Ramesh K. Agarwal, PhD

William Palm Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering & Applied Science and School of Medicine
air quality, comparative-effectiveness research, computational modeling, developing countries, disparities, dissemination & implementation research, emerging technology, global health, health care cost, health care delivery, health economics, risk factors & disease risk, toxins

Dr. Agarwal’s public health interests include studying the impact of atmospheric and industrial pollutants (nano- to microscale particles) on human health. Some of his research involves transport of contaminants in air and water in home and work environment. His research has also focused on nanotechnology concepts related to filtration and catalysis, and has included some of the topics such as nanotoxicity, nanotechnology and environment, and nano- and micro-scale filtration.

Dr. Agarwal is also interested in finding low-cost solutions and effective medical devices for populations in developing countries. He is also concerned with health education, health needs, health delivery, and health economics.