Outreach & Education

What’s your reach?

What’s your reach? is a campaign dedicated to making research understandable and relatable to everyone.  Through the campaign we:

  • provide research education in community settings
  • dispel myths and misconceptions about research
  • increase understanding of the importance of diversity in research
  • discuss opportunities to participate in research—both as community experts and as study participants
  • engage in dialogue about research experiences with community members
  • partner with researchers to provide health education

Staff engages with community members at locations throughout the St. Louis region including libraries, YMCAs, employment agencies, community centers, churches health fairs and food pantries.

If you are interested in learning more or collaborating with the What’s your reach? campaign, please contact Kym Radford,  314-362-7034.

Lunch and Learn Series

Our Lunch & Learn Series: Know Your Level of Community Engagement. introduces our partners to the foundations of community-engaged research and practice such as matching community engagement to research objectives, and, moving beyond a collaboration to developing a partnership. Each session addresses activities and strategies that are appropriate to the specific research topic. 

Click above to learn more about and register for an upcoming Lunch & Learn event.