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Two studies receive “RAD” funding

The Center for Dissemination & Implementation at the Institute for Public Health has awarded Rapid Cycle D&I Add-on (RAD) awards to two research studies in order to rapidly respond to untapped opportunities in D&I. Our center’s Rapid Cycle D&I Add-on (RAD) grants fund up to $20,000 in direct costs and enable researchers doing clinical or effectiveness research to rapidly “add on” measurements to an existing research study in order to better understand barriers or strategies to advance dissemination and implementation.

One funded project focuses on HIV treatment hesitancy and preferences, and the other centers around innovative pharmacy-led strategies to reduce overdose.

Project: Preferences for PrEP and ART Care Study


Primary Investigator: Ingrid Eshun-Wilsonova, MD, MS

Summary: Add-on funds will serve this existing project, which aims to characterize the causes of disengagement from HIV prevention prophylaxis and treatment services, and to identify preferences for service delivery in at-risk populations and people living with HIV, who attend the Washington University in St Louis Infectious Diseases clinic. Funds will enable investigators to add a D&I aim and improve methods for D&I research.

Project: Acceptability and feasibility of implementing innovative pharmacy-led strategies to reduce overdose

Primary Investigator: Phillip Marotta, PhD


Summary: Add-on funds will benefit this existing project, which examines: 1) the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of substance use and mental health problems, 2) factors associated with hesitancy toward receiving the vaccine and, 3) provider-experiences with adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic through tele-medicine, peer navigation and mobile treatments. RAD funds will help researchers add a pharmacists’ survey to the study, which can provide greater detail about attitudes toward implementing harm reduction strategies (like distributing naloxone, sterile syringes and fentanyl test strips) and barriers to training, mobile medication delivery and other community outreach. 

Some of our former RAD award recipients include Jason Newland, MD, for his continued innovative study of antimicrobial stewardship programs, and Mary Politi, PhD, for her project, “Cost talk: Discussing care costs during shared decision-making about slow-growing prostate cancer”, which you can read more about here.

Read more about funding programs at the Center for D&I.

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