Trying to plan a safe holiday? Dr. Jason Newland discusses how to approach holiday planning in 2020.

7-day Moving Average Of Covid-19 Hospitalizations Down In St. Louis
KSDK 5 | 12/07/20
As reported COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in St. Louis are at a slight decrease, Dr. Jason Newland discusses whether or not this is a trend towards less spread.

Let’s Get Back Together
The Boston Globe | 12/06/20
As remote activities continue, Jessi Gold MD, MS, discusses associated slow-burn mental health issues.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Promised a Flood of COVID Vaccines. Instead, States Are Expecting A Trickle
The Washington Post | 12/05/20
Professor Rachel Sachs discusses what companies face as they consider COVID-19 vaccine production.

How to Earn Trust in a Coronavirus Vaccine
WNYC Studios | 12/04/20
As vaccine mistrust continues to be voiced, experts including Dr. Michael Kinch discuss what it takes to earn trust in a coronavirus vaccine.

CDC Coming To Study St. Louis Schools To Track COVID-19 Transmission
KMOV 4 | 12/04/20
Dr. Jason Newland describes the CDC’s goals for studying St. Louis schools and tracking COVID-19 transmission.

Trump To FDA: Why Is Europe Beating Us On Vaccine?
Politico | 12/02/20
Rachel Sachs discusses how White House officials are handling the race to a vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are ‘Definitely Light At The End Of The Tunnel’: Doctor
Yahoo Finance | 12/01/20
As high numbers of COVID cases and deaths continue, Dr. Hilary Babcock discusses how a vaccine could lead to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Covid Combat Fatigue: ‘I Would Come Home With Tears in My Eyes’
The New York Times | 11/25/20
As Covid fatigue deepens and public appreciation for healthcare workers seems to dim, Dr. Jessi Gold comments on the experiences of healthcare workers near a breaking point.

Ranking Holiday Season Activities For Covid-19 Safety
KSDK 5 | 11/25/20
Check out this list ranking a variety of holiday season activities from lowest COVID-19 risk to highest to help inform your choices this year! Faculty Scholar, Jason Newland, MD, MEd also comments.

Majority Of St. Louis County Residents Still Susceptible To COVID-19
St. Louis Public Radio | 11/24/20
Dr. Elvin Geng discusses findings of a St. Louis County survey led by the Institute that show most STL County residents have no COVID-19 antibodies.

Only About 5 Percent Of St. Louis County Residents Have Covid-19 Antibodies, Report Health Department, Wash. U.
St. Louis Magazine | 11/23/20
Dr. Elvin Geng discusses a discovery from a St. Louis County survey led by the Institute that only about 5% of STL County resident have COVID-19 antibodies and how this might affect the current surge.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis on Al-Jazeera
Al-Jazeera | 11/23/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis discusses the potential dangers of Thanksgiving travel this season.

Opinion | If You’re Following Covid-19 Guidelines, You Need To Speak Up
The Southern Illinoisan | 11/20/20
Beth Prusaczyk, PhD, writes about the importance of speaking up around family and friends, even when it’s uncomfortable, about following COVID-19 safety precautions.

Town Hall: COVID-19 Clinical Vaccine Trials and the Black Community- Facts and Fallacies
The Links | 11/19/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis joins the COVID-19 conversation on vaccine clinical trials and the black community.

If You Get A Negative Covid-19 Test This Weekend That Doesn’t Mean You Should Travel, Health Expert Says
KSDK 5 | 11/19/20
Does a negative COVID-19 test mean you’re all set for travel? Dr. Steven Lawrence says that is not the case.

A Doctor Answers All Your Questions About the New COVID-19 Self-Testing Kit
Vogue | 11/19/20
After the FDA’s approval of the first COVID-19 at-home self-testing kit, Dr. Dharushana Muthulingam answers questions.

CDC Says College Students Going Home For Thanksgiving Raise Risks
Newsy | 11/19/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis discusses college student travel risks and whether a negative test result means safety.

‘My Coping Skills As A Therapist in 2020: Fail, Fail Again And Then Keep Trying’
Newsweek | 11/18/20
As therapists survive a pandemic while taking on the burdens of clients also surviving a pandemic, therapist Dr. Jessi Gold shares the coping skills she has developed.

Doctors: Health Care Workers Are Experiencing More Than Covid-19 Burnout 
CNN | 11/17/20
Jessi Gold, MD, describes how during a pandemic where nothing is normal, the burnout healthcare workers are experiencing is far beyond normal burnout.

Moderna Covid Vaccine Shows Nearly 95% Protection
BBC World News | 11/16/20
Dr. Michael Kinch speaks about the implications of the latest vaccine developments.

KC Nurse: ‘My World Is Crumbling.’ Health Care Workers’ COVID Burnout Raises Alarms
Kansas City Star | 11/16/20
With the pandemic rolling on and conditions worsening, health care workers who have been on the front lines for many months are experiencing increased burnout levels. Dr. Jessi Gold comments.

Drug Used To Treat Anxiety Could Help Prevent Severe Covid-19 Illness, Study Says
McClatchy DC | 11/13/20
Eric Lenze, MD describes how an antidepressant could help prevent COVID-19 patients from developing severe lung issues.

St. Louis Region Passes Milestone Of 2,000 Coronavirus Deaths
St. Louis Public Radio | 11/13/20
As we enter upon unprecedented times for this pandemic, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis comments on the growing numbers.

Remarkable Vaccine Results Leave a Lot of Questions Unanswered
Bloomberg Businessweek |11/13/20
“The key question still centers upon time,” says Dr. Michael Kinch as he goes on to describe what needs to be discovered about the Pfizer vaccine in order to fully understand what impact it could have.

When Will Covid Be Defeated? You’ll Need Patience: Coronavirus Q&A
Bloomberg | 11/12/20
Want to know more about what lies ahead for the COVID-19 pandemic? Michael Kinch, PhD answers questions about challenges that lie ahead.

Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating’
The New York Times | 11/12/20
Dr. Jessi Gold describes why pandemic isolation has hit teens especially hard, even within the age of technology and social media.

An Antidepressant Might Help Prevent Severe COVID-19
U.S. News | 11/12/20
Eric Lenze, MD describes how an antidepressant could help prevent COVID-19 patients from developing severe lung issues.

Developmental Disabilities Heighten Risk of Covid Death
The New York Times | 11/10/20
Surprising data has shown that there is a linkage between higher risk of COVID-19 death and developmental disabilities. Dr. John Constantino comments on how the disease is also greatly impacting the wellbeing of non-infected developmentally disabled individuals.

Deep-Freeze Hurdle Makes Pfizer’s Vaccine One for the Rich
Bloomberg | 11/10/20
As questions about the shelf-life of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine are raised, experts like Dr. Michael Kinch makes predictions about the limited supply.

Experts Say It’s Okay to Scale Back on the Holidays This Year 
Next Avenue | 11/09/20
As the holidays near, Dr. Jessica Gold suggests we give ourselves some rest this year by setting boundaries and accepting that this holiday season will be different.

St. Louis Region Has ‘One Last Chance’ To Curb Coronavirus Before Restrictions Return
St. Louis Public Radio | 11/09/20
As St. Louis coronavirus cases continually increase, Dr. Elvin Geng comments on restrictions’ impact on collective behaviors.

Pfizer Vaccine Results Leave Questions About Safety, Longevity
Bloomberg | 11/09/20
Dr. Michael Kinch discusses Pfizer’s vaccine results and asks key questions.

Is Pfizer’s Vaccine A ‘Magic Bullet?’ Scientists Warn Masks, Distancing May Last Well Into 2021
The Boston Globe | 11/09/20
As Pfizer reveals that early data on its COVID-19 vaccine showed 90% protection rates, Dr. Michael Kinch weighs in.

Gilead’s Covid-19 Drug Is Mediocre. It Will Be a Blockbuster Anyway.
The New York Times | 10/29/20
Rachel Sachs discusses Remdesivir, the first COVID-19 treatment fully approved by the FDA, and the financials behind it.

Can China Become A Leading Producer Of Covid-19 Vaccines?
South China Morning Post | 10/27/20
Dr. Michael Kinch comments on China’s progress toward a vaccine.

More Americans Are Being Infected With The Coronavirus Than At Any Time During The Pandemic, But People Are Too Tired To Care
Business Insider | 10/26/20
As the pandemic continues, exhaustion
is setting in and people are seeking relief and normalcy, sometimes at the expense of safety. Faculty scholar Dr. Matifadza Hlatshwayo-Davis comments.  

FDA Approves Remdesivir As First Coronavirus Drug
Politico | 10/22/20
Rachel Sachs speaks on the effects of the FDA’s approval of the first COVID-19 drug, Remdesivir. 

How to Cope With Reemergence Anxiety During COVID
Rewire | 10/20/20
Don’t feel normal within our “new normal”?
Dr. Jessi Gold offers advice on how to go about ensuring a healthy life and relationships.

The Pandemic is Rewriting the Rules of Science. But At What Cost?
The Washington Post | 10/19/20
Eric Lenze, MD, discusses a study he conducted and what it reveals about science in this pandemic era.

Ailments in Covid-19 Trials Raise Questions About Vaccine Method
Bloomberg | 10/17/20
Michael Kinch, PhD, discusses what can be gleaned from two vaccine developers’ announcements that potential side effects have stalled their clinical trials.

Poll Finds Only 51% Of Missourians Would Get A Coronavirus Vaccine
STL Public Radio | 10/16/20
As a recent poll suggests that only about half of Missourians would get a coronavirus vaccine, Faculty Scholar Dr. Hilary Babcock puts those numbers into perspective. 

Washington University Starts Clinical Trial For Drugs To Build Immunity For Covid-19 Patient
KMOV 4 | 10/16/20

Institute Director Dr. Bill Powderly provides information on the anti-inflammatory drug trials WashU is undergoing in the hopes of discovering an effective COVID-19 treatment.

Washington University Announces Study Of Anti-inflammatory Drugs In Covid-19 Patients
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 10/16/20
Larry J. Shapiro Director for the Institute for Public Health Dr. Bill Powderly is leading a new clinical trial to test whether anti-inflammatory drugs have a positive effect on patients with COVID-19.

J&J Halts Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Due to Unexplained Illness
Bloomberg |10/14/20
Michael Kinch discusses J&J’s decision to halt COVID-19 vaccine trials and what that can tell us about vaccine development.

Plexiglass Shields Are Everywhere, But It’s Not Clear How Much They Help
CNN Business | 10/14/20
Wonder if plexiglass shields are enough? Dr. Pratim Biswas discusses their shortcomings.

President Trump Could Be Contagious 20 Days After COVID-19 Diagnosis, Doctor Says
KSDK 5 | 10/08/20
Feeling better isn’t an indicator of not being contagious with the coronavirus according to Dr. Steven Lawrence. Find out what this may mean for post-infection quarantining.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Could Be A Success. The Problem is Trump.
Vox | 10/07/20
As public and private sector collaborations are leading to vaccine progress in record time, Rachel Sachs, JD, MPH discusses how Trump’s vaccine comments are creating a sense of distrust among the public that could undermine progress.

