Memory P. F. Elvin-Lewis, PhD, ScD

Professor of Microbiology and Ethnobotany in Biomedicine, Adjunct Professor of Biology, Arts & Sciences

Dr. Elvin-Lewis is an authority on the use of plants in folk dental practices. In South America she has conducted medicinal plant inventories among indigenous populations in Peru, and was part of the International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups (ICBG) Peru project. She also led a team to evaluate hepatitis remedies used among populations in the Upper Peruvian Amazon, and is currently expanding this by analyzing the conceptual similarities and potential therapeutic value of herbal hepatitis remedies worldwide.

Dr. Elvin-Lewis has also explored the value of phytomedicines for tuberculosis and cancer and the adverse effects of herbal remedies. In addition, she has conducted research on the value of combining diverse data bases to understand the therapeutic basis of plant derived remedies, including omics strategies, legal and ethical aspects of bioprospecting among indigenous people, and how benefit sharing might be achieved. She is currently also working on the identification of the source of HIV which caused the death of a boy in St. Louis in 1969.