Jack H, Ladenson, PhD

Oree M. Carroll and Lillian B. Ladenson Professor of Clinical Chemistry, School of Medicine

Dr. Ladenson is interested in the development of rapid, accurate techniques for the diagnosis and/or prognosis of human disease and the enhancement of basic or clinical research. In addition, Dr. Ladenson has served as director of clinical pathology projects at Pathologists Overseas since 1996. In this capacity he has reviewed the clinical laboratory situation in over 20 countries. Long-term projects to upgrade clinical laboratory capacity have centered on Eritrea and Bhutan, with both of them also involving developing clinical activities and help with creating a medical school. A quality assurance program suitable for developing countries has been developed and is being utilized in Eritrea, Bhutan, Malawi, Uganda and Nigeria. Dr. Ladenson also helped start the international scholar program in internal medicine, and international rotations in pathology.