Transdisciplinary Global Course

November 11, 2019

Gender, Youth & Global Health Course Offered as a Transdisciplinary Overview of the Global Health Spectrum

Jessica Levy, MPH, PhD, leads the Gender, Youth and Global Health class

Spring 2020 | 3-Credit Course Monday & Wednesday: 3 – 4 pm | Friday: flexible

Washington University in St. Louis and the Global Health Center at the Institute for Public Health have designed a transdisciplinary course to be offered to Freshman interested in public health, clinical medicine, and global health.

This course links critical perspectives on global health derived from the humanities and social sciences with applied approaches and goals in the fields of public health, social work, and global health.

Through in-depth case studies, this course provides an introduction to gender specific issues in the context of childhood and adolescence, poverty, and global health. Students will learn to identify how gender and gender differences affect conditions of life in the areas of reproductive health, nutrition, conflict, access to healthcare, and the social determinants of health, especially for young people.

Additionally, participants will come to understand the current challenges that global health practitioners and institutions confront in achieving gender equity and the current efforts towards closing the gap.

For more information or to enroll, contact the instructors: Dr. Jessica Levy  and Dr. Caline Mattar.

Print the informational flier.