Two studies receive “RAD” funding

The Center for Dissemination & Implementation at the Institute for Public Health has awarded Rapid Cycle D&I Add-on (RAD) awards to two research studies in order to rapidly respond to untapped opportunities in D&I. Our center’s Rapid Cycle D&I Add-on (RAD) grants fund up to $20,000 in direct costs and enable researchers doing clinical or effectiveness research […]

Study assesses the impact of policy changes on HIV treatment for all

Prior to recent shifts in global policy, in Zambia and many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, people living with HIV were only treated once their disease had progressed to a point where it caused some degree of immunosuppression or they had complications of HIV like tuberculosis. In the past five to seven years, policies to […]

Community advocate works to amplify voices of people living with HIV/AIDS

Fast-Track Cities St. Louis just celebrated its first anniversary as one of 300+ cities around the world working to end HIV/AIDS by the year 2030. One year ago, on “World AIDS Day” (12/1), Institute for Public Health leaders joined St. Louis city and county officials to sign a proclamation that commits St. Louis to achieve […]

We have a “lot of work to do” toward sexual health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released its annual STD Surveillance Report which shows that across the nation, “STDs increased for the fifth consecutive year, reaching an all-time high…with nearly 2.5 million combined cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.” Washington University in St. Louis and the Institute for Public Health are collaborating with […]