Can 6 Feet Protect Against COVID-19? New Research Indicates Minimum of 10 to 12 Feet for Protection
HEC Media | 10/07/20
Aerosol scientist Dr. Pratim Biswas says that six feet of distance isn’t enough and recommends 10 to 12 are the minimum for safety from COVID-19 infection. Learn more here.

St. Louis Symphony to Resume Live Concerts at Powell Hall Next Week
Riverfront Times | 10/06/20
Drs. Stephen Liang and Abigail Carlson offered their expert guidance to the St. Louis Symphony on how to restructure live concerts in a way that is socially distant and safer amidst COVID-19.

St. Louis Contact Tracers Confront A Lack Of Trust When Working As Disease Detectives
STL Public Radio | 10/06/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo-Davis comments on possible POC distrust of contact tracers’ phone calls.

A Senior’s Lifetime Experiences Help Generate Resilience To Pandemic Trauma
CNN Health | 10/06/20
Despite the pandemic narrative’s tendency to paint seniors as frail and dependent, Dr. Brian Carpenter discusses the resiliency of older adults and how many have expanded their networks amidst the pandemic.

Sound On: Trump Medical Treatment, Stimulus, 2020 (Podcast) 
Bloomberg | 10/05/20

Dr. Michael Kinch joins this podcast to discuss current events surrounding the White House and coronavirus.

For Your Health: Continuing To Stay Socially Connected While Physically Distanced
Siteman Cancer Center News | 10/02/30
Feeling socially isolated and don’t know what you can do about it? Deputy Director for the Institute for Public Health Dr. Graham Colditz lists recommendations for taking control of our social and mental health.

“Quarantine Fatigue” Is Real
Teen Vogue | 10/02/20
Don’t know how to describe the feelings of just being so “over it” when it comes to quarantine? Dr. Jessi Gold delves into the experience of “quarantine fatigue”.

During Covid, Eating Disorder Patients Turn to Apps
Wired | 9/29/20

As many forms of treatment shift to online formats, eating disorder treatment options can be found there, too. Dr. Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft discusses online treatment in the age of a pandemic.

Hospitalizations Up 186% In Outstate Missouri Since June
AP News | 9/29/20

After MO reopened for business, hospitalizations from COVID-19 have nearly tripled in areas outside of KC and St. Louis. David Warren, MD, MPH, comments on the increase.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis on BBC World News
BBC World News | 9/28/20
As we face the grim fact that there have been over 1 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses the reasons why this might be the case in America and worldwide.

Here’s How the Pandemic Finally Ends

Politico | 9/25/20

Curious as to what needs to happen for the pandemic to finally end? Dr. Michael Kinch walks through what conditions are necessary and which lifestyle changes could last decades.

Joe Biden’s Jobs Ad Uses Pandemic To Tar Donald Trump
Politifact | 9/24/20
Economist Steven Fazzari comments on Biden’s claims that Trump’s policies deepened the COVID-19 recession.

U.S. Reaches COVID-19 Milestone: Death Toll Is Over 200,000
NPR | 9/23/20
As the U.S. COVID-19 death toll reaches its highest point, Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute for Public Health Dr. Bill Powderly discusses the situation in the Midwest, where cases are surging most rapidly.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis with Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance | 9/23/20
Dr. Mati Hlawtshwayo Davis discusses what it will take for some COVID-19 safety restrictions to be allowed to ease.

Dr. Mati Hlawtshwayo Davis on NBC Now
NBC News Now | 9/23/20
After Dr. Fauci stated that he was “cautiously optimistic” for a 2020 COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis sits down with NBC News Now to discuss what it would take for a vaccine to be effective.

COVID Is Causing A Mental Health Crisis Among College Students
The Fresh Toast | 9/23/20
Dr. Jessi Gold discusses how the pandemic has increased mental health struggles amongst an already struggling group, college students.

Cancer Centers To Address Pandemic’s Impact On Cancer Prevention, Treatment
The Source | 9/22/20
Cancer centers across the country are coming together to examine how COVID-19 is impacting cancer care and detection. Cancer epidemiologist, Dr. Bettina Drake is mentioned describing why this action is necessary.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis on MSNBC
MSNBC | 9/20/20
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses COVID-19 deaths, large gatherings, and vaccine development.

Could A Common Vaccine Prevent COVID-19? Washington University Leads Study To Find Out
STL Public Radio | 9/19/20
Could the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine protect people from getting sick with the coronavirus? Some WashU doctors say yes. Dr. Mary Politi provides insight.

GLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask the Experts: Vaccines and Vaccinationalism
NBC News | 9/17/20
Dr. Michael Kinch chats with other experts about the ins and outs of what a coronavirus vaccine could look like.

Study: Cancer Patients Have A Harder Time With COVID-19
Fox 2 Now | 9/17/20
We know that pre-existing conditions can make battling COVID-19 much more difficult. Dr. Graham Colditz weighs in on cancer patients and coronavirus.

If You Believe In Science Then You Should Worry A Lot About Trump Rushing Out A Vaccine For The Election
AlterNet | 9/16/20
How far reaching could the implications be for rushing out a subpar COVID-19 vaccine? Dr. Michael Kinch discusses the likelihood of that happening and the scope of the consequences.

Messenger: Youth Sports Parents Direct Ire At Sam Page Instead Of The Drivers Of COVID-19 Cases
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 9/15/20
As certain restrictions on youth sports remain, many frustrated St. Louisans are crying “let them play!” Dr. Jason Newland comments on the restrictions and their alignment with expert safety recommendations.

There Was A College Mental Health Crisis Before COVID-19. Now It May Be Worse.
HuffPost | 9/15/20
Dr. Jessi Gold discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic adds fuel to the already burning fire that is the college mental health crisis.

LGBTQ Agenda: US Gonorrhea, Syphilis Cases Rise As Stay-at-home Orders Recede
Bay Area Reporter | 9/15/20
Curious as to how the pandemic has affected sexual health? Dr. Hilary Reno discusses how trends of STD testing and diagnoses were impacted by the implementation and subsequent revoking of stay-at-home orders.

Inside Oxford’s Vaccine Saga: From Wild Hype to Sobering Reality
Politico | 9/11/20
As we watch some vaccine developers confidently race toward success before experiencing sobering roadblocks, Dr. Michael Kinch comments on just how challenging this journey COVID-19 vaccine search will be.

New Coronavirus Cases Rise in U.S. Despite Slowdown in Testing
The Wall Street Journal | 9/10/20
Dr. Christine Ekenga discusses rising coronavirus cases and when we will be able to detect if there was a Labor Day spike.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know
Ms. | 9/9/20
Faculty scholar Rachel Sachs discusses everything you need to know about the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Rushing a COVID-19 Vaccine Risks Leaving Behind the People Most at Risk
Newsweek | 9/9/10
Faculty Scholar Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, MD, MPH, explains where we are in the coronavirus vaccine process, and how the lack of diversity in clinical trial volunteers reinforces a culture of leaving behind people of color, who are most at risk for infection.

Vaccine-makers Promise Safety Amid Shaky Public Confidence In COVID Developments
Politico | 9/8/20
As surveys show that the country is growing more uncertain about taking a coronavirus vaccine, Rachel Sachs expresses her disappointment with vaccine-makers still not pledging transparency as they go forward with clinical trials.

‘We Are Therapists. After 6 Months of Lockdown, We’re Almost at Breaking Point
NewsWeek | 9/8/20
Who is taking care of the mental health of our mental health professionals? Jessi Gold, MD, MS co-wrote this piece about how the pandemic has brought a frenzy of work to therapists, whose frontline coronavirus work with high-risk groups has almost brought them to a breaking point.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo CNN Appearance

BBC World News | 9/8/20

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo appears on BBC World News to discuss the path toward a successful coronavirus vaccine that puts science above politics.

Remember Cancer Screenings And Other Important Health Care
Chron | 9/8/20
Have you put off seeking health care for anything non-coronavirus related because of the pandemic? Institute Deputy Director Dr. Graham Colditz urges everyone to make taking care of their overall health a priority again.

COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacting Those With Developmental Disabilities
Disability Scoop | 9/8/20
Dr. John Constantino discusses how difficult the pandemic has been on those with developmental disabilities left without access to necessary resources and supports.

Nicklaus: The Recession Has Probably Ended, But It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like It
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 9/4/20
Are you still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 recession? While economists say it has ended, some, like Dr. Steven Fazzari, PhD, say the economy still needs work to recover.

‘It Does Not Even Come Close’: Virtual Learning A Struggle For Many Special Needs Students, Parents
St. Louis Public Radio | 9/3/20
As virtual learning ensues, students with special needs and their parents are struggling to juggle the new normal without their usual supports. Dr. John Constantino explains why ensuring these students receive the necessary resources is critical.

17 Totally Normal Feelings to Have as a College Student Right Now
Self | 9/3/20
Those feelings you’re having heading back to school? They’re valid, according to Faculty Scholar, Dr. Jessi Gold.

Universities Are Blaming Students For The Spread Of The Coronavirus, Says One Missouri Professor
KCUR 89.3 | 9/3/20
Dr. Jessi Gold discusses how universities are placing blame on students for the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s the Deal with Donating Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19 Patients
Shape | 9/02/20
Brenda Grossman, MD, explains convalescent plasma therapy, a common theme in coronavirus treatment conversations.

White House Doc’s “Herd Immunity” Plan May Lead To Long-term Heart Problems For Many Americans
Salon | 9/2/20
Dr. Thomas Maddox shares his thoughts and the role “herd immunity” could play.

Get The Flu Shot To Prevent A ‘Twindemic,’ The Combination Of The Flu And Covid-19, WashU Infectious Disease Specialist Says
KSDK-TV | 9/1/20
Are you worried about the Covid outbreak worsening as flu season approaches? Read answers to commonly-asked questions from Steven Lawrence, MD, MSc.

We’re Basically All Struggling With Mental Health Right Now—Let’s Normalize It
Self | 9/1/20
During the pandemic, have you had more open and real conversations about mental health in your families, friendships, and workplaces? Dr. Jessi Gold weighs in.

211 Helplines That Offer Rent and Food Assistance Are Totally Overwhelmed
Vice News | 9/1/20
Matthew Kreuter, PhD, MPH, discusses “pandemic heroes” as 211 helplines are offering record amounts of assistance.

Past Vaccine Disasters Show Why Rushing A Coronavirus Vaccine Now Would Be ‘Colossally Stupid’
CNN | 9/1/20
Could a coronavirus vaccine put science and safety first or will such treatment be rushed by politics and competition? Dr. Michael Kinch discusses how rushing science in the past has led to “vaccine disaster.”

Online Therapy, Coaches Help Ease Eating Disorders
U.S. News | 8/31/20

A new treatment that combines “digitally guided therapy with coaching assistance” has shown positive results in college students during the pandemic. Faculty Scholar Dr. Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft comments.

What Happens If China Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine First?
Politico | 8/31/20
Dr. Michael Kinch discusses Operation Warp Speed and China’s “more balanced” coronavirus vaccine portfolio.

Covid-19 Has Disproportionately Impacted Those Living With Developmental Disabilities
CNN Health | 8/28/20
Dr. John Constantino discusses the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has limited access to support systems for people living with developmental disabilities.

I Don’t Know If My Relationship Will Survive the Pandemic
New York Times | 8/26/20
As couples contend with the stresses of a pandemic, many face the possibility of separation. Dr. Cynthia Rogers mentions that parents having to make decisions about their children and their schooling add to the pressure.

