WashU at 2017 IAGG World Congress

July 7, 2017

Over 6,000 professionals in gerontology and geriatrics are expected to attend the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics’s (IAGG) World Congress in San Francisco July 23-27.

In 2017, the theme “Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice” will bring representatives from medicine, nursing, social science, psychological science, finance, policy fields, and other disciplines to address the latest approaches to improving the quality of life of the world’s older adults. The World Congress is held every four years; the last time it was hosted in the United States was 32 years ago!

Researchers in aging at Washington University in St. Louis will be well represented at the 2017 meeting with 32 posters and presentations (see full list below).

To view the schedule and location of WashU affiliated presentations, click here. The full program for the conference is also available online.

Presentations (WashU presenters in Bold)

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Arts & Sciences
Bettie Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Social Policy, Brown School, and Director of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging
Professor and Elias Michael Director of Program in Occupational Therapy, School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Brown School
Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor, Program in Occupational Therapy, School of Medicine
Professor of Practice, Brown School
Research Professor, Geriatrics & Nutritional Science, School of Medicine
Rosenzweig Associate Professor in Personality Science, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Arts & Sciences
Bernard Becker Professor, Brown School, and co-director of the Center for Health Economics and Policy

  1. Geriatric Program Development in the Future Hospital | Roger Wong (Paper)
  2. Behavioral Impact of Taking an Online Dementia Risk Assessment | Caroline Merz, Matthew Wynn, Brian Carpenter (Poster)
  3. Longitudinal Patterns of Change in Sense of Purpose in Life Following Stroke Onset | Nathan Lewis, Hannah Brazeau, Patrick Hill (Poster)
  4. Thirty-Day Re-Hospitalization Prevention: Multidisciplinary Review of Medication Omissions | Lenise Cummings Vaughn, Heather Pautler, Stanley Birge (Poster)
  5. The Impact of Cataract Surgery on Depression Among Older Adults: A Propensity Score Analysis | Roger Wong (Poster)
  6. Baseline Interleukin-6 and Longitudinal Processing Speed Change in the Elderly | Rowan Saloner, Joel Kramer, Matthew Wynn (Poster)
  7. Activity Engagement Among Older Adults Living in the Community | Stephanie Herbers, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Carolyn Baum, Bailey Widener, Yi Wang (Poster)
  8. Personality Traits Predict Dietary Habits in Middle to Older Adults | Sara Weston, Grant Edmonds, Sarah Hampson, Patrick Hill (Poster)
  9. Older Adults and Readiness to Cease Driving | Deepika Kandasamy, David Carr, Thomas Meuser, Annie Harmon, Marian Betz (Poster)
  10. iPad Training Increases Friends and Reduces Loneliness in Older Adults | Jarod Giger, Stacy Smallfield, Johanna Austin (Poster)
  11. The Association between Cognitive Impairment and Changes in Patterns of Activity Engagement | Takashi Amano, Sojung Park, Nancy Morrow-Howell (Poster)
  12. Piloting Web-Based Interventions to Improve Knowledge of Palliative Care | Elissa Kozlov, Brian Carpenter (Poster)
  13. Nutritional Impairment After Hip Fracture | Ellen Binder (Paper)
  14. Communities and Depression among Community-Dwelling Older Adults in China: A Multilevel Perspective | Yi Wang, Yu-Chih Chen, Heui-Wern Shen, Nancy Morrow-Howell (Poster)
  15. Associations of Personality Traits with Informant Screening Scores of Cognitive Decline | Patrick Hill, Michael Boudreaux, Patrick Cruitt, Thomas Oltmanns (Poster)
  16. Childhood Personality as a Predictor of Cognitive Ability and Cognitive Impairments in Adulthood | Grant Edmonds, Patrick Hill, Sarah Hampson (Poster)
  17. Fear of Dying and Death in Self and Others | Caroline Merz, Meghan McDarby, Brian Carpenter (Poster)
  18. Residents’ Change in Socialization and Loneliness since Moving to Senior Housing | Harry Taylor, Stephanie Herbers, Nancy Morrow-Howell (Poster)
  19. Gender Differences in the Effects of Socioeconomic Status and Life Transitions on Depression | Hyunjoo Lee, Sojung Park (Poster)
  20. Environment, Volunteering, and Life Satisfaction Among Older Adults in South Korea | Yi Wang, Sojung Park, Sangchul Lee (Poster)
  21. Retention of Participants in Longitudinal Alzheimer’s Disease Studies: Who Stays? | Yi-Ling Hu, Hamza Iqbal, Laurie DeLaney, Pauline Hidalgo, Susan Stark (Paper)
  22. Home Modifications for Frail Community-Dwelling Older Adults in the U.S. | Susan Stark, Yi-Ling Hu (Paper)
  23. Views on Traditional Retirement Among People in Encore Careers | Cal Halvorsen, Yu-Chih Chen (Poster)
  24. Are Age and Depressive Symptoms Related? Cross-Sectional Data from the 2010 HRS on the 8-item CES-D | Margo-Lea Hurwicz, Yi Wang, Huei-Wern Shen (Poster)
  25. Productive Engagement from a System Dynamics Perspective: Results from Group Model Building | Cal Halvorsen, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Peter Hovmand, Carmen Lee (Poster)
  26. Measuring Depressive Symptoms With 8-Item and 9-Item CES-D: Does Race/Ethnicity Matter? | Yi Wang, Huei-Wern Shen, Margo-Lea Hurwicz (Poster)
  27. iPad Use Among Older Women With Low Vision: Follow-up Focus Group Findings | Stacy Smallfield, Jennifer Kaldenberg, Sue Berger (Poster)
  28. Sarcosine Is Uniquely Modulated by Aging and Dietary Restriction in Rodents and Humans | Ryan Walters, Luigi Fontana, Irwin Kurland, Antonio Diaz, Esperanza Arias-Perez, AnaMaria Cuervo, Daniel Promislow, Derek Huffman (Poster)
  29. Experiencing Civil Unrest: Elder Voices on Ferguson | Nancy Morrow-Howell, Clarissa Jackson, Stephanie Herbers (Paper)
  30. Does Volunteering Buffer Health During the Relocation Process? A Propensity Score Analysis | Ernest Gonzales, Huei-Wern Shen, Tam Perry, Yi Wang (Paper)
  31. Considering the Nuanced Role of Personality Traits on Nonadherence | Joshua Jackson, Sara Weston, Patrick Hill (Paper)
  32. Sense of Purpose in Life and Risk for Onset of Chronic Illnesses | Nathan Lewis, Patrick Hill (Paper)
  33. Medicare Advantage Market Dynamics and Quality: Historical Context and Current Implications | Timothy McBride, Leah Kemper, Abigail Barker, Lyndsey Wilbers (Poster)
  34. Age Differences in the Link Between Daily Emotion Regulation Strategy Use and Well-Being | Lameese Eldesouky, Tammy English (Paper)
  35. Personality Traits (… But Not the Big Five) Predict the Onset of Disease | David Condon, Sara Weston, Amir Khan, Daniel Mroczek (Paper)