Erin Linnenbringer, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine

Dr. Linnenbringer is a social demographer and board-certified genetic counselor. Broadly defined, her research explores the complex interactions between environmental and genetic factors, and their subsequent implications for population health and health disparities.

Dr. Linnenbringer’s work currently focuses on the ways in which residential segregation may influence psychosocial and behavioral factors that affect physiological stress response systems and/or gene expression pathways. This line of research seeks to identify novel pathways that may contribute to the well-documented increased risk of basal-like breast cancer among African-American women.

Based on her prior clinical experience as a genetic counselor, Dr. Linnenbringer is also developing a line of research that examines the impact of emerging genomic sequencing and precision medicine technologies on the health and well-being of medically underserved populations. She maintains an active interest in the communication of complex health-related risk information within clinical encounters, research settings, and in the mass media.