Call for grant applications!

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation at the Institute for Public Health calls for grant applications for its 2022 Pilot Projects Program and Small Grants Program. Our center’s seed funding programs are designed to support a broad range of dissemination and implementation studies, and aim to support the development of projects to the point at […]

New HIGH IRI training program focuses on intersection between D&I Science and Infectious Diseases

Researchers at the post-doctoral or junior faculty level who are interested in Infectious Disease, HIV and Global Health now have a new, world-class training and mentorship opportunity. Hosted by the Center for Dissemination and Implementation at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis, the HIV, Infectious Diseases and Global Health Implementation […]

Advancing D&I Science

CTSA Working Group Advances Dissemination and Implementation Science Written by Leslie Roettger, Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences The CTSA program provides opportunities for hub members to come together and advance knowledge and progress around various topics. One way this is accomplished is through working groups. Working groups consider and develop solutions around a specific […]

Modeling tool informs local epidemiological projections

The end of shelter-in-place policies in Missouri has led to a new wave of uncertainty about the future: Will the epidemic get worse? If so, how quickly? And if it gets worse, how quickly will we know and how bad will it get? LEMMA is a simple compartmental model using an Approximately Bayesian Computation approach […]

Institute for Public Health names new director of its Center for Dissemination and Implementation

Written by Kim Furlow, communications manager for the Institute for Public Health The Institute for Public Health announces the appointment of Elvin H. Geng MD, MPH, as the new director of the Institute’s Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science (CDI). He is also named professor of medicine for the Washington University Medical School’s Division of […]

Washington University shows D&I pride at international conference

If you were on Twitter during the week of September 13-14, you must have seen the handles #impsci and #SIRC2019 heavily trading, especially in Seattle. That’s because a number of us were attending the 5th Biannual Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC), hosted at the University of Washington. SIRC’s mission is to facilitate the communication […]

D&I and HIV

Written by Colette Cambey, BA, Vassar College and participant in the 2019 Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program – Public & Global Health Track The Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program – Public and Global Health Track at Washington University in St. Louis has been my first exposure to true public health research. I’m ecstatic […]

Research to eliminate lymphatic filariasis and related neglected tropical diseases

By Chinmayi Venkatram, BA candidate, University of Pittsburgh and participant in the 2019 Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program – Public & Global Health Track Dr. Gary Weil, Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, spoke to the students in the Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program, about the research he has […]

Is implementation science necessary for effective public and global health?

Written by Lorcan O’Byrne, medical student, University College Dublin and participant in the Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program Since the foundation of the evidence-based program movement in the early 1990s there has been relentless unease related to the science to service gap, the progression of research from bench to bedside, and the quality […]

More than just the endgame: The role of implementation science for early-stage innovations in behavioral health

Written by Alex Ramsey, instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine Implementation science has generally been viewed as the final step in the research translation process and only in the context of long-standing and well-validated interventions. There is reason to believe, however, that we should be considering implementation issues earlier in the […]

Public health and social work in the political process

I recently returned to Washington University after a yearlong stint as the American Public Health Association’s Public Health Fellow in Government in Washington D.C. While there, I worked as congressional staff for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York). This fellowship offered a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to work directly on federal policymaking. While challenging, scary, and sometimes even comical, this experience was […]

Center for Dissemination & Implementation Partners Fund Seven Projects

The Center for Dissemination & Implementation pilot and small grants program at the Institute for Public Health announces funding for seven projects. Two are co-funded by our Center for Global Health, two fully funded by the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences at the Washington University School of Medicine, and three are fully funded by our Center for […]

After two years, ‘For the Sake of All’ continues to push for action and outcomes

Written by Jason Q. Purnell, PhD, associate professor in the Brown School When the For the Sake of All report was released two years ago chronicling the significant racial disparities in health and other life outcomes in the St. Louis region, there was much concern about the report collecting dust. We have worked hard to […]

Implementation science and health disparities: The quality gap is still here

Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States continue to face serious mental health care disparities, receiving lower quality care and completing treatment less often than their non-Hispanic white counterparts. (1,2) Mental health care disparities are complex, in large part because factors that contribute to disparities occur at a variety of levels and include  individuals, families, […]

Resources for dissemination & implementation science

Here are some of our favorite resources for Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Science from the Institute’s Center for Dissemination & Implementation. We hope you’ll find them helpful. VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Implementation Guide The VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Implementation Guide is a multi-purpose trail map toward formative evaluation, methods, applying theory, diagnosing gaps, […]

Scaling up cancer prevention

Vice-President Biden has recently called for renewed efforts to address the burden and growing impact of cancer in the US and worldwide. Over 12 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed worldwide in 2012. Refining strategies to implement and sustain cancer prevention interventions that are established as effective to reduce cancer incidence offers the best […]

Inherent challenges to conducting D&I research in aging

It is hard to imagine a field of study that would not benefit from incorporating dissemination and implementation (D&I) into its strategic plan and foci. Many fields such as medicine and public health have already done so and have furthered not only their own fields but have also improved the science of D&I. However, despite […]

Training those “lost in translation”

Written by Ross C. Brownson, PhD, inaugural Steven H. and Susan U. Lipstein Distinguished Professor of Public Health at the Brown School; and Maggie Padek Kalman, MPH, MSW, project coordinator in the Prevention Research Center at the Brown School “Knowledge is like fine wine. The researcher brews it, the scientific paper bottles it, the peer review […]

Global health experts on shrinking the cure and prevention divide

The Global Health Center at the Institute for Public Health is hosting its fourth annual Global Health and Infectious Disease Conference with a focus on “Shrinking the Cure and Prevention Divide that Separates Populations from Life-Saving Drugs and Vaccines.” The Institute approached a select group of conference presenters to get their thoughts on the cure/prevention […]

Video explains: “What is D&I?”

Written by April Houston, MSW/MPH, graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis Our new video explains the emerging field of dissemination and implementation, aka D&I: what it is, and why it’s so important.

Utilizing social media for #publichealth

Jenine Harris is a leading expert on utilizing and analyzing social media for public health research. She has led a number of recent projects in this area, including one about a new tool to address the high prevalence and cost of foodborne illness. Dr. Harris investigated how Twitter might be an effective tool for tracking […]

Center for Dissemination & Implementation funds five pilot projects

The Center for Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) at the Institute for Public Health recently awarded funding for five pilot projects to help advance D&I research. Improving foodborne illness surveillance and reporting through new technology PI: Jenine K. HarrisFood poisoning is widespread, costly, and preventable. Food poisoning reports by consumers and healthcare providers identify more serious violations […]

Bench to implementation in the real world

Our Global Health Center contacted speakers from it’s 2015 Global Health and Infectious Disease Conference to gain their perspectives on the event’s theme of taking research from bench to implementation. We spoke with: Daniel Colley, PhD, Professor, University of Georgia and Director, Center for Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases Helen Fletcher, PhD, Senior Lecturer at […]

Faculty featured as leaders in new efforts to promote dissemination and implementation

A new toolkit for dissemination and implementation (D&I), developed by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), prominently features the work of several Washington University in St. Louis faculty members. In particular, the book Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice, was used as an organizing framework for the toolkit. Learn more about the […]