Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration


The Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration bridges research, policy, and practice to improve evidence-based response to serious human rights abuses.


The Center will focus on human rights, gender and migration. In particular, the Center will explore and strengthen knowledge and practice in the interstices of these issues – for example, gender-based violence in refugee settings, discrimination against LGBTQI persons, or the legal rights of detained migrants or survivors of wartime sexual violence.


  • Establish a cross-campus workshop and global platform for faculty and student scholarship on issues of gender, migration, human rights, and international justice;
  • Create a campus-wide “collaboration lab” for faculty and students to identify urgent knowledge gaps and develop transdisciplinary research approaches and technical assistance projects;
  • Convene leading researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to facilitate knowledge exchange and strengthen regional and disciplinary networks;
  • Support Washington University faculty and student engagement in human rights through seed money grants, fellowships, foreign exchange, teaching collaborations, and social events.


Center Director: Kim Thuy Seelinger, JD
Research Associate Professor, Brown School Student Administrative Intern: Matthew Ho
Majoring in Anthropology: Global Health and Environment
Center Manager, Lead Researcher:
Julia Uyttewaal, MA

Student Administrative Intern: Nydia Monroy
Majoring in Latin American Studies


Mailing Address:
Campus Box 1196
One Brookings Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Email Address:

Phone: (314) 935-8728

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Twitter: @WashU_HumanRts
Instagram: @washu_humanrts