Opportunity to propose and chair a D&I symposium

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation solicits proposals for inter-, cross, and multidisciplinary one-day symposia to be held at Washington University in St. Louis to advance Dissemination and Implementation Research.

While definitions of D&I exist, the necessity of perspectives from many disciplines is a common thread. The use of knowledge that comes from economics, sociology, psychology form the basis of many of the foundational concepts in Dissemination and Implementation research, and extending and exploring the intersections are crucial to the advancement of D&I science.

Symposia would be one day, and would solicit papers and discussions per the proposals. The
symposia could focus on a method or a substantive topic. For example, a symposium on
adaptation could include perspectives and experts from design, anthropology, and biostatistics. Topics could also center on a particular substantive problem. For example, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis with antiretroviral medications in HIV is thought to be highly efficacious, yet worldwide use remains low. A symposium could draw from perspectives in sociology, economics and or psychology as well as health expertise.

Please submit proposals that include:

  • Name(s) and discipline(s) of the chair or co-chairs
  • A description of the topic and its importance
  • A target date (or month) for the symposium
  • Planned internal and external experts including school and disciplines
  • Anticipated products (papers/grant applications/etc, if applicable)
  • Benefits to a community or society (if applicable)
  • Rough budget and budget justification

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation will cover expenses for travel of outside experts as well as accommodations, refreshments, and $1500 of stipend for the chair or that divided among co-chairs. Symposia are expected to plan for about 20-40 attendees. Total costs will be covered up to $10,000 per symposia. We plan to fund two in the coming 12 months. We will assist with the logistical work of arranging for travel reimbursement, space for the symposium, advertising the symposium.

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applicants must be (or have applied to be) Institute for Public Health Faculty Scholars.