The College Experience Myth Is Unrealistic, Puts Pressure on Students
Teen Vogue | 8/24/20
Dr. Jessi Gold
comments on how the pressure to have the glorified college experience, academically and socially, is a main factor in some students’ desperation to return to campus amidst COVID-19 concerns.

Pandemic Parenting Turned Me Into a Bad Mom
Good Housekeeping | 8/24/20
Do you feel like the pandemic has turned you into the worst version of your mom-self? If so, you aren’t alone. Faculty scholar Dr. Cynthia Rogers remarks on why this has been many parents’ experience.

Zoonotic Diseases 101: How Viruses Jump From Animals to Humans
Mental Floss | 8/21/20
In light of COVID-19’s suspected animal origin, Dr. Jennifer A. Philips comments on how the interconnectedness of today’s world affects the worldwide impact of zoonotic diseases.

China’s Vaccine Front-Runner Aims to Beat COVID the Old-Fashioned Way
Bloomberg Businessweek | 8/23/20
Faculty scholar Michael Kinch gives his opinion on taking the simple approach when it comes to creating a vaccine.

Insurers’ Offers To Cover COVID-19 Treatment Are Expiring
Marketplace | 8/21/20
Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs comments on future of insurance coverage for COVID-19 treatment in this Marketplace segment.

Will Shame Make Students Stop Socializing?
Inside Higher Education | 8/21/20
As some college students on campuses choose to disregard suggested safety protocols and hold large gatherings, experts, including faculty scholar Jessi Gold, advise that shaming students for socializing isn’t wise.

Bringing Up A Baby—During A Pandemic
Science Friday | 8/21/20
Pregnant in a pandemic? Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing up a baby during the coronavirus pandemic on this episode of Science Friday.

More Than 20 SLU Students Test Positive For Coronavirus During First Week
St. Louis Public Radio | 8/19/20
With the safety of reopening colleges under question, Center for Dissemination & Implementation Director Elvin Geng comments on  how congregate settings contribute to the epidemic.

Trump Suggests Government Scientists Held Back Plasma Therapy For Political Reasons
Politico | 8/19/20
Rachel Sachs, a faculty scholar who studies drug regulation,  weighs in on Trump’s suggestion that the FDA held back on authorizing plasma therapy for COVID-19 for political reasons.

Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis with Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance | 8/18/20
Infectious Disease Physician
Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis discusses the importance of an “all hands on deck” approach to COVID-19 testing.

St. Louis City Bars Have To Close Earlier Due To The Increase In Covid-19 Cases In Young Adults
KSDK 5 | 8/15/20
As Mayor Lyda Krewson calls for
bars to close earlier, Dr. Jason Newland comments that this is a necessary effort for everyone to band together, especially for schoolchildren’s sake.

The 1918 Flu Faded in Our Collective Memory: We Might ‘Forget’ the Coronavirus, Too
Scientific American | 8/13/20
Faculty Scholar, Henry Roediger III, PhD, discusses collective memory and the ways in which we might experience it in a post-coronavirus future. 

Health Experts Warn About Perils of New Virus Data Collection System
The New York Times | 8/12/20
After the Trump Administration launched its new coronavirus database, health experts, including Dr. Hilary Babcock, penned a letter rebuking the orders. 

Two Washington U. Doctors Lead National Effort to Study New COVID-19 Treatment
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 8/12/20
Faculty Scholar
Dr. Brenda Grossman is a co-leader of the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project. Earlier this month they completed a study on the effect that donor plasma with a high concentration of antibodies has on the likelihood of survival.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Putin Claims Russia Has Developed First COVID Vaccine
CNN | 8/11/20
Dr. Michael Kinch appeared on CNN to discuss Russia’s claims of a coronavirus vaccine, touching on the unknowns and suspected downfalls.

Hochman: Cardinals’ Kwang Hyun Kim waits for first MLB start while Korean baseball thrives
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 8/11/20
Dr. Jason Newland comments on MLB and COVID-19.

Anxiety From The Covid-19 Pandemic Could Be Making Eating Disorders Worse
Forbes | 8/10/20
Dr. Jessica Gold gives an in-depth look into how the COVID-19 pandemic could be worsening various eating disorders.

It Is Safe For College Students To Return To Campus If Precautions Are Taken, Doctor Says
KMOV 4 | 8/10/20
Need guidance on the decision to return to campus or not? Dr. Steven Lawrence says that, if COVID-19 precautions are followed correctly on and off- campus, it can be safe.

Trump Vaccine Official: ‘I Would Resign Instantly’ If Pressured Politically
The Hill | 8/07/20
Health policy expert Rachel Sachs comments on statements from the FDA and Trump’s chief “Operation Warp Speed” scientist that are meant to reassure the public that COVID-19 vaccine approval will depend upon the facts, not politics.

A Reckoning Has Emerged On American English, Rife With Words And Phrases With Racist Origins Or Connotations
Boston Globe | 8/06/20
As we reevaluate American English by identifying the ways some words/phrases can carry on racist sentiments, linguist John Baugh, PhD, MA, describes how this process is nothing new.

Did Rural Voters Nearly Sink Missouri Medicaid Expansion Or Boost It To Victory?
KCUR | 8/06/20
Center for Health Economics and Policy Co-director Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox contributes to the conversation on rural MO voters’ support or opposition of Medicaid expansion.

With String Of Attacks On Doctors And Experts, Trump Takes Aim At Science: ANALYSIS
ABC News | 8/06/20
Alfred Kim, MD, PhD, discusses the implications of Pres. Trump’s decision to push “Operation Warp Speed”, the sentiments of which are at odds with the facts.

Covid-19 And Job Losses Putting People’s Health Insurance At Risk In The US, According To Leading Macroeconomic Influencers
Pharmaceutical Technology | 8/06/20
As the COVID-19 pandemic fuels mass unemployment, Center for Health Economics and Policy Co-director Dr. Tim McBride says more than 26.8 million people in the US are at risk of losing their employee health insurance.

Covid-19 Vaccine May Not Be Silver Bullet: Experts
Code Blue | 8/05/20
Dr. Michael Kinch explains that the road to a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccine will not be straightforward, predicting the first vaccines will be mediocre.

A Covid-19 Vaccine, Amazingly, Is Close. Why Am I So Worried?
STAT News | 7/31/20
Dr. Michael S. Kinch marvels at the fact that a coronavirus vaccine is amazingly close. However, he also worries. Read why.

Donnybrook ft. Dr. William Powderly
Nine Network | 7/30/20
Institute for Public Health Director
Dr. William Powderly appears on Donnybrook concerning COVID-19.

Why ‘Pandemic Shaming’ Is Bad for Public Health
Smithsonian Magazine | 7/29/20
Empathy and explanation may go farther than annoyance and shaming when addressing those partaking in risky
behaviors amidst COVID-19. Dr. Jessi Gold connects this idea to colleges reopening this Fall. 

Will ‘Healthy’ Schools Be Traumatic? Learning In Buildings This Way Will Be Hard For Many Youngsters To Handle
Daily News | 7/28/20
Child psychiatrist
Dr. Anne Glowinski, an Institute Faculty Scholar, is less concerned about kids navigating the new safety rules around COVID-19 “than she is the adults adding to their anxieties.”

Hochman: The Most-popular Sports Apparel In 2020? The Cloak Of Invincibility
St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 7/28/20
Hoping for pro sports to continue but have no clue how that can happen safely?
Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, discusses the high likelihood of COVID-19 transmission involved in such activities. 

She Thought She Had Beaten COVID, But Then The Virus Might Have Caused A Heart Attack
USA Today | 7/28/20
“There is a lot we’re still learning about this virus,” says Dr. Tom Maddox in response to coronavirus patients suffering from vascular health issues, including blood clotting, after contracting COVID-19.

Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist Weighs In On St. Louis County Youth Sports Decision
STL Public Radio | 7/28/20
As STL County restrictions for preventing COVID-19 spread focus in on youth sports, Dr. Jason Newland shares his insight on the fairness and wisdom of the decision.

How to Find a Good Therapist
Fatherly | 7/27/20
“Like dating, there is a bit of a fit to it,” asserts Jessica Gold, MD, within this article that offers guidance on the search for a good therapist, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Missouri’s COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise, Page To Announce New Restrictions For St. Louis County
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 7/27/20
As COVID-19 cases rise, Center for Dissemination and Implementation Director Elvin Geng, MD shares his views on the trajectory of transmission this fall and what it will take to tamp down the virus’ spread.

Missouri Sees Record-High Number Of New COVID-19 Cases. Again
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 7/24/20
MO sees a new record high number of COVID-19 cases. Instead of calling it a 2nd surge, Dr. Stephen Liang comments that it probably indicates that this region was never able to “completely contain the infection” at any point.

The Economics Of Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine: How Much Will It Cost You, And How Much Will Pharmaceutical Companies Make?
KNX 1070 | 7/22/20
As coronavirus vaccine development continues, Dr. Michael Kinch speaks on the economics involved.

‘There Is No Cure’ | Medical Experts Debunk False COVID-19 Claims Of Jefferson County Health Department Board Of Trustee Member
KSDK 5| 7/22/20
Dr. Jason Newland debunks false COVID-19 claims against the face mask mandate.

Everyone is on Antidepressants Right Now. Is That OK?
Elemental | 7/22/20
Antidepressant prescriptions have shot up during the pandemic. While some question whether this is “a perfectly reasonable reaction”, Dr. Jessi Gold provides a more nuanced explanation for the increase in prescriptions and its impact.

‘Hunker Down’: Kansas City Doctors Warn Parents Their Teens Are Spreading COVID-19
Kansas City Star | 7/21/20
Dr. Jason Newland discusses what safe protocols can look like for teens who want to socialize.

Colleges Are Getting Ready to Blame Their Students
The Atlantic | 7/21/20
As college campuses reopen without adequate testing, Faculty Scholar, Jessi Gold, MD, MS predicts that institutions will fault students for “a lack of personal responsibility”.

Coronavirus Cases Surge At Missouri Women’s Prison; Advocates Call For Action
STL Public Radio | 7/20/20
Coronaviruses cases are surging at MO’s Chillicothe Correctional Center. As prison reform advocates call for action, Associate Professor of Medicine, Dr. Steven Lawrence comments on mass-testing in prisons.

Double-Shot Covid Vaccines Multiply Immunization Challenges
Bloomberg | 7/20/20
Will double-shot coronavirus vaccines, which involve more challenges in distribution than one-shot vaccines, be necessary? Dr. Michael Kinch provides his thoughts on that possibility.

Washington University Doctor On Children Going Back To School
KSDK 5 | 7/19/20
Uncertain about the approaching back to school season? Dr. Jason Newland shares his insight.

Some Of The St. Louis Region’s Leading Physicians On Hope, Heartbreak, And How We Can Move Forward
St. Louis Magazine | 7/19/20
Alongside other St. Louis medical experts, Dr. Bill Powderly, Institute director, shares the ways in which the emergence of a coronavirus pandemic surprised him and taught the world about the importance of public health.

Missouri Loses Access To Its Own Hospital Data Following Federal Reporting Changes
KCUR | 7/16/20
CHEP co-director Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox explains why the loss of access to Missouri’s hospital data will be “hugely problematic” for health and policy officials trying to understand the virus’ spread.

