Kim Thuy Seelinger, JD

Research Associate Professor, Brown School and Visiting Professor, School of Law; Director, Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration, Institute for Public Health
Primary Discipline:
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gender identity, global development & sustainability, global health, interpersonal violence & assault, justice, policy, poverty, refugees & immigrants, rights, social marginalization, survivor-centered approach
Canada, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, Uganda

Professor Seelinger focuses on sexual violence related to armed conflict and forced displacement, specifically on systems of legal accountability in conflict-affected settings, as well as sexual violence survivors’ access to support and protection in humanitarian crises. After representing refugees and survivors of sexual violence as a lawyer for many years, she has for the past decade focused on their challenges as a researcher and advisor to global policymakers. These issues are inherently cross-disciplinary. Thus, Seelinger’s research looks across health and justice sectors to better understand the experience of survivors moving through them, and also to improve the services and support they receive across institutional systems. She also regularly contributes to global guidance regarding the gender-sensitive investigation of atrocity crimes, legal protection for refugees, and holistic care of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.