About the Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration


The Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration bridges research, policy, and practice to improve evidence-based response to serious human rights abuses.


The Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration is a new Center at Washington University’s Institute for Public Health that launched in 2020.

why human rights, gender and migration?

Human rights violations and forced displacement affect millions of individuals around the globe. Failure to account for gendered aspects of violence in these contexts is systemic.

The Center provides a platform for WashU faculty and students to address critical issues at the intersection of human rights, gender, and migration by strengthening our collaborations and impact on practice and policy.

Key issue areas include, for example, gender-based violence in refugee settings, discrimination against LGBTQI persons, or the legal rights of detained migrants or survivors of wartime sexual violence.


We facilitate cross-campus workshops and create global platforms for faculty and student scholarship on intersecting issues of human rights, gender, migration, and international justice.

We collaborate with faculty and students to identify urgent knowledge gaps and develop transdisciplinary research approaches and technical assistance projects.

We convene leading researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to facilitate knowledge exchange and strengthen regional and disciplinary networks.

We promote WashU faculty and student engagement in human rights in various ways, including through events, trainings, teaching collaborations, and technical support.

We facilitate direct WashU engagement with immigrant and refugee service providers in the St. Louis area.

Job opportunities

Find out about openings for staff positions and practicum opportunities at the Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration.


Kim Thuy Seelinger
Center Director: Kim Thuy Seelinger, JD
Research Associate Professor, Brown School; Visiting Professor, School of Law
Julia Uyttewaal
Center Manager, Lead Researcher:
Julia Uyttewaal, MA



Advisory Board

Members of the center’s advisory board to be announced.

Student Engagement

Project Team Members

The Center engages students on various projects.

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) works closely with center management on research assignments, event planning, and outreach to the WashU and St. Louis community. They provide critical guidance to center leadership on engaging WashU’s vibrant student community. Students interested in joining the SAC can apply to do so here.


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