How Women Can Protect Their Mental Health During COVID-19
Woman’s Day | 7/16/20
Faculty Scholar Dr. Jessi Gold describes the ways that the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic and infection with COVID-19 are affecting mental health.

Why A Pregnant St. Louis Doctor Chose To Leave The Front Lines
St. Louis Public Radio | 7/15/20
Dr. Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis discusses why she chose to step away from the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy.

5 Advances That Followed Pandemics
History | 7/15/20
In this article about advances that have followed pandemics, Dr. Rebecca Messbarger describes how great works of art were inspired by these moments.

Dr. Jessi Gold: Mask Anxiety
KTRS | 7/14/20
If you feel anxious while wearing masks, Dr. Jessi Gold explains that you aren’t alone and gives advice on how to cope.

Language Barriers Hinder Spanish-Speaking Immigrants From Getting Coronavirus Tests
STL Public Radio | 7/14/20
Spanish-speaking immigrants without fluency in English have been more hesitant to reach out for coronavirus testing. Dr. Chris Prater describes his experiences with refugee patients who share that same hesitancy.

Younger People Comprise One-third Of All Virus Cases In St. Louis, Mayor Says
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 7/14/20
Faculty Scholar Dr. Hilary Babcock tells us what the “perfect storm” for coronavirus spread looks like and why younger people have become more inclined to those lax behaviors recently.

20-Somethings Make Up The Highest Percentage Of COVID-19 Patients In St. Louis
KMOV4 | 7/13/20
As 20-somethings account for approx. 20% of COVID-19 patients in MO and STL,
Dr. Hilary Babcock comments on outings at bars and restaurants. 

Meet the COVID-19 Doctors On The Front Lines For A 2nd Time
ABC News | 7/12/20
Faculty Scholar
Dr. Jessica Gold voices her frustrations at the lack of compliance with coronavirus safety protocols. 

Lingering Effects of COVID-19 on The Lungs, Heart, Brain, Kidneys And Immune System
The Palm Beach Post | 7/10/20
Dr. Jessi Gold describes the ways in which an ICU stay along with the possible lingering physical effects of COVID-19 can cause residual psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and nightmares

Experts Pitch Surveillance System To Detect Viruses Before Next Pandemic
UPI | 7/09/20
Faculty Scholar
Dr. Jennifer A. Philips writes about surveilling wildlife through a decentralized global system to help stop the threat of another future pandemic. 

Kanakuk Kamps Battle a COVID Cluster
NBC News | 7/09/20
“This just isn’t worth it. Just close them down,” comments
Dr. Jason Newland on the reopening of Kanakuk Kamps this week after numerous COVID-19 cases caused a temporary closure and complaints from many concerned parents.

Missouri Court Hears Lawsuit Again About Mail-in Voting Law
MissouriNet | 7/08/20
Plan to vote? A lawsuit about allowing mail-in voting without notarization for all MO voters heads to MO court. Read what key witness
Dr. Hilary Babcock has to say about the safest voting procedures to reduce coronavirus risk.

Can We Trust Missouri’s Data For COVID-19 Cases? The Numbers Keep Changing
Kansas City Star | 7/08/20
Dr. Abigail Barker addresses why the number of COVID-19 cases reported by the state of MO sometimes fluctuates.

How To Safeguard Mental Health As Pandemic Becomes ‘A Really Long Haul’
STL Public Radio | 7/06/20
As the pandemic has become more of a long-term reality,
Dr. Jessi Gold provides insight into how we can protect our mental health during constant change.

CRISPR Screening Explores New Dimensions
Genetic Engineering  | 7/06/20
Faculty Scholar Dr. Herbert Virgin is mentioned in this article for his work using CRISPR technology to uncover the protein that mediates cellular entry for norovirus. This same method is being used to understand the host factors involced with SARS-CoV-2.

Vaccines – What Can The Past Tell Us About The Future?
Australian Broadcasting Co. | 7/06/20
How can we move towards a post-coronavirus world? Faculty scholar Dr. Michael Kinch contributed to this podcast about how past vaccines can illuminate the search for a coronavirus vaccine.

Missouri Inks Contract With Washington University To Assist With Virus Tracking
STL Post-Dispatch | 7/03/20
Dr. Elvin Geng is cited as the point person for this project that entails assisting the state of Missouri track the novel coronavirus.

State Health Leaders Confirm More Coronavirus Kamp Kanakuk
KY3 | 7/03/20
“It’s super important that this camp closes now and closes for the rest of the season. Cause we’re not out of this,” says Dr. Michael Kinch as more coronavirus cases have been found at Kamp Kanakuk.

The Truth About Blood Types and the Coronavirus
Elemental | 7/02/20
What do blood groups have to do with the novel coronavirus? Dr. James Fleckenstein says that each group’s antigens and immune antibodies may explain some association.

Washington University Sets Up Platform To Screen Potential COVID-19 Antiviral Drugs
KSDK 5 | 7/01/20
First step in finding antiviral drugs to fight COVID-19? Setting up a screening platform to test chemical compounds for their ability to inactivate the virus in a dish. Dr. Jennifer A. Philips has done just that in her lab at WashU.

Feeling Anxious About Wearing A Mask? Here Are 5 Ways To Overcome It
Forbes | 7/01/20
Does wearing a mask make you feel anxious? You’re not alone. As people speak up about the ways mask-wearing can trigger false alarms for them, Dr. Jessi Gold provides ways to overcome this.

Effort to Screen Potential COVID-19 Antiviral Drugs Underway
WashU School of Medicine | 7/01/20
First step in finding antiviral drugs to fight COVID-19? Setting up a screening platform to test chemical compounds for their ability to inactivate the virus in a dish. Dr. Jennifer A. Philips has done just that in her lab at WashU.

BJC Loosens Restrictions On Patient Visitations
KMOV 4 | 6/30/20
BJC will now allow 1 visitor per patient in outpatient, inpatient, and surgical settings within its hospital system, while pediatric and end of life patients will be allowed 2. BJC Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox talks with KMOV here.

Second-Generation Covid Vaccines Are Built for Impact Over Speed
Bloomberg | 6/27/20
Faculty scholar Dr. Michael Kinch is mentioned in this article that explains why we will need multiple approaches and several vaccine developers in order to fight COVID-19, as some vaccines will provide benefits others don’t.

Missouri’s COVID-19 Death Tally Reaches 1,000
KWMU-FM | 6/26/20
Dr. William Powderly, the Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute for Public Health discusses the current death toll from Covid-19.

Burned Out On Zoom? Try These Solutions For The Fatigue Of Virtual Meetings
Aleteia | 6/25/20
Even though it takes place at home, exhaustion from Zoom meetings is definitely a valid and widely shared phenomenon. Dr. Jessi Gold provides several solutions for counteracting your “Zoom fatigue”.

Health Experts Worry St. Louis Lifted Coronavirus Orders Too Soon
STL Public Radio | 6/23/20
“I do think that we are still on a precipice…and that is something I think a lot of infectious disease people and epidemiologists sort of recognize, but I’m not sure the public does,” says  Center for Dissemination and Implementation director Dr. Elvin Geng about the trajectory of coronavirus spread in STL as the region’s reopening plan begins to play out.

How COVID-19 Response Is Helping STL Address Health Disparities – Finally
The STL American | 6/22/20
As public health experts learn more about the populations being hit hardest by COVID-19, disparities in many aspects of health care are being called to question. CHEP co-director Dr. Tim McBride is cited saying “that more than a half-million people in Missouri lack health insurance”.

Projections For A Quick Economic Recovery In The US Are Premature, According To Leading Macroeconomic Influencers
Pharmaceutical Technology | 6/22/20
Will the economy recover quicker than previously predicted? Dr. Tim McBride says that, while stock markets are performing well despite increased cases of COVID-19, investors can’t prematurely minimize “permanent damage caused by the pandemic”.

MLB Players Consider Owners’ 60-game Proposal With Unwelcome Third Party Interrupting Talks — The Virus
STL Post-Dispatch | 6/21/20
“Can baseball come back safely? Yes, it can. But you have to have maximum control,” says Dr. Jason Newland who has been researching best practices for schools, sports, and other activities returning.

The Dangers Of Fat-Shaming COVID-19 Victims
Refinery29 | 6/19/20
Unfortunately, fat-shaming has become a cruel and misinformed response to several coronavirus victims’ deaths. Dr. Jessi Gold comments that the shaming may “stem from a desire to play the blame game in a time when governmental officials refuse to acknowledge their faults in the handling of the coronavirus.”

‘We Are Still Trying To Get Free’: Black Americans Continue Fight For Equality On Juneteenth
USA Today | 6/19/20
About 100 of 100,000 black males will be killed by police in their lifetime says a study that faculty scholar Dr. Hedwig Lee was involved in. Find out more about this and how it contributes to current pain and frustrations here.

The A-List 2020 Visionary Award
STL Magazine | 6/19/20
“I’ve been calling Dr. Punch a hero of mine,” says Dr. Jason Purnell within this article that recounts and praises how Dr. LJ Punch looks out for St. Louisans most in need. Congrats Dr. Punch on the A-List 2020 Visionary Award! 

Azar, Trump Mislead on FDA’s Hydroxychloroquine Decision
FactCheck.org | 6/18/20
As approval for hydroxychloroquine was retracted by the FDA, Rachel Sachs explains, “…what the FDA is saying now is that based on the weight of the evidence, it’s no longer reasonable to believe that hydroxychloroquine is effective for the treatment of COVID.”

Disparities in Stroke Care Put Rural Americans at Risk: Study
U.S. News | 6/18/20
“…cardiovascular and other health outcomes are much worse in rural areas,” says Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox within this article that discusses a study that reveals risk for stroke is worse for rural Americans who are less likely to get the best treatment and more likely to die.

The Invisible Wounds of COVID-19: The Mental Health Crisis in Health Care Workers
Kansas City Mental Health | 6/2020
Faculty Scholar, Dr. Jessi Gold and collaborators write about the longer-term mental effects of working with COVID-19 patients for front line healthcare workers.

Did Protests Fuel COVID-19 Cases? Are We Already In A Second Wave? Your Coronavirus Questions, Answered
USA Today | 6/18/20
Faculty scholar Dr. Hilary Babcock is mentioned in this article commenting on the fact that, as protests are predicted to possibly fuel COVID-19 cases, “systemic racism also causes large public health impacts and public health risks…”

Doctors Worry As We Return To Normal From COVID-19
Fox 2 Now | 6/17/20
Doctors worry as more aspects of life begin to look “normal” to the general public. Dr. Jason Newland is mentioned in this article commenting that “we are not back to any sort of normal”.

Rural Alabama County Fights Virus Outbreak With Just One Doctor
Bloomberg 6/17/20
One small Alabama town is getting hit hard by the virus– and there’s only one doctor treating them. Dr. Karen Joynt- Maddox says this phenomenon is shared by many other black communities in the rural South. Learn more here.

Partying Americans Just Got A Reality Check From The Coronavirus
Mashable | 6/16/20
“We need patience,” says Dr. Michael Kinch in this article focused on how partiers contracted COVID-19 as they slackened precautions because, in this moment of re-opening and summer weather, the pandemic felt “out of sight out of mind”.

