January 15, 2019

Global Health Student Advisory Committee News

Global Health Week 2019 by Mackenzie Robinson, MPH Student, GHSAC communications director

As the fall semester ends, GHSAC wants to remind you of our upcoming Global Health Week taking place from Feb. 25 – March 1, 2019 at Washington University in St. Louis. We have quite the range of exciting global health events planned, including a Reverse Case Competition where professors and faculty are tasked with developing a solution to a student-developed prompt and a Women in Global Health panel where practitioners and faculty will discuss the gender-related challenges and opportunities for aspiring global health practitioners, researchers and students. All events will be open to the community and free of charge.

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November Global Health Student Group Meeting by Gwen Byrne

GHSAC hosted a meeting in November 2018 to connect global health student groups with mentors. Xiaobo Quan from the Center for Health Research and Design and Melissa Chapnick from the E3 Nutrition Lab were the mentors.

Student groups included the president of Engineering World Health, the president of Engineering Without Borders, the co-president of Globe Med and the founder of a graduate group focused on ending malaria. The groups discussed opportunities to collaborate and ideas were generated around potential partnerships between the Brown School and GlobeMed, as well as engineering and architecture students. The meeting served as a space for innovative and collaborative thinking that we hope to continue fostering in the future.

Lunch with Dr. Qadri

by Mackenzie Robinson, MPH Student, Brown School

MPH students from the Brown School engaged in a lunch and learn session with Firdausi Qadri MD, the world-renowned infectious disease researcher and senior scientist at icddr,b in Bangladesh. Dr. Qadri led a discussion on the complexities of infectious disease control in Bangladesh, speaking on a range of topics that influence the persistent cholera outbreaks in the country’s urban centers – from politics to WASH to gender inequities in healthcare.

Both first and second year MPH students were able to ask Dr. Qadri questions about her research and trends in funding for infectious diseases. She ended the discussion by encouraging students to work in Bangladesh. Dr. Qadri said, “If you are interested in working with us, we will find opportunities for you and your interests.”
If you are interested in working with the icddr,b, please visit or contact

Global Health Group Convenes to Learn More About Student Group Collaboration, 9/14

GHSAC held a meeting on September 14 with other Global Health student groups at Washington University in St. Louis to encourage collaboration and promotion of each other’s efforts and events to further enhance the Global Health community at Washington University.

Dr. Bill Powderly commenced the meeting with an introduction of GHSAC and the Global Health Center at the Institute of Public Health, emphasizing its mission to bring together Washington University students who are interested in promoting Global Health awareness and citizenry on campus. The President and Vice President of GHSAC, Aishwarya Nagar and Wei Lu, followed Dr. Powderly’s outlining of GHSAC’s goal as being the “hub” for promotion of Global Health events and programming. GHSAC’s Director of Communications, Mackenzie Robinson, further illustrated this goal by introducing ways in which GHSAC seeks to collaborate with other groups and promote events and programming.

Representatives from GlobeMed, WUSM Global Health and Medicine, Global Health at Brown (GH@B), Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Engineering World Health, Timmy Global Health, Global Brigades, and the WUSM Infectious Diseases Interest Group were represented at the meeting, representing four schools throughout Washington University. Going forward, groups have agreed to pursue collaboration with each other to hold further-reaching events, especially in partnership with GHSAC, as it is a university-wide committee. There will be a follow-up meeting in November.

If you are interested in attending or getting involved with GHSAC or Global Health at Washington University, please send an email to

GHSAC Breakfast with Visiting Speaker Dr. Emmie de Wit

On October 2 GHSAC hosted Dr. Emmie de Wit, Staff Scientist, Disease Modeling and Transmission Section, Laboratory of Virology, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH, Hamilton, Montana, for breakfast with a group of interested students on the Danforth Campus.

Dr. de Wit shared her experiences working both in the Laboratory of Virology and in Monrovia, Liberia during the Ebola outbreak. She provided insights into a career as a scientist, and, from her perspective as a volunteer, how global health work functions during critical outbreak situations. It was inspiring to hear how she found meaning in her work through rotations confirming cases of Ebola in Liberia.

During the discussion, Dr. de Wit also highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of global health, commenting on how engineers were influential in constructing efficient and safe work environments at testing facilities.

GHSAC looks forward to connecting more students to visiting professionals with interesting global health perspectives.