Global Health Resources

Comprehensive Resources

  •  A Guide to Global Health Resources from the Bernard Becker Medical Library at Washington University includes databases, surveys and other information about fellowships, funding, courses, student groups, careers, and more
  • Global Health Resource Guide is a downloadable list of organizations, books, podcasts, internships and conferences
  • Public Health Careers from the Institute for Public Health offers details about public and global health careers, fellowships, internships, and more


Global Health Data

  • CUGH Global Health Programs Database: A resource that provides information on undergraduate, graduate and professional global health programs around the world
  • Gapminder World: A web service that displays the time series of development statistics for all countries and many sub-national regions

Global Engagement


Global Health Conferences

Panel at the 7th Annual Global Health & Infectious Disease Conference

Additional Resources

Connect to additional Public Health Resources from the Institute for Public Health.