What Does The FDA’s Hydroxychloroquine Decision Mean For Covid-19 Patients Or Politicians? And 4 Other Burning Questions
STAT | 6/16/20
Dr. Rachel Sachs answers some questions about what the FDA’s revoking of approval for hydroxychloroquine means for COVID-19 patients and the politicians who fiercely endorsed it.

First Coronavirus Vaccine May Protect Against Disease, But Not Infection: Report
Fox News | 6/15/20
“They’re not going to necessarily realize that they might still be susceptible to infection,” says Dr. Michael Kinch as he urges people to understand that a vaccine that protects against the disease doesn’t mean there’s protection against any infection.

New Policy Changes Needed As Countries Exit COVID-19 Lockdown Measures, According To Leading Macroeconomic Influencers
Pharmaceutical Technology | 6/15/20
What will things look like for countries ending their COVID-19 lockdown measures? Dr. Tim McBride is mentioned in this article that focuses on policy changes that will be necessary.

The ‘Quarantine 15’: Weight Gain (And Loss) And The Effects Of Stay-at-Home
STL Post-Dispatch | 6/14/20
Dr. Denise Wilfley, an eating disorder expert, says that there has been a “multifaceted shift in the eating habits of Americans during the pandemic”. Find out more here.

The First Covid Vaccines May Not Prevent Covid Infection
Bloomberg | 6/14/20
Dr. Michael Kinch forewarns that, even when the first coronavirus vaccines comes out, people should avoid complacency when it comes to COVID-19 protocol as infection could still be possible.

Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department Director Says City Is In Second Wave of COVID-19
KCUR | 6/12/20
While some experts believe this is the virus’ 2nd wave, others believe this is not yet it. “The more scary, sort of big picture proposition is what happens when we really start to see another surge,” says Dr. Karen Joynt Maddox.

Missouri, St. Louis Region, See More New Coronavirus Cases As Restrictions Ease
STL Public Radio | 6/12/20
In STL, daily coronavirus cases have been increasing daily. Dr. Elvin Geng comments that this might be partially due to an increased availability of tests to reveal those positive cases.

‘I Am Tired’: What Black Doctors Need You To Know Right Now
Forbes Magazine | 6/12/20
Faculty Scholar Dr. Jessi Gold talks about what changes black doctors need to see in the medical world, beyond demonstrations, now as they fight COVID-19 and forever for black healthcare workers inhabiting those spaces.

People Are Going To Protest George Floyd’s Death. Here’s How To Do So More Safely.
ABC News | 6/12/20
As protests ensue, public health experts have shifted from a message of “stay at home” to “here’s how you can reduce risk of infection”. Dr. Rupa Patel says that protests will most likely lead to some new infections, but she does not recommend people stop attending.

EDITORIAL: Don’t Forget Virginia’s Other Epidemic
Fredericksburg | 6/11/20
“The consequences of not having real-time data for any public health crisis is lethal,” says David A. Patterson Silver Wolf on the fact that the opioid epidemic is not receiving the attention or appropriate data-logging systems necessary to save lives.

Less Sex Or Fewer Tests? Missouri Saw Big Drop In Sexually Transmitted Infections During Stay-at-home April
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 6/11/20
Has the decrease in sexually transmitted infections in MO been a byproduct of less sex during the lockdown or simply less testing? Dr. Hilary Reno provides her insight. 

COVID-19 And Past Vaccination Victories
The STL American | 6/11/20
Faculty scholar Dr. William Tate co-wrote this piece about how current pandemic precautions are compelling new strategies for vaccinating children.

5 Things To Know About COVID-19 This Week
The Do | 6/10/20
Dr. Jessi Gold comments on how treatment for people with eating disorders is being interrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic in this article highlighting 5 things you should know about the virus and its impact.

Feeling Less Anxiety Since The Coronavirus Lockdown? You’re Not Alone.
Forbes | 6/08/20
Feel like lockdown has actually been positive for your mental health? Dr. Jessi Gold writes about how, while the pandemic has caused some to struggle more, a surprising amount of people have had no increase, or even a decrease, in depression and anxiety symptoms.

The Office Elevator In COVID-19 Times: Experts Weigh In On Safer Ups And Downs
NPR | 6/08/20
Taking the stairs for now? Dr. Steven Lawrence is mentioned in this article explaining ways in which elevators are risky as well as ways that risk can be lessened during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sick Alone, Mourning Alone: COVID-19 Hits The Elderly And African Americans The Hardest In Missouri
STL Post-Dispatch | 6/08/20
Faculty Scholar Dr. Elvin Geng is mentioned in this article pinpointing who has been the most vulnerable against the coronavirus thus far and what factors led to that.

Could Measles Vaccine Protect Some Coronavirus Patients? Tulane Researcher Aims To Find Out
NOLA | 6/07/20
Another possible treatment? Faculty scholar Dr. Jennifer Philips comments on the likelihood that the measles vaccine could protect some coronavirus patients.

St. Louis Residents Are Gathering In Large Groups To Protest. How Can We Still Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19?
STL Magazine | 6/05/20
Going out to protest? Dr. Hilary Babcock offers several ways in which you can prevent the spread of COVID-19 while out in large groups protesting the public health issue of police violence against black people.

Trump’s Focus Shifts Away From Coronavirus
The Wall Street Journal | 6/05/20
As the Trump administration shifts more focus away from the coronavirus, Dr. Hilary Babcock warns that prematurely thinking of the virus as gone or less dangerous is risky.

Zoom Burnout Is Real—Here Are 7 Therapist Tips For Making Hangouts Better
The Healthy | 6/05/20
Feeling Zoom burnout? You aren’t alone. Dr. Jessi Gold offers up some ways in which we can manage this and have more enriching experiences across the app.

Disordered Eating in a Disordered Time
The NY Times | 6/5/20
“When the world feels out of control, people want to have control over something,” says Dr. Jessica Gold on the ways in which the pandemic exacerbates the struggles of those who have been working on bettering unhealthy relationships with food.

Withdrawn Drug Study Adds More Politics, Distrust To Coronavirus Science
Politico | 6/05/20
Faculty Scholar Rachel Sachs comments on how the pulling of a study on the drug hydroxychloroquine, which was previously touted by the president as an effective measure against the coronavirus, has now become a political issue.

Avoiding a COVID-19 Resurgence As Businesses Reopen, Events Rescheduled
Fox 2 | 6/04/20
Considering how you’ll approach public activities as things reopen? Dr. Hilary Babcock says families have to determine their own willingness to take on the risk and that we won’t be able to see the effects of these reopenings on cases for several weeks

Doctors Urge Social Distancing As Popular Attractions Reopen
KMOV | 6/04/20
Please keep the mask and the distance: Dr. Hilary Babcock urges people to continue social distancing protocol as they begin to frequent public attractions, like the zoo, more often.

The Pandemic’s Most Bitter Pill
Mashable 6/2020
“We are all so impatient to get back to some degree of normalcy, and we have to recognize that’s not going to happen anytime soon,” says Dr. Michael Kinch in this article about the present pandemic alongside past pandemics we’ve endured.

Be Safe, Protect Others When You Hire Someone To Come Into Your House.
AJC | 6/02/20
Need repairs made but afraid to let anyone in your home because of the coronavirus? Dr. Steven Lawrence comments that, in this inevitable situation, screening workers beforehand with questions on safety protocol and other information is key.

Can Operation Warp Speed deliver a COVID-19 Vaccine By The End of The Year?
L.A. Times | 6/02/20
“We may not get the best vaccine up front. But hopefully it will be good enough and will be replaced later by better vaccines,” comments Dr. Michael S. Kinch as he addresses the Trump administration’s plan, Operation Warp Speed, to race toward a vaccine.

Stay-at-Home Orders Could Mean More Obese Kids: Study
U.S. News | 6/01/20
Sedentary behavior at home is predicted to spike childhood obesity rates. Dr. Ruopeng An comments on his study predicting 1.27 million new cases by March 2021.

Experts Warn Large Protests May ‘Become Breeding Grounds’ For The Coronavirus
USA Today | 6/01/20
“Systemic racism also causes large public health impacts and public health risks for large portions of our population,” says Dr. Hilary Babcock in response to the suggestion that protesters should stay home in the name of public health

Front-line Doctors Face A Mental Health Crisis Amid Coronavirus. Can Medicine Overcome The Culture Of Stoicism?
ABC News | 5/31/20
“They had super elevated depression, suicide rates and burnout prior to COVID” states Dr. Jessi Gold in response to health care workers facing a mental health crisis during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

PICS: Recovering COVID-19 Patients May Face Mental Health Challenges
Daily Nurse | 5/29/20
“The ways in which we were normally trying to avoid [post-intensive care syndrome], we don’t have as much ability to do that [with COVID-19]” says Dr. Jessi Gold on COVID-19 patients and mental health.

The Race For A Coronavirus Cure
WGBH | 5/29/20
In this interview, faculty scholar Dr. Michael Kinch “notes that the history of vaccines is filled with arduous trial-and-error, and explains why ‘layering our defenses’ against the new coronavirus may be our best shot.”

Many Southwestern IL Swimming Pools Want To Reopen This Summer. Will They Be Able To?
Belleville News-Democrat | 5/28/20
Think public swimming pools might be an option this summer?  Dr. Jason Newland comments that, even as some hope to open, it is nearly impossible to exercise necessary social distancing practices at a pool.

Masks Can Limit Spread Of Coronavirus As IL Reopens From Shutdown. Will You Wear One?
Belleville News-Democrat | 5/27/20
“When I see those stories, it makes me sad,” says Dr. Jason Newland commenting on instances where refusal to wear a mask has led to violent altercations.

Childhood Obesity Rates Could Increase If Schools Stay Closed Through December, Study Finds
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 5/26/20
Will more time at home mean increased obesity rates for children? Dr. Ruopeng An comments here on studies that say that is the case.

The Problem With Comparing Health Care Workers To Soldiers On Memorial Day
Vox | 5/25/20
Dr. Jessica Gold co-wrote this piece explaining why comparing health care workers to soldiers isn’t very helpful, even as we may perceive both parties as engaging in war.

Wash U Doctor Answers Your Coronavirus Questions
KSDK 5 | 5/25/20
Dr. Jason Newland chats with KSDK 5 once again and answers coronavirus questions.

Hospitals, A Buffer For St. Louis In Last Recession, Now Share Economic Pain
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 5/24/20
“I’ve never seen a recession where health care’s taken a big hit, in terms of losing jobs,” says Dr. Tim McBride on how health care isn’t going to be the economic anchor for other sectors right now.

Fun Beats Fear In Rube Goldberg Contest To Fetch Soap Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Reuters | 5/22/20
“Creativity and play introduces an element of pleasure and levity that is really important to connect to kids,” comments Dr. Anne Glowinski on the Rube Goldberg annual contest that, this year, is to organize everyday items into a complicated system that accomplishes one simple, timely task: giving someone soap to wash their hands.

New Study: Incidence of ASD Higher in Children with an Autistic Aunt or Uncle
ADDitude | 5/22/20
Dr. John N. Constantino led the first population-wide estimate of autism risk in children. The study revealed that having an aunt or uncle with autism correlates to a higher probability of a child also having ASD.

