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Gun Violence Initiative commemorates the past five years, releases video & report on National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Written by Kim Furlow, Institute for Public Health

To commemorate National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 5th, the Gun Violence Initiative is releasing a five-year report and video chronicling the evolution of the Gun Violence Initiative. Spearheaded by Chancellor Emeritus Mark S. Wrighton, his wife Risa Zwerling Wrighton and the Institute for Public Health, the Gun Violence Initiative launched on April 21, 2015. Remaining loyal to its initial goals, the initiative connects the Washington University community to current research on violence prevention, convenes community partners to address gun violence and catalyzes innovative solutions to reduce gun violence in the St. Louis region.

For the month of June, the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute’s Blog, Lex Lata, Lex Ferenda (the law as it is, the law as it should be), highlights gun violence prevention work across campus, the St. Louis region and around the country. This special blog series is a collaborative effort between their Initiative on Gun Violence & Human Rights and the Gun Violence Initiative at the Institute for Public Health.

Read a timeline of Gun Violence Initiative milestones and view highlights of our work from the past five years.

We want to thank everyone who has worked or partnered with the Gun Violence Initiative during the past five years, whether through hands-on participation, by reading our blog posts or donating. We look forward to learning and growing more with you in the future to help eradicate this complex public health issue.