Calculating Your Lifespan

March 25, 2021
April 22

Machine Learning: An Overview of Fundamentals and Applications

Secondary Data in Aging Interest Group

3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Institute for Public Health 2020 Annual Conference Summary

November 10, 2020

By Kim Furlow, Institute for Public Health Given that COVID-19 is in the forefront of the minds of, well…everyone, here and across the world, it was no surprise that the disease was the focus of the 13th Institute for Public Health Annual Conference, Oct. 29th. But, how prepared were we for the pandemic locally and nationally? […]

2020 Summer Research Program Summary

August 17, 2020

by Kim Furlow, Institute for Public Health The Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program has wrapped up its 2020 program differently this year. Between June and late July, due to COVID-19 on-campus restrictions, summer program cohorts in the Public and Global Health Abbreviated Track and in the Aging and Neurological Diseases Track attended virtual […]

Purpose-Driven Research

August 13, 2020