Real-time Data Are Essential For Covid-19. They’re Just As Important For The Opioid Overdose Crisis
STAT | 5/20/20
“…the closest thing we have to a real-time data system for opioid overdose deaths — an epidemic of destruction that began killing Americans more than a decade ago — has a lag time of about 24 months” writes Dr. David A. Patterson Silver Wolf in his op-ed about how the opioid epidemic deserves a real-time data system as well.

Hey, Newscasters: You Should Cry More
InStyle | 5/19/20
“There is a time and place for it — and, during a pandemic, that’s the here and now,” says Dr. Jessi Gold in regards to news anchors showing emotion when confronted with stressful and heartbreaking stories and circumstances on air.

Opinion: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Economic and Policy Challenges Facing Missouri
The Missouri Times | 5/18/20
CHEP co-director Dr. Tim McBride wrote this op-ed on the economic situation during the COVID-19 pandemic and what he calls the “triple crises” that came along with it.

COVID Gives Big Pharma a Chance to Revive Its Brutal Image
Daily Beast | 5/18/20
This article asserts that if drug companies can produce a vaccine or successful therapy for COVID-19, ‘maybe you can start to undo some of that reputational damage’ says Dr. Michael Kinch.

The Pandemic Is Spiking Anxiety. Before You Take Anti-Anxiety Medication, Understand The Risks
WBUR | 5/18/20
Should you start to use, or increase your use of, anti-anxiety medication during this pandemic? Dr. Jessi Gold co-wrote this article on things to know before you take those steps.

Wash U Doctor Answers Questions From Students
KSDK 5 | 5/18/20
Kids have their own coronavirus questions too, you know.Thankfully, Dr. Jason Newland answered some from students at the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District.

How To Navigate Restaurants, Travel And More As Economy Reopens
Fox 2 | 5/18/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence speaks with Fox2 about how to navigate returning to certain “normal” activities as the economy reopens.

Opinion: The COVID-19 Pandemic And The Economic And Policy Challenges Facing Missouri
The Missouri Times | 5/18/20
Center for Health and Economics Policy co-director Dr. Tim McBride wrote this article for the MO Times on the economic and policy changes Missouri will see due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As St. Louis Businesses Reopen, City’s Contact Tracing Effort Questioned
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 5/18/20
“The county’s health system is robust, so they are in a different position to move forward,” says Dr. Laurie Punch on how the county will move forward versus how the city will.

Child Abuse Reports Are Down During The Pandemic. Experts Say That’s A Bad Sign
CNN | 5/17/20
Dr. Melissa Jonson-Reid is one of many experts concerned that reduced reports of child abuse during the pandemic are signs that the usual reporters of such abuse have much less opportunity to become informed and report about abusive situations.

When It Comes To Nursing Home Deaths, State Data Tells Only Part Of The Story
Detroit Free Press | 5/17/20
Center for Health Economics and Policy co-director Dr. Tim McBride comments on the ways in which documentation of certain information in nursing homes would help provide more accurate nationwide estimates of nursing home COVID-19 deaths.

Kansas City Officially Reopens — Here Are 10 Things Everyone Should Know
KCUR | 5/15/20
Confused about what reopening means for Missouri? Dr. Steven Lawrence comments on how successful results of guidelines and restrictions will probably make it look like experts “overdid it”, which could lead to frustration.

Chinese Study Finds Outdoor Activities Safe From COVID
“Almost no one who contracted the novel coronavirus in China during the early days of the pandemic became infected in an outdoor setting, a new study finds”.This article warns that masking and social distancing are still needed outdoors, but, as Dr. Gregory A. Storch comments, ventilation lessens chances of infection.

15 Drugs Being Tested To Treat COVID-19 and How They Would Work
Nature | 5/15/20
Want to know which drugs are being considered for COVID-19 treatment? Dr. Caline Mattar is mentioned in this article about 15 drugs being tested.

A Fever Is 100.4 In Ohio; It’s 99.5 In Delaware: States, Companies Write Their Own Rules For Temperature Screening In A Pandemic
The Washington Post | 5/15/20
“I think it would make it easier if there was one standard temperature we were using,” says Dr. Steven Lawrence on the lack of a national standard temperature threshold that, when reached, means workers should stay home.

What Coronavirus Is Doing To Stressed US Health Workers – And Why It Will Be Felt For Years
The Guardian | 5/15/20
Dr. Jessi Gold expresses how health workers’ already high rate of depression and suicide is another reason why this pandemic’s burnout and PTSD symptoms will hit hard now and for years to come.

Coronavirus Is A Major Test Of America’s Innovation Industry
Vox | 5/15/20
Rachel Sachs is mentioned in this article on how this pandemic is testing America’s status as a medical innovator.

Should Researchers Deliberately Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus To Test Vaccines?
Live Science | 5/15/20
“Extraordinary diseases require extraordinary solutions.” This article describes the ethical debate researchers face as they strongly consider human challenge studies to test possible COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Michael Kinch says we can’t dismiss the idea as crazy.

Rep. Rush Wants $100 Billion For Contact Tracing, Outreach And Testing In Underserved Areas And Hotspots
Hyde Park (Illinois) Herald | 5/14/20
In this article about testing in underserved areas and the African American community’s long standing health disparities, Dr. Christine Ekenga says that public health and medical practitioners “have tried to overcome this distrust by engaging in partnerships with community-based organizations”. 

US Unemployment Could Hit 25% Say Experts
Power Technology | 5/15/20
CHEP co-director Tim McBride is cited in this article addressing the U.S. Labour Department’s latest unemployment claim report.

Sports, Shows Slowly Starting To Resume In Missouri
AP News | 5/14/20
Wondering if reopening certain events in MO is okay? Dr. Alexis Duncan comments that large gatherings are still a bad idea, and as for sports and shows “the more talking and yelling that people do, the more potential there is that they’re expelling the virus particles.”

Children’s Hospital Confirms Cases Of Mystery Illness Connected To COVID-19
KMOV 4 | 5/13/20
Be on the lookout for an inflammatory syndrome in children marked by prolonged fever and rash, among other things, that could be linked to the coronavirus. Dr. Jason Newland gives his input here.

Could COVID-19 Finally Destigmatize Mental Illness?
Time | 5/13/20
“…It’s possible that we emerge from this with innumerable positive mental-health outcomes,” says Dr. Jessica Gold in this op-ed she wrote about the pandemic acting as a “great equalizer” between mental health and physical health as most of the world grapples with the possibility of anxiety and depression at home.

The New COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir Is Here. Now What?
Science News | 5/13/20
“We have a drug that appears to have an effect. Is it a slam dunk? Is it a home run? No,” says Larry J. Shapiro IPH director Dr. William Powderly in this article about the new COVID-19 drug remdesivir.

6 Feet Apart? Try 10-12: A WashU Air Quality Expert’s Advice On Reopening
STL Business Journal | 5/12/20
Learn more about air quality concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic and how that affects reopening with Dr. Pratim Biswas.

Here’s Why African Americans Are Dying From The Coronavirus At A Startlingly Higher Rate In Missouri And Illinois
KSDK 5 | 5/12/20
Learn why Dr. Laurie Punch was “not surprised at all” that African Americans are dying from the coronavirus at a “startlingly higher rate” in MO and Ill. 

Masks Required For Everyone Entering Area Hospitals And Facilities
The St. Louis American | 5/12/20
“If for some reason, someone does not have a mask, or shows up without their mask, we will provide a mask for them,” says Dr. Hilary Babcock in this article about the new mask requirement at all BJC facilities.

For Many San Franciscans, COVID-19 Recalls The HIV Crisis — And That May Have Helped The City Respond
CNBC | 5/12/20
Dr. David Brown comments on how he and other doctors’ concern for patient civil liberties during the AIDS epidemic enlightened their decision making during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We Know How To Prevent Homelessness Due To COVID-19
The St. Louis American | 5/12/20
Drs. Jason Purnell and Patrick J. Fowler co-wrote this article on our need to recreate some of the homelessness prevention systems used in STL during the Great Recession and make clear processes for best distributing CARES Act funds.

Death Toll In Missouri From COVID-19 May Be Undercounted, According To CDC Data
Kansas City Star | 5/12/20
“…people with many, many different types of conditions seem to be coming into the hospital later than they otherwise would,” says Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox in this article on why the MO COVID-19 death toll may be undercounted.

Wash U Doctor Explains New COVID-19 Complication In Children
KSDK 5 | 5/11/20
Dr. Jason Newland talks with KSDK 5 about new COVID-19 complications appearing in children that resemble a rare inflammatory condition and toxic shock syndrome.

Coronavirus Facts Only: How We Should Act After Some Restrictions Lifted In St. Louis
KMOX | 5/11/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence suggests doing the same critical things we have been doing like washing hands, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds as St. Louis businesses reopen May 18th.

Among Older Adults, COVID-19 Has Highlighted Vulnerabilities — But Also Some Opportunities
STL Public Radio | 5/11/20
An expert on aging and social policy, Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell discusses how the exacerbation of disparities among age and racial lines during this pandemic could finally lead to policy improvement.

Missouri’s Testing Rate Trails Illinois, But Reflects Different Strategy, Reality
STL Post-Dispatch | 5/11/20
Dr. Jason Newland says that Missouri’s difficulty getting tests isn’t unique, but that the shortage has forced some providers to play a gatekeeper role in distributing them.

You’re Super Depressed Because of COVID-19. Is It Time to Pop a Pill?
Yahoo Life | 5/11/20
“It’s very hard to figure out what is a normal reaction to what’s going on and what is a treatable mental health condition that needs medication,” says Dr. Jessica Gold in this article on what is, for many, an unprecedented time for their mental health.

Trump Administration Announces Plan For Distributing Remdesivir After Chaotic Rollout
Politico | 5/09/20
Rachel Sachs is mentioned in this article expressing the frustrations doctors have over the mysterious doling out of a limited supply of remdesivir, the “sole drug proven to help coronavirus patients”.

Men Say Child Care Has Been Evenly Split Under Quarantine — Women Disagree
Market Watch | 5/08/20
During social distancing, women have still been taking on a greater load of housework and child care. Dr. Lindsay Stark comments. 

Friday’s Stock Market Open: US Equities Rise Despite Catastrophic April Jobs Report
IB Times | 5/08/20
“This is the largest increase in the unemployed ever recorded in one month,” says Dr. Tim McBride in this article on the stock market.

Sneeze Guards, Face Masks, and No Cafeteria Lunches: Minn. Schools Plan Ahead for Summer and Fall
MPR News | 5/08/20
Dr. Abigail Carlson provides some insight into how the coronavirus affects children in this article about Minn. schools’ plans for the future.

Their States Are in Crisis. They’re Declaring Victory Anyway.
The Atlantic | 5/08/20
“It’s way too early to do a victory lap,” says Dr. Ross Brownson on GOP governors opting to “stay open for business”.

Women Take On A Greater Share Of Parenting Responsibilities Under Stay-at-home Orders
USA Today | 5/08/20
Dr. Lindsay Stark comments on how women taking on a greater share of housework and parenting responsibilities is being exacerbated as families stay home.

‘We Have A Great Responsibility’: Youth Baseball Returns In Missouri Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Yahoo Sports | 5/07/20
Dr. Jason Newland commented that it is too soon to return to kids’ sports as youth baseball returns with modifications.

