Jason Jabbari, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Brown School

Jason Jabbari leads the education research portfolio at the Social Policy Institute, where he applies advanced statistical techniques to analyze large-scale surveys and other sources of complex data. He also collaborates with a variety of community organizations to help them understand and solve pressing social problems. In addition to Jabbari’s exploration of education as mechanism for increasing social mobility and equity, Jabbari also explores education as a core social determinant of health. In doing so, he examines how school policies, programs, and practices relate to child, adolescent, and young adult mental health and well-being. Jabbari also explores local, state and federal policies related to child and family food insecurity, including WIC and school meals. His work has been supported by a variety of foundations, including Mastercard, and the William T Grant Foundation, and the Smith Richardson Foundation. His research has appeared in places like Urban Education, Brookings and Forbes.