Andrea R. Hagemann, MD, MSCI

Andrea R. Hagemann, MD, MSCI

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine

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Professor Hagemann is a clinically active gynecologic oncologist. She sees and operates on many women where obesity has led to a cancer diagnosis (specifically, endometrial cancer). Their obesity complicates surgical management. Furthermore, once we have treated them, they remain a captive audience eager for advice on ways to reduce cancer recurrence.

We do know that weight management improves cancer outcomes and prevents additional cancers, but our clinical practice is not set up to deal with this burden. These women are dying of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders that continue to worsen after their gynocological cancer diagnosis, and we have an opportunity to provide needed education and management strategies.

Professor Hagemann is also interested in wellness and survivorship after a cancer diagnosis, and as an academic physician, interested in how we can better teach and incorporate wellness into our medical schools and ob/gyn residency education.

She was honored with the Class of 2022 Distinguished Service Teaching Award in patient clinical care.