Thursday’s Stock Market Open: US Equities Rise Despite Another Huge Jobless Claims Report, Oil Jumps
IB Times | 5/07/20
CHEP co-director Dr. Tim McBride discusses skyrocketing unemployment rates during COVID-19.

High Participation In Social Distancing Would Decrease Coronavirus Impact In Rural Missouri 
The Source | 5/07/20
Dr. Abigail Barker is mentioned in this article about how high participation in social distancing can decrease coronavirus cases in rural Missouri.

How COVID-19 Will Change The Health Care Policy Debate
MPR News  5/07/20
Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox talks about how COVID-19 will change the health care policy debate in this interview with MPR News.

Why Tampa Bay’s African American Community Hasn’t Seen High Numbers of COVID-19 Cases
Tampa Bay 10 |5/07/20
Dr. Darrell Hudson helps explain why it might be that Tampa’s black population hasn’t seen such a disproportionate amount of coronavirus cases as more segregated cities like St. Louis. 

Hospitals Make Plans For Restarting Some Canceled Procedures
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 5/07/20
“There will be a tiered approach, and a gradual restarting,” says Dr. Hilary Babcock on hospitals restarting some canceled procedures.

Wash U Doctor Answers You Coronavirus Questions
KSDK 5 | 5/07/20
Dr. Jason Newland answers coronavirus questions on-air with KSDK 5.

Nicklaus: For A Quick Economic Recovery, We Need Widespread Coronavirus Testing
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 5/07/20
CHEP co-director Dr. Tim McBride is mentioned in this article about the circumstances surrounding reopening the economy amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Flu Shot Will Not Make You Test Positive For COVID-19
AFP Fact Check | 5/07/20
Dr. Jacco Boon is mentioned in this article denouncing a social media assertion that the flu shot will make you test positive for COVID-19.

If the Coronavirus Is Airborne, What Does It Mean for Us?
Elemental | 5/06/20
Dr. Pratim Biswas comments on the importance of ventilation to inhibit the spread of coronavirus in this article questioning best practice if the virus is indeed airborne.

Hospitals Prepare For Wave Of Mental Health Disorders Among Their Workers
L.A. Times | 5/06/20
“This is going to cause different stressors at different times,” says Dr. Jessica Gold in this article about how mental health disorders will start to show up in hospital workers fighting COVID-19. 

The FDA Used Expanded Power To Fight The Coronavirus. Will Future Credibility Suffer?
McClatchy DC | 5/06/20
“It’s very un-FDA like to let these flimsy diagnostic tests get through – it reflects to me great pressure,” says Michael Kinch in this article on how FDA allowances during the coronavirus pandemic could impact future FDA credibility. 

COVID-19 And Impact On Access To Health Service
New Vision | 5/06/20
Dr. Fred M. Ssewamala co-wrote this piece on how COVID-19 will impact access to health service, focusing particularly on HIV treatment in Uganda.

BJC To Restart Elective Surgeries Soon, Will Require Everyone To Wear Mask
Fox 2 | 5/06/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock is mentioned in this article about BJC’s return to elective surgeries and their new requirement of masks.

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic
PBS NewsHour | 5/06/20
Dr. Jessi Gold talks with PBS NewsHour about how to navigate mental health during this pandemic.

Ask the WashU Doctors
Washington University | 5/05/20
Want to know more about staying safe while taking routine wellness exams and possible emergency hospital visits? Watch this video ft. Drs. Steven Lawrence and Cheri Leblanc.

Crisis Counselors, The ‘Paramedics Of Mental Health,’ Wage A Wrenching Battle On The Coronavirus Front Lines 
Stat | 5/04/20
“They are the unsung heroes in a lot of ways, especially now,” says Dr. Jessi Gold in this article on crisis counselors during COVID-19. 

As Communities Push To Reopen, Questions Loom About Second Wave Of Infections
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 5/04/20
“Past peak in no way means we’re past the threat,” says Dr. Steven Lawrence on discussions about reopening communities too soon or without the proper precautions taken.

Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Focus on Older Adults
4/26/20 | Journal of Aging and Social Policy
Nancy Morrow-Howell MSW, PhDNatalie Galucia MSW & Emma Swinford MSW, MPH of the Friedman Center for Aging are featured for the first time in this journal.

KTRS Interview on COVID-19
4/24/20 | KTRS
Dr. Hilary Babcock speaks with KTRS about COVID-19.

Gloves, Whether For Protection Or Self-expression, Are Having A Moment Amid Coronavirus – As Demi Lovato And Jared Leto Show
South China Morning Post | 4/23/20
Dr. Jason Newland discusses the role that glove use has in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

See How Much More People Are Calling For Help Because Of Coronavirus In N.J.
NJ | 4/23/20
Dr. Matthew Kreuter is mentioned in this article for research on the disparate impact underprivileged residents in New Jersey are facing during COVID-19.

Donnybrook STL Interview                                                                    Donnybrook STL | 4/23/20
Dr. Jason Purnell
, Director of Health Equity Works and leader of the COVID-19 Regional Response team is interviewed about how to deal with the most vulnerable populations during the pandemic.

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Leave Its Mark On U.S. Health Care
Vox | 4/22/20
Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox discusses the ways in which some components of the U.S. healthcare system will recover and some will  be forever changed after COVID-19.

How COVID-19 Lives In The Air
CTV | 4/21/20
Can respiratory droplets travel more than six feet? This is discussed in this interview with
Dr. Pratim Biswas.

For Young People, The Coronavirus Is Changing More Than How They Go To School
MTV | 4/21/20
“And without a clear end, that means you have to create a new baseline, and a new normal that you can survive,” says Dr. Jessi Gold commenting on the way young people’s lives have changed during COVID-19.

‘A New Greatest Generation’: How Our Natural Resilience May Surprise Us
Elemental | 4/21/20
“People tend to be as resilient as they need to be,” says
Dr. Thomas Rodebaugh as he discusses how this crisis will shift our perspectives on what’s “bad” and our appreciation for what’s “good”.

St. Louisans Are Gardening To Manage Stress, Find Purpose Amid Coronavirus Isolation
STL Public Radio | 4/21/20
Dr. Lindsay Stark comments on how gardening is providing social benefits during COVID-19, including a much needed sense of control.

Few Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In Rural Ohio, Mostly Due To Testing Issues, Officials Say
The Columbus Dispatch | 4/17/20
“Access to resources is a problem and bouncing back won’t be easy,” says Dr. Timothy McBride about rural areas and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Colin Kaepernick Launches COVID-19 Relief Fund For Black And Brown Communities
HuffPost | 4/17/20
Dr. Hedwig Lee is mentioned in this article about how black and brown communities are most in need during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Archcity Defenders And Close The Workhouse Campaign Release Interviews Of Inmates In St. Louis City Jails
The St. Louis American | 4/16/20
Dr.’s Laurie Punch
and Jason Purnell are mentioned in this article about how inmates in the jail known as The Workhouse are being left vulnerable to infection. These two doctors, among others, signed a document requesting inmate releases all over the state.

Health Care Workers Speaking Truth On Social Media: Amplify And Protect Their Voices
Stat | 4/16/20
This article was written by Dr. Jessica Gold and speaks to the ways in which health care professionals have decided to share their experiences with COVID-19 and the very real anxiety they have.

What The US Can Learn From Other Countries About When To Lift A Lockdown, And What Can Happen If We Lift It Too Early
Business Insider | 4/15/20
“There’s no one signal you can follow to know when to stop lock down,” says Dr. Abigail Carlson on knowing when the time is right to lift a lock down.

Can A Long-used Antidepressant Stop Covid-19’s Deadly ‘Cytokine Storm’?
Post Dispatch | 4/14/20
Dr.’s Eric Lenze and Caline Mattar are cited in this article concerning his team’s study on “whether a long-used antidepressant can reduce the likelihood that COVID-19 will turn deadly.”

Tracking COVID-19 Cases By ZIP Code Highlights Inequity In St. Louis Region
STL Public Radio | 4/14/20
Dr. Laurie Punch comments on how deep structural racism in St. Louis has led to the Coronavirus hitting certain ZIP codes much harder than others.

Health Policy Experts Identify Underserved Communities That Need Extra Care
Fox 2 | 4/14/20
Housing, food and testing are the three ways in which Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox says St. Louis needs to improve in order to protect its vulnerable populations.

It Shouldn’t Be A Surprise That African Americans Are Dying In St. Louis
Post Dispatch | 4/14/20
Drs. Hedwig Lee and David Cunningham discuss how a history of systemic racism in St. Louis has primed African Americans to be most vulnerable to deadly Coronavirus results.

Rural Missourians Will Rise To The Occasion
Springfield News Leader | 4/11/20
Dr. Beth Prusaczyk authors this article on how rural Missourians will do their best and better during COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Why There’s No Quick Fix For A COVID-19 Vaccine
This Week in Asia | 4/11/20
Dr. Michael Kinch discusses the logistics behind why there is no quick journey to a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Pandemic Will Cleave America in Two
The Atlantic | 4/10/20
Dr. Hedwig Lee predicts that when we look back on the impact of the Coronavirus, we will see that patterns concerning the most deaths and most complications fall along racial lines.

Kansas City Metro Leaders Are Frustrated By Missouri Hospitals Not Disclosing COVID-19 Details
NPR | 4/10/20
As hospitals are working to coordinate shared resources, Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox comments on how a lack of hospital data is harming that process.

Why There Are So Many Different Guidelines For Face Masks For The Public
NPR | 4/10/20
Dr. Ross Brownson comments on the reasons why so many different guidelines exist for wearing face masks in public.

The Science of Helping Out 
NY Times | 4/09/20
Dr. Patrick Hill gives his input on how helping others can look during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Across The St. Louis Region, Black Residents Disproportionately Hit By The Coronavirus
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 4/09/20
As black St. Louis residents are disproportionately hit by the Coronavirus, an effort called the COVID-19 Regional Response Team brought together over 43 St. Louis area nonprofits, social service agencies and governments “to help people navigate resources and get help with needs”. Faculty Scholar, Dr. Jason Purnell is leading the effort.

Black People Are Dying Of COVID-19 At Alarming Rates. Here’s Why.
HuffPost | 4/08/20
On Coronavirus numbers in black populations, Dr. Hedwig Lee says, “We knew that groups with pre-existing health vulnerabilities would have a higher risk of death. But still, it’s sobering to see the numbers.”

Is ‘Flattening The Curve’ Enough? Graphs Shows The U.S. Also Needs To ‘Raise The Bar’ By Increasing Hospital Capacity And Staff To Slow The Spread Of Coronavirus
DailyMail  | 4/08/20
CHEP co-director Karen Joynt-Maddox is mentioned in this article about refocusing on “raising the line” of the healthcare system’s capacity, as well as flattening the curve.

‘The Overwhelming Majority Are Black And Brown’ | ICU Doctor Notes Racial Disparity In Covid-19 Patients                       KSDK | 4/07/20
“I’ve seen what bullets do to us. I’m worried the virus will do even more,” says Dr. Laurie Punch on the impact the Coronavirus could have on black and brown people in particular.

The Us Doesn’t Just Need To Flatten The Curve. It Needs To “Raise The Line.”
Vox | 4/07/20
CHEP co-director Karen Joynt-Maddox is mentioned in this article that urges us to focus on “raising the line” of the healthcare system’s capacity, as well as flattening the curve.

