View and download Dr. Wilson Compton’s slide deck from his presentation on Next Steps in Public Health for Opioid Use Disorder.

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About Next Steps in Public Health

The Institute for Public Health Next Steps in Public Health events bring multidisciplinary stakeholders together for in-depth discussion about potential solutions to complex public health challenges. The objective of these events is to produce concrete, actionable outputs such as reports, research agendas, policy priorities, and dissemination plans that aim to make an impact. These events inspire innovative ideas and encourage new collaborations. Faculty from across the university participate alongside stakeholders and partners in the community.

Longstanding institutional partner BJC HealthCare helps make the Next Steps in Public Health event series possible through their generous support of the institute’s work to address health disparities.

Topics of past Next Steps in Public Health events include:

  • Eliminating Population-Based Disparities in Diabetes and Obesity
  • Developing the Workforce for an Aging America
  • Advancing the Transition to a High-Performance Rural Health System for Greater Community Health and Well-being
  • Understanding the Microbiome as a Means to Address Human Malnutrition on a Global Scale
  • Environment, Sustainability, and a Healthy St. Louis: A Collaborative and Transdisciplinary Vision for Washington University