Patricia B. Wolff, MD

Emeritus Professor, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
children & adolescents, entrepreneurship, food safety, global development & sustainability, global health, malnutrition, toxins

Dr. Wolff is the founder and executive director of Meds & Food for Kids, an organization with four main activities: Haitian production of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) for treatment of malnourishment in children and pregnant women; treatment of malnourished children and supplementation of pregnant women; an agricultural program that helps Haitian farmers grow low aflatoxin peanuts with higher yields which are then purchased and used for RUTFs; development of a nutritious school snack and evaluation of the efficacy and acceptability of the snack among impoverished school children. Dr. Wolff also works to study the prevention of malnutrition in at-risk babies in the urban slums of Haiti.