Institute for Public Health Scholars Present at GSA

November 13, 2018

Seven Institute for Public Health Scholars are co-authors on a diverse mix of papers and posters to be presented at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), Nov. 14-18 in Boston.

GSA brings together more than 4,000 international experts and partners from academia, industry, government, and beyond to exchange information and to discuss the broader role of aging science. This meeting is one of the leading gatherings of gerontologists from both the United States and around the world.

IPH scholars, faculty, staff, and students as co-authors from Washington University in St. Louis are among 26 presenters. Presentation topics include volunteering in later life, paid family leave programs and employment, theories for LGBTQ aging, caregiving, end-of-life planning and care, hospital readmissions, driving cessation, purpose in mid- to late-adulthood, cognitive health, social isolation, and falls prevention.

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Presentations (WashU-affiliated authors are indicated in bold. Click on hyperlink for IPH Scholar information.)

  1. The State of Theory in LGBTQ Aging | V. Fabbre, S. Jen, K.I. Fredriksen-Goldsen
  2. Influence of Grandparenting on Cognitive Function and the Mediating Role of Health Factors | T. Amano, H. Shen, F. Sun
  3. Examining Community Participation Differences of Older and Younger Individuals with Disabilities | J. Dashner, S.M. Espin Tello, S.L. Stark
  4. Something to (Not) Talk About: Quantifying Older Drivers’ Discussions About a Nondriving Future | A.C. Harmon, G. Babulal, J. Vivoda, B. Zikmund-Fisher
  5. Perceived Life Expectancy Predicts Time Investment in Productive Aging Activities | T. Lum, G.H.Y. Wong, J. Tang, H. Luo, T. Liu, A. Mui, N. Morrow-Howell, S. Cheng
  6. Cumulative Inequality: A Lens to Understand Structural Discrimination and Its Effect on Health | E. Gonzales, L. Jung, Y. Lee, Y.Wang
  7. Correlates and Health Outcomes of Long-term Volunteering: Evidence From 16 Years of the Health and Retirement Study (SRPP Student Poster Award Finalist) | Y. Wang, H. Shen, R. Wong, T. Amano
  8. Impact of Adolescent Trauma on Sense of Purpose in Middle-to-Late Adulthood | G. Pfund, G.W. Edmonds, P.L. Hill
  9. The Effect of California’s Paid Family Leave Program on Employment in Middle-Aged Female Caregivers | S. Park, J. Young-Kang, B. Kim, E. Kwon, J. Cho
  10. Defining the Scope of Inpatient Palliative Care Consultation Team Recommendations and Actions | M. McDarby, B.D. Carpenter
  11. Home and Community-based Services and Life Satisfaction Among Homebound and Poor Older Adults | Chen, T. Amano, S. Park, B. Kim
  12. Institution-Specific Readmission Risk Assessment Models to Embed Into EMR for Automated Real Time Prediction | A.C. Tukpah, E.Z. Cawi, L. Cummings-Vaughn, L. Wolf, M. Garascia, L. Mathews, A. Nehorai, M. Blanchard
  13. Person-Environment Fit Approach to Trajectories of Cognitive Function Among Older Adults Who Live Alone | S. Park, E. Kwon, B. Kim
  14. Attitudes of Licensed Psychologists Toward Medical Aid and Dying | C. Merz, B.D. Carpenter
  15. Volunteer Cessation Among Older Americans: Factors Associated With Number of Volunteering Stops | H. Shen, Y. Wang, R. Wong, T. Amano
  16. Longitudinal Risk Factors for Loneliness and Social Isolation Among African American Older Adults | H.O. Taylor
  17. Personality Pathology, Self-Other Discrepancy, and Cognitive Decline in Later Life | P.J. Cruitt, T.F. Oltmanns
  18. Maintaining Patterns of Activity Engagement, Cognitive Impairment, and Perceived Constraints | T. Amano, S. Park, N. Morrow-Howell
  19. Social Engagement and Trajectories of Psychological Well-Being in Later Life: The Differential Effect of Work | Y. Chen, S. Park, T. Amano, B. Kim, J. Baek
  20. Does Gender Moderate the Relationship Between Types of Caregiving and Levels of Volunteering? | H. Shen, S. Park, B. Kim, G. Kwon
  21. Activity Patterns and Variations by Gender and Rach and Ethnicity: A Multi-Group Comparison | Y Li, Y. Chen, N. Morrow-Howell
  22. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Aging Among African Americans, Black Caribbeans, and Non-Hispanic Whites | H.O. Taylor
  23. Developing the Educator Workforce: Development and Implementation of a National Webinar on Geriatric Education | J. Moye, M. Wynn, J. Strong, B.D. Carpenter
  24. An Online Tool to Facilitate Intergenerational Conversations About Advance Care Plans | B.D. Carpenter, E. Kozlov
  25. Home Hazard Removal to Reduce the Rate of Falls Among Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial | S.L. Stark, M. Keglovits, E. Somerville, Y. Hu
  26. The Validity and Reliability of the Verbal Naming Test | A.Z. Sha, K. Lamb, M.J. Wynn, B. Yochim, B.D. Carpenter

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