‘A Call-to-action Moment’: Data Shows Stark Racial Disparities in Coronavirus Deaths
ABC 6 | 4/07/20
Dr. Christine Ekenga is mentioned in this article on the stark racial disparities in Coronavirus deaths. She discusses what the numbers indicate so far.

Local Hospitals Face Furloughs Amid Covid-19 Crisis
News Channel 5 Nashville | 4/07/20
As unprecedented circumstances befall hospitals, many have furloughed or laid off staff, causing them to be temporarily unavailable to provide certain treatments. Dr. Timothy McBride comments.

‘False-Negative’ COVID-19 Results Hit Close To Home For Mike Bush
KSDK 5 | 4/07/20
Dr. Jason Newland discusses false-negative results for coronavirus and how they can provide a false sense of security.

Why Coronavirus Is Killing Black Americans At Staggering Rates
Mic | 4/07/20
Dr. Jason Purnell discusses the ways in which decades of disenfranchisement have primed Black Americans to be in such a vulnerable position during an outbreak such as COVID-19.

 8 Coping Strategies From a Psychiatrist Who’s Also Anxious and Afraid
Self | 4/07/20
Dr. Jessica Gold provides more insight into the best ways to cope with anxiety and fear during these challenging circumstances, as she copes with them herself.

Trump Suggests Hydroxychloroquine May Protect Against Covid-19. Researchers Say There’s No Evidence Of That
CNN | 4/05/20
Dr. Alfred Kim claims that President Trump’s comments on hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 are detrimental to those who require the drug to treat their disease, such as lupus patients.

Wash U Doctor Answers Your Coronavirus Questions
KSDK | 4/05/20
Dr. Jason Newland answers coronavirus questions on KSDK.

New York Is Merging All Its Hospitals To Battle The Coronavirus
Vox | 4/03/20
“My impression is that now more than ever, we need to recognize that health is a public good,” says Karen Joynt- Maddox in this article about unprecedented hospital mergers in New York during COVID-19.

2 Infectious Disease Experts Explain How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Different From A Flu Pandemic
Business Insider | 4/03/20
Abigail Carlson provides input on how the Coronavirus pandemic differs from a flu pandemic.

Amid Calls For Missouri Order, Some Say Problem Is Bigger Than Limited Testing Shows
Kansas City Star | 4/03/20
Tim McBride is mentioned in this article about how limited Coronavirus testing in Missouri affects decisions being made about handling the virus.

Amid Calls For Missouri Order, Some Say Problem Is Bigger Than Limited Testing Shows
Kansas City Star | 4/02/20
Timothy McBride comments on how Missouri Coronavirus numbers don’t tell the whole story, as limited testing and other factors interfere with our ability to make accurate statistical assumptions.

Health Care Workers Aren’t Just “Heroes.” We’re Also Scared And Exposed.
Vox | 4/02/20
This article co-written by Dr. Jessica Gold provides insight on how health care workers aren’t only heroes, they are also scared and exposed.

 Watch Your Well-being During Coronavirus Distancing
The Telegraph | 4/02/20
Graham Colditz wrote this article about how to watch after your well being in the era of social distancing. 

Loss Of Smell And Taste Can Be Only Signs Of Coronavirus
Fox 2 | 3/31/20
Jay Piccirillo is mentioned in this article that asserts the possibility that loss of smell and taste can be the most reliable signs of Coronavirus.

This Week, Missouri Saw A 600% Jump In Coronavirus Cases — The Largest Increase In The Country
St. Louis Dispatch | 3/30/20
Dr. Gregory Storch
and Dr. Elvin Geng discuss what position Missouri is in relative to other states battling increasing Coronavirus cases.

Fear, Isolation And Financial Stress. How Do We Cope With It All?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/30/20
“It’s basically what I call a double whammy,” comments Dr. Eric Lenze on how older people’s greater need for isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak can contradict their greater vulnerability to loneliness.

WashU Experts: Coronavirus Fact vs. Fiction
The Source | 3/30/20
Alexis Duncan, Kim Johnson, and Christine Ekenga debunk coronavirus myths while providing much-needed truths.

#DailyDOS Health and Safety
Youtube | 3/28/20
Drs. Laurie Punch and Jorge Zarate were featured in Alive and Well’s Daily Dose of Support. They discuss COVID in both English and Spanish.

Ways Older Adults Can Cope With the Stress of Coronavirus
The Wall Street Journal  | 3/28/20
Brian Carpenter gives advice on how older adults can cope with Coronavirus stress along with the ways their adult children can help them.

Why ‘Death Rates’ From Coronavirus Can Be Deceiving
NPR  | 3/27/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence comments that COVID-19 death rate statistics between different countries can be misleading because “the numbers may look different even if the actual situation is the same.”

Trump Calls It A ‘game-changer’ Covid-19 Fix. Now Lupus Patients Can’t Get Their Drug
Kansas City Star | 3/27/20
Dr. Alfred Kim comments on how Trump’s framing of Hydroxychloroquine as a miracle COVID-19 drug might cause a shortage of the drug, which lupus patients also rely upon.

How To Get Health Insurance If You Lose Your Job Over The Coronavirus
Grow | 3/27/20
Dr. Timothy McBride is mentioned in this article on how those who lose their health insurance benefits due to unemployment during this pandemic can regain them.

WashU Expert: Older Americans Are Not Expendable
The Source | 3/27/20
“Older adults are not some kind of expendable commodity,” says Nancy Morrow-Howell in this article about how COVID-19 discussions have posited the age group.

Beg, Borrow or Commandeer: The Race to Prepare Hospitals for Coronavirus
US News | 3/27/20
Resources, capacity and preparedness vary drastically from one hospital to the next. Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox weighs in here.

Why Does Italy Have Higher Death Rate If The Us Has More Confirmed Coronavirus Cases?
McClatchyDC | 3/27/20
Coronavirus numbers have been confusing at times. Dr. Steven Lawrence explains the reasons why fatality numbers may look different “even though the actual situation is the same”.

Severe COVID-19 Might Injure the Heart
WEBMD | 3/26/20
“We’re anticipating that patients with underlying cardiovascular disease will struggle,” states Dr. Thomas Maddox in regards to Coronavirus stress on the body.

Postacute Care Preparedness for COVID-19 -Thinking Ahead
JAMA Network | 3/25/2020
Dr. Karen Joynt-Maddox speaks about how we need not forget to also prepare for post-acute care procedures before patients begin to recover from COVID-19 in mass.

CDC Coronavirus Testing Decision Likely to Haunt Nation for Months to Come
Daily Beast | 3/23/20
Dr. Steven Lawrence comments on how being landlocked and less inclined to international travel than other regions gave the Midwest more time to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Q&A: Debunking Myths About COVID-19, Treatment, Vaccines With Wash U’s Michael Kinch
St. Louis Public Radio | 3/23/20
Director Michael Kinch discusses the myths that have circulated online regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

The St. Louis Region Has About 10,000 Hospital Beds. And It Might Not Be Enough
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 3/23/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock comments on what hospitals can do to counteract limited space and supplies. She says these next two weeks will be critical.

Chloroquine Is Being Touted As A Miracle Drug For Coronavirus, But There Are Reasons To Be Wary
Buzzfeed | 3/23/20
Dr. Alfred Kim discusses the ways in which Chloronique, which is being touted as a miracle drug for Coronavirus, hasn’t fully proved itself as a fully safe, effective remedy.

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Millions Of Older Americans Live In Counties With No ICU Beds
USA Today | 3/20/20
Karen Joynt-Maddox comments on how “hospitals with larger numbers of ICU beds tend to cluster in higher-income areas”, which could cause differences in access to COVID-19 treatment across socioeconomic areas.

Should You Keep Your Health Care Appointments During the COVID-19 Outbreak?
Next Avenue | 3/20/20
In want of mental health services but afraid now’s not the time? Brian Carpenter urges people to continue seeking virtual mental health services to alleviate loneliness and anxiety.

In Pandemic, Word Definitions Shift And New Lexicon Emerges
AP News | 3/20/20
John Baugh comments on the ways in which health professionals and politicians are utilizing metaphors they think the public will connect to in order to “shake the public to attention”.

Experts Share Coping Strategies For Stressful Times
STL Public Radio | 3/17/20
Dr. Jessica Gold discusses coping strategies and anxiety amidst closures and isolation.

Washu Expert: Stuck In The House For A While? Here Are Some Tips
The Source | 3/17/20
Tess Thompson gives some evidence based tips on how to thrive within household isolation.

As Virus Extends Its Reach, A New Reality Sets In For St. Louis Region And Beyond
St. Louis Post Dispatch |3/16/20
Dr. Stephen Liang is cited in this article about coronavirus’ impact on St. Louis predicting that it could take several months to begin returning to normal, “depending on how well health officials slow or reduce transmission of the virus, as well as other factors.”

COVID-19: Be a Part of Flattening the Curve
Diverse Education | 3/16/20
William F. Tate comments on how COVID-19 can be understood in relation to other historic pandemics.

The New Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For 2-3 Days — Here’s How To Clean Them
NPR | 3/14/20
Dr. David Warren is mentioned in this article recommending EPA-registered disinfectant spray to disinfect surfaces that the new coronavirus could live on for 2-3 days.

Don’t Go Down a Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral
Wired | 3/13/20
Thomas Rodebaugh discusses how the precautions people are taking during the coronavirus pandemic impact the way people perceive the nation’s levels of panic and impending danger.

Prof. Hedy Lee and Joe Madison Discuss the Prevalence of Deaths by Police
SiriusXM News and Issues | 3/12/20
Faculty Scholar Hedy Lee discusses the prevalence of deaths by police and how her study informs the phenomenon.

Parents’ Social Isolation Linked To Their Children’s Health
The Source | 3/04/20
Isolation has been linked to problems with individuals’ physical health, but did you know that it could also have an effect on your child’s as well? Faculty scholar Tess Thompson discusses further here.

How to Respond to Microaggressions
New York Times |3/03/20
Microaggressions, which have been called, “death by a thousand cuts”, can do damage that many fail to perceive. Faculty scholar Hedwig Lee discusses how to respond to this phenomenon here.

New Center Promotes Healthy Workplaces
The Source | 3/03/20
Faculty Scholar Ann Marie Dale’s plan to test methods to reduce opioid use and misuse amongst working age people, particularly construction workers, is mentioned in this article.

How daily life in the U.S. will change as the coronavirus outbreak enters a new phase
L.A. Times | 2/28/20
Dr. Abigail Carlson gives her input on the ways in which protective measures against the spread of coronavirus will have an effect on the outbreak and American life.

Getting ready: St. Louis hospital systems and health departments prepare for

St. Louis Post- Dispatch | 2/28/20
“There will be cases in our region and our area, and people should be thinking about how to protect themselves,” comments Dr. Hilary Babcock on the necessity for St. Louis to prepare itself for Coronavirus.

Missouri Health Officials, Hospitals Prepare For Coronavirus Patients
STL Public Radio | 2/20/20
Dr. Hilary Babcock, a Washington University infectious disease specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, comments on how BJC has created a “virtual command center” for regional hospitals to prepare for coronavirus patients.