Center for D&I Funds Five Pilot Projects

August 4, 2015

The Center for Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) at the Institute for Public Health recently awarded funding for five pilot projects to help advance D&I research.

Improving foodborne illness surveillance and reporting through new technology

PI: Jenine K. Harris

Food poisoning is widespread, costly, and preventable. Food poisoning reports by consumers and healthcare providers identify more serious violations than regular inspections, however, most people do not report their illness. To improve reporting, the HealthMap Dashboard monitors Twitter for food poisoning tweets, allowing health departments to respond. Our project installs and evaluates the Dashboard in the St. Louis Department of Health.

Associate Professor, Brown School

What factors may impact implementation of a program to promote healthy gestational weight gain?

PI: Rachel G. Tabak

Obesity among pregnant women and excessive weight gain during pregnancy is harmful to mothers and their babies. This project will determine the factors that could influence implementation of a lifestyle modification intervention across Parents As Teachers (PAT) sites at the level of the educator and site-level leadership. To maximize the potential for dissemination and implementation, the study will include sites that vary with regard to location (e.g., rural, urban), funding source (e.g., state, federal), educator schedule (i.e., full time vs part time), and requirements for educator level of education by interviewing parent educators and site leaders. This study will also pilot test survey measures and refine the training materials from the efficacy trial.

Rachel G. Tabak headshot
Research Assistant Professor, Brown School

Pilot Test of Group Model Building as Pathways Triple P Implementation Strategy

PI: Patricia L. Kohl

Many child welfare-involved children have clinically significant behavior problems and are in need of clinical intervention. Strategies are needed to increase implementation of evidence based interventions in this service sector. This project pilot tests a method to engage community stakeholders in the shaping of a strategy to implement an evidence based intervention, Pathways Triple P, that aims to improve behavioral outcomes of child welfare-involved children.

Associate Professor, Brown School

Online Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training on Parent-Management Training-Oregon Model

PI: Ana A. Baumann

This study aims to assess the feasibility of using a blended learning (BL) to train twelve doctoral students from three universities in a Parent Management Training-Oregon Model (PMTO). We aim to 1) implement PMTO training in universities using a blended learning (BL) platform, and 2) assess implementation outcomes to the MPMTO model of the BL training.

Research Assistant Professor, Brown School

A Tailored Implementation Strategy for HPV Vaccine

PI: Jane M. Garbutt

With oversight from an Advisory Board of key stakeholders and guided by the Consolidated Framework of Implementation Research, we will identify organizational factors associated with completion of the 3-dose HPV vaccination series and evaluate related educational materials for providers and parents. Study findings will be used to develop an implementation intervention for HPV vaccination to be testing in a subsequent study.

Jane Garbutt headshot
Research Professor, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, School of Medicine