Gun Violence Initiative Intros Teen Play Series

December 4, 2020

The Gun Violence Initiative at the Institute for Public Health will be part of an online nationwide presentation of plays about gun violence written and performed by teens, Dec.  14-20. The presentation called #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence, includes a pre-show discussion, hosted by Metro Theater Company and The Repertory Theatre, which will provide context for the plays to be performed and highlight some of St. Louis’ vital service organizations and mental health professionals.  Organizations include the Institute for Public Health at Washington University, CureViolence St. Louis (a program of Employment Connection), and the St. Louis Public School System.

Gun Violence Initiative Lead, Poli Rijos, who is also manager of the Institute’s Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (IPH), is featured in a pre-show video illuminating thoughts on why this type of presentation is important.

According to the theatre collaborators’ news release, the series of plays stems from a “yearlong theatre initiative that encourages teens to confront gun violence by creating new works of theatre.” The presentation includes seven powerful short plays “written and performed by teens nationwide who confront gun violence through the lenses of race, police brutality, community violence, school shootings, and American mythology.”

#ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence is viewable at any time between December 14 and 20 for free on the streaming platform Broadway on Demand (BOD).

Part of the Center for Community Health Partnership and Research at the Institute for Public Health, the Gun Violence Initiative was launched in spring 2015 to tackle one of our greatest public health challenges: death and injury as a result of gun violence.