Jean-Francois Trani, PhD, MA

Associate Professor, Brown School

Dr. Trani’s work focuses on the question of human development and vulnerability, particularly in the case of disability: How can we improve the wellbeing of persons with disabilities, influence conversion factors, and improve agency? He investigates the intersection and processes of unemployment, exclusion from education and health, processes of multidimensional poverty, limited life opportunities and overall social exclusion. In addition to investigating material poverty, his work examines the ways in which persons with disabilities endure discrimination linked to negative attitudes and prejudice.

Dr. Trani is a strong advocate for viewing development for persons with disabilities through a social justice perspective that gives center-stage to human dignity and fundamental freedoms. In addition, while working on disability, he demonstrates the importance of addressing intersectionnality of identities by deciphering links that exist with other attributes that intensify vulnerability, including gender, minority ethnic or religious groups, and refugee status.