Jessica A. Gold, MD, MS

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
continuing education, graduate education, health communication, interpersonal violence & assault, mental & behavioral health, prevention

Because Dr. Gold’s masters work in anthropology focused on pre-medical education as a culture, her research interests have evolved to include the path to becoming a physician: training, support of physicians and the affects on physicians of mental illness and burnout. She is particularly interested in issues of gender disparity, harassment, and trauma in the workplace.

Her work also includes media literacy and advocacy. Dr. Gold has written for multiple popular press outlets, including Glamour, HuffPo, and InStyle. Through those experiences, she has become interested in the role of the media (and social media) in medicine, in particular in mental health and mental health stigma. Dr. Gold believes that portrayals of mental illness in the press, in movies, and on television affect disease models and care-seeking.

Dr. Gold’s research interests also include college and graduate student mental health. A large part of her clinical work is spent with this group and as such, she is interested in expanding her research and collaboration to better understand this population.