Amy McQueen, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Dr. McQueen’s research is based on the belief that scientists already know much about what will improve the health and well-being of people, but continually need new tools to effectively engage individuals in positive behavior change and create system-level changes (e.g., communities, healthcare systems) to affect population health.

She is interested in conducting experimental research to better understand the effects of specific strategies for directly and indirectly influencing behavior change for diverse audiences, particularly in the areas of cancer prevention, addictive behaviors, and chronic disease management. She has a particular interest in understanding the causal mechanisms underlying the inter-relations between health behaviors and cognitive, psychosocial, and environmental determinants.

Dr. McQueen’s specific training and expertise in psychometrics and structural equation modeling supports her research interests in measurement development and evaluation, assessing the effects of interventions, and examining complex mediating and moderating pathways of influence involving psychological factors, health behaviors, and health outcomes.